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7 Free Printables to Organize your life


I admit it, I am a list gal. Lists, diaries, planners, organizers are things that I can never get enough of. If I need to get something done then I HAVE to make a to-do list. I appreciate those moms who can get through their days with intuition and without planning but I can’t function properly without writing down my thoughts and actions.

Now for a long time, I used to rely on any notebook or planner to write all this stuff but ever since I found the world of printables through the internet, life has not been the same. I still write on my notebooks but these printables are life-savers when you have a gazillion things to do on any given day. We moms are by nature great multitaskers but with these free printables at hand, home organization and life just gets a lot easier.

7 Free Printables to organize your life

A Daily to-do list 

This might look simple but is extremely efficient and will make chaotic days, relaxing for you. All you need to do is to write down what needs to be done through the day, where you need to go, what you need to buy etc. Keep checking things off your list and you will accomplish a lot more than you think. Even if you don’t get everything done, you will have a clear idea of what you must do the next day. 

A Daily Docket

Now, this is a little more elaborate than a to-do list but it serves as a summary of what all you need to go through the day especially stuff like water intake, food log, etc. If you are a work-at-home mom or in a creative field, it also becomes a place to write down your inspirations, thoughts, ideas and more.

Shopping List 

I like to do my shopping for grocery every fortnight or so and shopping lists are a must. If you shop in hypermarkets/supermarkets then you know how sometimes you end up buying stuff that you don’t really need while forgetting all the essentials. This is the perfect accomplice for your shopping trip. In the menu, planner section write all the meals that you plan to make through the week and accordingly write down the stuff you need to buy like bread, pasta, veggies and so on. Trust me it will save you money as well as time.

Emergency List

I love this. I know most of us to store all our emergency numbers in our phones but I think it is a great idea to have them write them on a sheet too because sometimes you are just flustered to go through a phone to find out the dentist’s number in the middle of a toothache. I recommend printing this out and putting it up near the kitchen or the lobby so even if you are not at home and there is an emergency, the person who is taking care of the house and the kids can use the numbers. It is also too good to put this in your child’s backpack in case he is going for camping or school trip.

Bedtime/Morning Routine Printable

Are bedtimes/Mornings a constant battle at your home? They definitely are at ours and that is why I am thinking of using this. All you need to do is print it out and frame it in a glass frame. Every night your toddler can use a dry erase marker to check off the task completed on the glass. Once they are asleep, wipe off the glass and it is a clean slate for the next day.

Back to School Printable

I know it has been more than two months since the schools opened but it is still a good idea to get more organized for the school days. These printables are very useful to plan the kids’ after-school activities and lunchbox menu. If you don’ have one yet, get a pinboard where you can pin these printables to keep your school days more organized and smooth.

What to wear Printable

If you are a working mom then you have to use these printables. I still remember my pre-SAHM days when every morning I would stare at my wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear. Even if you don’t work outside, there are special events like weddings, parties or vacations for which you need to plan your outfits. Planning your outfits makes it easy to mix and match accessories, save money and helps you travel light. These take care of your hair, jewelry, and even your bag. No reason now that you can’t always look a put together and organized mom.

Even if you don’t want to print out these printables, I would recommend that you make your own sheets or notes with these inspiring ideas, because organizing is the key to living a more intentional, frugal and happy life. As always your comments and suggestions mean the world to me, so write on.

6 Bakrid Traditions and Crafts For Eid


It’s a festival season again!! There’s a buzz in the air, and everyone is gearing up for lots of shopping and feasting! This year, the festive season beings with Bakr’Eid, also known as Eid al Adha or the Feast of the Sacrifice.

It’s important that our kids learn about the traditions of all religions in our country. The secular heritage of our nation can only be preserved by inculcating values of tolerance and inclusion among our kids from an early age. This is why today we are talking about Bakra Eid. 

