Wall Stickers for Kids Room

Autumn tree with colorful leaves, birds,animals and nesting boxes, insects flat vector illustration kids design
Autumn tree with colorful leaves, birds,animals and nesting boxes, insects flat vector illustration kids design

One of my favorite activity is thinking up new ways to decorate and personalize my daughter’s room. It is a small room in area and therefore I try to make the most of it by using accessories and unique touches. It is a playroom and therefore gets a lot of action throughout the day. Although I had initially thought of getting it painted by theme, it didn’t work out and I left the walls bare to think of some other option.

Wall decals or Wall stickers are a great option to decorate your kids’ room because they create absolutely no mess, are cost effective (when you consider the size of the wall they cover) and you can create themed rooms which can be changed with time (because they are removable and reposition able)

When I wrote the post on How to buy Wall Stickers in India, I never imagined that I would be approached by printposters.in, a prominent brand in the segment of wall stickers for kids room, to try out some of their wonderful products. I was floored when they told me that they would want me to review their butterfly decals which was also one of my top favorite kids wall decals and also gelled with the theme of my daughter’s room

They firmly believe that kids deserve great rooms that inspire, look beautiful, are fun and most of all are functional. The wall decals are child safe, eco-friendly, removable, re-stickable and leave no stain on the wall.

Apart from wall decals they also have wall letters, chalkboard stickers, mirror stickers, door knobs and window stickers. Some of my favorite wall designs from their collection are

Catch me if you can – Butterfly Decals

Product Description 

A cute decal where butterflies fly high and tease a cat to catch them.

Size (L) 70 cm x (W) 50 cm 

Contains 1 cat (20cm-Lx30cm-H),2 large butterflies (10cmx10cm), 34 butterflies (varies in size and shape) & 6 branches lines (ranging from 15cm-70cm)

Price Rs 1200/-

Our Experience

The stickers arrived in a sturdy rolled up tube with excellent instructions. There is no need for any additional tools or another pair of hands to install these stickers on the walls.

The first thing I liked about this decal was that the packaging displayed three different designs in which the wall stickers could be placed. This gave me options for the design in which I could put the stickers. I decided to go with the tree design because I really loved the look. (and also because I wanted the butterfly stickers out of my naughty daughter’s range)

Since the decals are all die-cut, taking out the stickers from the backing is fairly easy and we were not even a little hesitant when taking out the butterflies. I was a bit apprehensive about getting the tree branches straight and linear. It took me a few tries but with the help of my husband we were able to create the tree look perfectly.

What I loved about the wall decals is that I could peel-off, position, remove, re-position the stickers without the fear of any stains or paint peeling off the walls. Even though I changed the positions of the stickers many times, the sticking residue did not decrease at all. I was able to experiment with the design for a while before nailing the perfect look. I was absolutely gobsmacked by the effect that it created on our erstwhile bare wall. Take a look for yourself!

This decal was perfect to liven up our playroom with its beautiful colors and vibrant images. We did this at night as a surprise for my daughter and this was her expression when she saw her room in the morning. A treasured moment!!

Tips for using wall decals for your kid’s room

  • One thing you need to keep in mind while using wall stickers/decals is that you should use them on plain walls rather than textured walls. The stickers will not stick well on a textured wall.
  • They will also stick well to smooth surfaces like wardrobes, cots, dressers etc so you don’t have to limit their use to just walls.
  • You should clean the surface on which you want to put the stickers with a soft cloth. If the surface has been recently painted then wait at least a month before putting the decals.
  • If while applying the stickers any bubbles form on the surface, just take a squeegee or a soft cloth and press the bubbles either downwards or sideways.
  • You can reposition or re stick the stickers according to your designs, just be careful while taking out the sticker and don’t apply too much pressure.

To Buy or To Not Buy

To Buy 

Wall decals are the perfect way to change the look of a room in an instant, without a lot of time, effort or money spent. You don’t need to be artistic or skilled to put up these stickers. Seriously if we can do it, you can do it!  I love how the decal has converted our bare and blah walls into beautiful, whimsical and creative space.

To Not Buy 

I don’t think there is any reason not to buy these decals or wall stickers unless you are not into personalized theme decor (that’s not possible!!).

Where you can buy these

You can go to the printposter.in and browse their collection. They have an amazing variety of wall decals which have been segregated into babies, boys, girls,fun stickers and even growth charts. You can see the detailed view of stickers and how they will look on your walls on the website. Since this is the festive season printposters has an awesome sale with discounts upto 20% going on at their website. Don’t forget to avail this great offer and create a unique, personalized look for your child’s room.