How to Create a Photo Wall for Your Home


One of the benefits of having a cute youngster in the house is that it forces you to take a lot of pictures of the child. I don’t believe there has been a single day that has passed since the day that my daughter was born that I haven’t taken at least one picture of her. We take a lot of pictures of our family, but we don’t print them out very often, which is a sad reality considering how many pictures we take. Even if we print them out, there isn’t much time left over to look through the photo albums and reflect on the past moments captured in them. Therefore, the majority of the time, these stunning images merely sit dormant on the hard drives of our computers, on the memory cards of our cameras, or on the memory cards of our mobile phones.

Putting together a photo wall, also known as a wall display of photographs, has always been one of the tasks that I have had on my to-do list for when I get a new house. A wall that will serve as a focal point for the living room and dining room space in addition to displaying photographs of our family. When I was trying to design the ideal photo display wall for my home, I considered many different possibilities and ideas, and I’ve decided to share those ideas with all of you.

Here are some pointers to help you design a photo wall:

Unless you have very high ceilings, you should hang the photographs on the wall at eye level or at a height of approximately 5 feet.

Use frames that have a similar overall appearance; that is, don’t choose frames that are drastically different from one another in terms of colour, size, shape, etc. You are free to alter the sizes in accordance with the photos; nevertheless, you should make certain that the final arrangement is aesthetically attractive.

Introduce a focus into the discussion. The modest white cabinet is the point of interest on our wall; it serves as the focal point for the entire wall. You can also make use of a clock, a mirror, a quote that is printed on the vinyl sticker, or even a piece of art as your focal point. This creates the illusion that the display is an integral part of the wall design.

Make sure that the image placements and the overall design that you are going for with your photo wall are finalised before you start hammering nails into the wall.

Our Experience

Even before we moved in, I had the wall painted a shade of chocolate brown since I knew I would use it as a base for my photo wall and I wanted it to be done before we moved in. We had a buffet table that had been repurposed for a different use that was placed against the wall and served as the foundation upon which the photo wall was to be constructed.

After that, I started looking for the frames all around the house. Initially, I considered using individual frames and tailoring their dimensions and patterns to my needs. On the other hand, the neat freak in me could not bear to contemplate the innumerable nail holes that were in the wall. When I discovered the highly popular photo collage frames that could hold 32 images and only required two nails for support, I knew that was the type of frame I wanted to get. I cherished the fact that it had both horizontal and vertical photo frames, and I appreciated how simple it was for me to switch the pictures out whenever I desired.

Now comes the challenging phase, which is picking out the photographs that I want to display. I selected the cutest and most beautiful images of our family after going through approximately five years’ worth of photo archives and choosing my favourites. Because I wanted to focus on family instead than wedding photos, this album does not contain any of those. On the other hand, we have some stunning photographs of my daughter, my niece, my husband and daughter, me and my daughter, all of the children together, and so on.

It was an easy decision to make when it came time to buy prints of the images because is my go-to option for photo services.

I must have purchased prints from them a gazillion times, and each and every time, I was impressed with the high level of quality, productivity, and customer care that they offered at pricing that was a great deal for the money.

You are familiar with the Canvas Prints that we offer, but Printposters also offer a variety of other photo items, like Photo Collage Posters, Photo Mugs, Photo Mousepads, Canvas Pictures, and Luggage Tags, among others. You can view our Canvas Prints here.

During the process of placing an order for prints, all I had to do was log into my account and upload the images to a fresh folder.

Printposers not only gave me the option to select the size (I went with 8 × 8) and the finish (I went with Matt), but it also informed me as to whether or not the photo I had uploaded would come out looking decent when printed at this resolution.

Because of their low resolution, several of my photos that were downloaded from social networking sites did not make the cut, but I am thankful that Printoosters culled these images before they were included.

When the prints are produced, the quality of the images, as well as the colours and the vibrancy of the image, are guaranteed to be at their very best thanks to Printposters.

The photos were sent to me by Printposters in sturdy cardboard boxes, and I got them in just two days. To my amazement, they also included a free photo album for me to save any photographs that I did not use.

Now all that was left to do was hang the picture frame on the wall after placing the images within the frame. While we were going over the images and talking about how they were taken, when they were taken, and other details, the whole family had a great time.

At long last, the picture frame was hung on the wall, and it looked really stunning there. On a single wall, we have displayed all of the wonderful memories and moments that we have had as a family. The ability to completely revamp the appearance whenever we take a whole new set of family pictures is one of the aspects that I appreciate the most.

The photo wall that we have is just how I imagined it would look. It serves as a vibrant point of emphasis throughout our home. Anyone who enters our home can’t help but look at the images, and once they do, they can’t help but discuss what’s in them. This makes it a good conversation starter. The most important thing is that it has given both our wall and our house a warm and friendly personality.

I searched the internet for more ideas and thoughts for stunning photo walls, and I’ve compiled some of the best ones here.

On the wall of the photo gallery at, the mix of yellow and blue produces an upbeat and bright appearance.

The gallery wall at our location features a number of black and white photographs, which provide a dramatic impression.

Put some life into your empty spaces with photo frames like these.

At home, a statement photo display wall is created by using large frames and images.

Make your photo wall even more stunning by decorating it with wall decals, such as:

Displaying pictures of the family on the staircase is an excellent idea.

Some pretty creative suggestions for arranging pictures from

The printposters provided the following extremely interesting suggestion: Make a paper template of your picture frames and then use masking tape to make potential placements for your pictures so that you don’t have to drill any holes.

My family photo wall is one of my favourite things in the house, and it is my dream to have additional photo displays like it.

Check out their page if you want to learn more about the ways in which may assist you in bringing your images to life.

Please feel free to share your experiences with putting up a family photo wall in your home in the comments section below if you have already done so. If you enjoyed browsing through our photo wall, please leave a comment below.


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