 This is the second celebration in the Islamic lunar calendar, the first being Eid al Fitr which marks the end of Ramzan, the fasting month. Bakr’Eid marks the completion of the Hajj pilgrimage, but more importantly it celebrates the spirit of sacrifice. Here’s the story that is the origin of this celebration.

The Story behind Bakrid

 About 4,000 years ago, the prophet Ibrahim lived with his family in Mecca, in Saudi Arabia. After years of prayers, they were blessed with a son, Ismail. Ibrahim was delighted with this blessing he got in his older years and loved his son a lot. When he was 99 and his son 13, Ibrahim began to have a series of dreams where God asked him to sacrifice his beloved son. Horrifying as it was, Ibrahim tried to ignore the dreams, but deep down he knew that this was how God communicated with his prophets. Finally, he could ignore it no more and he decided to do it, asking for Ismail’s permission first.

The young boy didn’t hesitate for a moment before saying that God’s command had to be followed, whatever it may be. Through tears, Ibrahim raised the knife to slaughter his son, but to his great surprise he found that his son was unhurt, and instead of him, a sheep lay slaughtered on the ground. God was just testing his devotion and he had cleared it. Ibrahim was beside himself with happiness and was glad his trust in God had paid off.

 To this day, Muslims all over the world celebrate this sacrifice and strength of faith every year during Eid al Adha. With a few regional variations, most families follow the same pattern of celebration. Here are the 6 most popular Bakrid traditions, which you’re likely to find wherever in the world you’re celebrating!!

6  Bakrid Traditions

 1. An Eid celebration means compulsory new clothes for the whole family!! All over the world, every family gets their Eid outfits ready well ahead of time, and there are usually sales to celebrate the occasion. Many mosques have associations that ensure that no family goes without new clothes and food on Eid, and charity contributions are often made.  The night before, women are busy putting henna on each others’ hands and some are busy with last minute shopping as the stores are open all night. Houses are decorated, with all kinds of lamps, depending upon the region. Nowadays, banners and streamers are also used. In some countries, malls also join in the festivities, with themed decorations being put up.

2. On Eid morning, everyone showers and wears their new clothes. Dabbing on some perfume is also recommended and the whole family goes to the Eidgah, which is an area demarcated for the Eid prayer. It may be outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather. People wish each other and the special prayer is carried out in congregation. Here is a picture of the Eid prayer being held at the famous Jama Masjid in Delhi.

3. Since this festival commemorates Ibrahim’s sacrifice, Muslims all over the world sacrifice a four legged animal like a goat, sheep etc. Generally, one family sacrifices one animal and the meat is divided into three parts – one part for the family itself, one part for relatives and neighbors, and the third part to be distributed among the poor. There are increasing campaigns nowadays stressing on the spirit of the festival and to opt for a humane slaughtering and prevent animal cruelty.

4. It’s feast time!! Food prep usually begins the night before with peeling and grinding to make things easier on Eid day. Nearly every country has some kind of a rice-meat dish, seen as biryani or pulaos in India. Kababs are also popular. No feast is complete without dessert and there is nearly always a milk based dessert prepared in every home, like payasam, kheer, pudding or sheer korma.

5. Food is always more enjoyable when it is shared. Everyone exchanges food with their neighbors and many people invite classmates, colleagues and friends to share their feast. Potlucks are also quite popular with each family bringing their own specials to the table.

Bakrid Feast

6. Festivals are also times for renewing old ties and visiting distant relatives. Everyone goes out visiting each other and of course, bearing gifts!! Clothes, jewelry, perfume, chocolates, books and toys are among the popular Eid gifts, though obviously, the sky’s the limit! Sometimes, kids are given money instead of gifts, so they can get what they like.

Festivals are a fun time for kids; it’s a great way for them to connect to their culture and understand their history. It’s also the perfect time to get creative!! Here are a few fun things for kids to do this Bakr’Eid.

4 Bakrid Crafts for Kids

 The Silver Envelope has some really lovely party and festival ideas, and one that stands out is this Bakr’Eid Special sheep craft. Requires very few supplies and is easy for kids to make without help.

