Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Planning Kids Birthday Party in India

It is March and next month it will be my daughter’s 4th Birthday. Whew, I can’t believe it that my teeny-tiny baby is going...
How to Talk to Children

How to Talk to Children

  Do you know how to talk to children? Really!! Do you TALK to your child or is it just a series of one-sided dialogues...
How to Deal with Jealousy in Kids

How to Deal with Jealousy in Kids

The other day when my daughter came back from the school,  instead of telling me all about her day, she was pretty upset about...

10 DIY and Recycling Ideas for Kids Room Storage

DIY and recycle are two of my favorite words. Projects which involve recycled materials and are do-it-yourself always attract me towards them.  I can’t stress...

11 Ideas to Celebrate Kids’ Birthday on a Budget

Big Birthdays shouldn’t mean spending big bucks. Birthday parties should be all about celebrating life and creating memories. However birthday parties nowadays have become...
Independence Day

5 Ways to teach Kids about Independence Day

15th of August, a proud day in our nation’s history has slowly ceased to be a day to be celebrated, rejoiced and cherished. Instead...
Birthday Party

How to Plan a Birthday Party with Picnic Theme

The weather is getting hotter and soon it’ll be blazing! Before it gets so hot that we can’t step outside, why not make the...
How to Raise a Dreamer Child

How to Raise a Dreamer Child

My first post dealt with raising a dreamer child. A Child who lives her life surrounded by imagination, fantasy and dreams. Do read and...
5 Ways to Declutter Your Mind This Diwali

5 Ways to Declutter Your Mind This Diwali

 I have been crusading through Diwali cleaning and decluttering like a Ninja. But trying to manage a toddler, a fledgling business, a blog and...

What Every Mom Must Know About Food Allergies in Kids

You and your family are in a seafood restaurant and you are excited because your child is going to experience his first taste of...
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