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15 simple and creative ways to reuse Old toys

Kids outgrow their toys. Sad but true. My daughter has already lost interest in many of her toys and I am sure she will...

10 DIY and Recycling Ideas for Kids Room Storage

DIY and recycle are two of my favorite words. Projects which involve recycled materials and are do-it-yourself always attract me towards them.  I can’t stress...
Independence Day

5 Ways to teach Kids about Independence Day

15th of August, a proud day in our nation’s history has slowly ceased to be a day to be celebrated, rejoiced and cherished. Instead...
5 Ways to Declutter Your Mind This Diwali

5 Ways to Declutter Your Mind This Diwali

 I have been crusading through Diwali cleaning and decluttering like a Ninja. But trying to manage a toddler, a fledgling business, a blog and...
Canvas Print

Printing photo on Canvas

Printing photo on canvas can be a great and surprisingly affordable way to display your picture as a work of art in your home. To...

Planning Kids Birthday Party in India

It is March and next month it will be my daughter’s 4th Birthday. Whew, I can’t believe it that my teeny-tiny baby is going...
How to Teach Mother Tongue To Your Child

How to Teach Mother Tongue To Your Child

It’s true isn’t it? When you’re in another country and you suddenly hear someone speaking in your native language, your heart skips a beat!...

Five Fantastic Ideas for Reusing a Baby Cot

Five Fantastic Ideas for Reusing a Baby Cot So Sam does not use her baby cot anymore. Not because she outgrew it but because a...

10 ways to Display Kids Artwork

If you have a preschooler at your home then I am sure you get loads of kids artwork that your child has created. While...
Simple wall arrangement

Simple Grid Arrangement for multiple frame

A Simple Grid Arrangement for multiple frames No strangers to portraits, Just a to hung multiple pictures frames—one of each family member or any design—in...
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