 Cut shapes out of patterned paper and ask your child to stick them on a plain black card. Decorate with glitter or star stickers and you have a lovely Eid card all ready to gift! Make a few more, changing up the patterns and shapes, keeping the background same.

 Amnah has these really creative goodie bags that look like the Ka’aba at Mecca. Fill them up with little toys and sweets and gift them to your friends!

Activity Village has a lovely glittery Moon and Star mobile craft that is really easy to make (printable included!). This makes a lovely decoration for the kids’ room or front door.

Now, you’ve got enough activities to keep your kids occupied in the days leading up to Eid al Adha.

So go ahead and enjoy; Eid Mubarak!

This post is by Fabida Abdulla, the regular contributor to The Mom Views and blogger at Shocks and Shoes. Fab writes about parenting, baking, shopping and all the little joys in life.

5 Tips to Become a More Patient Parent


I always considered myself to be a patient person until I became a Mother. That is when I truly realized what patience means and what being patient could entail.   Raising a high needs kid who is pretty big on creating drama is not always easy and makes me test my parenting skills every day.

Whether it is strewing her toys all over the floor just when I had finished cleaning the room for the nth time or climbing on that ledge which mom has told her not to get on hundreds of times or refusing to put down the IPad even after watching an hour of Barbie and the Dreamhouse. (Yeah, it’s THAT phase now!)

The fact is that it can get challenging to be patient when you’re a parent! Kids seem to have a gift for pushing our buttons.

 While becoming a mother redefined patience for me, I have a few tried and tested tips that will help you even if you are naturally short on patience. This is today’s topic in Positive Parenting.

5 Tips to Become a More Patient Parent

 Take a timeout.

If you’re stuck inside the house with your child 24/7, you’ll need a break to refuel and recharge. Without some kind of break from the monotony, we tend to be more impatient and angry which leads to our emotions blocking rational thinking.

 After experiencing a strong emotion like anger, it takes even the best of us around 30-45  minutes to return to a “normal” emotional state, even though you might feel calm after a few minutes.  However, research has shown that after this happens, you’re still physiologically “agitated” and more prone to becoming angry again. Try to take a break and get away from the kids.

May be a walk around the block or a small drive to the local market can take the edge off your feelings. Or you can just go outside in your garden or to your terrace for a while. I prefer to go sit in my porch and listen to my favorite music till I have achieved my calmness back. 

 Pause before you react.

If you’re not in a position to get away even for a little while, the next best option is to switch your focus. Try concentrating on your breathing. Pay attention to the act of breathing and feel the air moving in and out of your lungs.

 It’s tough to control your body temperature, pulse, or blood pressure. However, your breathing is something you can control to an extent and it’s an excellent meditative practice. Since I love meditation in any form, I recently bought a singing bowl, which I play every time I am feeling stressed. What’s more, I taught Sam to play it too so when she is feeling agitated or angry she tries to play it and it does calm her down a lot.

 Remember, kids are kids

Although it’s hard to believe, your child probably isn’t trying to make you lose your patience. Your kids just look at the world differently. Sometimes throwing a tantrum is their way of gaining attention and other times their mischievous acts are just plain curiosity. If they’re too young to speak, crying and screaming are genuinely their only way to communicate.

The time they broke your favorite set of china mugs, they actually might have been trying to learn how to juggle. It’s just that they don’t know what to start with.

 Being “difficult” is simply a part of being a child. A child’s brain is still developing so they don’t always know what is right or wrong, even if you have told them hundreds of times. Not giving you an excuse for poor behavior, but it might save your sanity when you’re at the end of your rope.

 Practice your patience.

There are two ways to practice your patience. You can mentally walk through a stressful situation and see how you can handle it patiently or you can actually rehearse your patience in low-stress situations.

If you know that your child might throw a fit in a mall, practice various ways you can deal with the situation, without you throwing a fit too. 

Think back to a recent incident when you lost your patience. Now, imagine the situation differently, with you being more patient. What could you have said differently? What could you have not done? Practice this exercise several times a day. Try being more patient in low-stress situations. This will come handy when you are in a stressful situation and about to lose your cool.

 Be Patient towards YOU.

Remember, you need to be patient with yourself too. It’s impractical to think that you can completely avoid losing your patience. Especially if patience has not been your strongest virtue for years.

Also remember, even though you’re a parent, you’re also a human. If and when you do lose your patience, don’t beat yourself over it. Learn a lesson from the incident and try to tackle the situation in a better way.

Although being a parent is bliss, it can also get frustrating. However, the same challenges that make it frustrating also provide an opportunity to grow and develop into better human being. Like any other virtue, patience can also be learned, but it takes time.

I hope these tips help you to develop your own treasure trove of patience and enjoy parenthood more than ever. 

Let me know in the comments, if you have any tips you would like to share for being more patient as a parent. 

5 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding- World Breastfeeding Week


Remember when you were pregnant? You marveled at how a tiny bunch of cells grew a heart and brain, arms and legs; and finally a fully formed baby arrived, who turned your life upside down!! Of all the amazing things that Nature does every day, the Miracle of Life has got to be at the top of the list.

What’s interesting is that this amazing phenomenon doesn’t end with the birth of your baby. The way a woman’s body changes to accommodate the growing needs of her infant is actually quite incredible. Soon after birth, the breasts secrete Colostrum, which is thick and loaded with white blood cells and antibodies which are essential for a baby that has just been exposed to the big bad world of germs from the safe confines of its mother’s body. As time passes, the milk gets thinner, and has less white blood cells but more of other immune factors.

Unfortunately, many mothers don’t realize these wonderful features of breast milk, mainly because they aren’t aware of their life long benefits. To this end, the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) has declared the theme of this year’s World Breastfeeding Week as ‘Breastfeeding: A Winning Goal – For Life!’ The week is observed from 1st to 7th August and is led by UNICEF and WHO, in association with 17 other global organizations. This is in an attempt to meet the Millennium Development Goals to fight poverty and promote health by 2015.

So how can you do your bit to help? First of all, if you know of a new Mom in your family or among your friends, offer your full support. Breastfeeding is a natural process and one could argue that it’s been happening since time immemorial. But the truth is that for most Moms, it doesn’t come naturally, and requires a lot of work. Add to that problems relating to post partum depression, guilt and lack of adequate support, and breastfeeding can turn out to be a traumatic experience.


If you are a new mother or a mom-to-be  here are 5 tips to help you make breastfeeding a successful experience for you.

1) Get help as soon as possible

I had a lactation consultant visit me hours after I gave birth to Samaira and who helped me walk through the process. She also helped me bust a few myths like baby isn’t getting enough, I don’t have enough milk and so on.

If your hospital doesn’t provide you a lactation consultant then visit the local chapter of .

2) Work on your latch

It’s all about the latch. The baby takes some time to develop the latch and it’s your job to guide him/her. Again make sure you hit all the resources like books, you tube videos etc.. to learn how to develop the right latch.

3) Try Different positions

Breastfeeding is not a one size (or rather position) fits all!! Some people like the cradle approach and yet others prefer the football hold. Even though people will tell you not to breastfeed lying down, I have done it and it was a relief at times. So keep experimenting with different positions till your baby and you find the most comfortable and preferred one.

4) Throw everything at it

Breastfeeding is not always as intuitive as it is made out to be. You may need external tools to stimulate milk like breast pumps. I had to use nipple shields and breast pumps till my daughter developed the right latch and the flow became consistent.

Breastfeeding is not as effortless as it is made out to be. But instead of giving up, use all the resources you can like breast pads, nursing pillows, nipple creams etc.

5) Breastfeeding is not a measure of your love

Despite your best intentions and all the efforts you have put in, you still may not be able to continue with breastfeeding. Don’t think of yourself as a failure or think that you are not a good mother because you couldn’t breastfeed.

Yes, breastfeeding is a great start for your baby in
5 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding- World Breastfeeding Weeklife but remember your love is what they truly need.

Spread the word – use your blog or Facebook page to spread the word about World Breastfeeding Week, so that more people are informed. It would be great if you could do a social media post on the benefits of breastfeeding for babies and Moms.

Breastfeeding is one of the first ways a baby knows that he is loved and will be taken care of. It is truly a special time for both Mom and baby and every one deserves to enjoy this gift. This quote by Grantly Dick-Read sums up the benefits of breastfeeding beautifully:

“A newborn baby has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breastfeeding satisfies all three”

Did you face any problems while breastfeeding your child? How did you overcome them?

5 reasons every mom needs a smartphone


From the clunky brick-sized phones that were only good to make calls to the sleek and slim smartphones that can do almost anything that you want them to, mobile phones have come a long way.

Smartphones have changed our lives! Whether it is staying connected to our friends through Facebook or sharing precious moments of our lives with Instagram or keeping our little ones distracted in the doctor’s waiting lounge with angry birds.

But I think if smartphones have made the biggest difference to someone’s lives then it is to the lives of moms. Moms are among the most savvy users of smartphones for their home, kids, work and more. Smartphones have amazing apps which can organize your life, plan your meals, entertain your kids and so much more.

I have gone through a whole gamut of phones, from a jailbroken iphone to a series of Samsung Galaxy phones and now thanks to Asus, I am using the Zenfone 5. Check it out right now!) It’s actually one of the best and most affordable smartphones for Moms!

I can tell you from my experience, a smartphone is a mom’s best friend! Not convinced? Well here are,

5 reasons every mom needs a smartphone

1. To stay connected to other moms

“It takes a village to bring up a baby” but nowadays when couples are living so far away from their families it can get difficult to get support from family or friends for baby advice. That’s where mommy groups on social media come handy.

There are so many helpful and supportive mom groups on Facebook where you can post queries about baby food or baby products or even the best holiday resort to stay with babies and so much more.

TMV Tip :  with almost 25000 moms is one of the best mom groups out there. Great events, contests, discussions and even some arguments make this group a very interesting place to hang out in.

2. To keep your life and home organised

A mom’s to-do list is never ending and it can get difficult to remember and prioritise everything one has to get done in a day. To-do and reminder apps on smartphones can make this easy for moms.

These apps can help you create checklists for daily, weekly tasks, shopping lists, schedule appointments, assignments and pretty much anything else going on in your life.

TMV Tip : Asus Zenfone 5 has a useful app called “do it later” which lets you create task lists for your day according to various categories whether it is personal or business. You can also add reminders to each task and once it is due, an alarm will sound to remind you. Whenever a task is completed just tap on the tick-mark icon and it’s checked-off your list.

3. To try out new recipes

It’s no secret that moms love to see their kids eat and they would go to any lengths to make sure that everything they put in front of their kids is gobbled up instantly. But there are times when the trusted paneer-matar or the cheese-n-mac just won’t cut it.

That’s why smartphones are such a boon. You can browse through millions of recipes using sites like epicurious or food.com or download recipe apps to have your own handy digital cookbook. Need visual guidance? Youtube has a plethora of cooking channels to make sure that you recreate the dishes perfectly!

TMV Tip : Check out allrecipes.com or their app for a virtual bible of recipes! Indian or International, Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you will have all kinds of variety, new cuisines, easy to cook recipes and not to forget, grateful kids!

4. To create beautiful memories

I think motherhood changes every woman into a photographer. We know the best tricks to capture our kids’ smiles, their best poses, even how to choose the right background. Most moms are tech savvy to create collages, edit photos and add captions to their angels’ various moods captured in photos.

Most smartphones have cameras with amazing resolutions and can compete with digital cameras. Download photo editing apps like pixlr express or photo editor by Aviary and you can edit, add textures, crop and rotate, remove backgrounds and so much more to create the perfect photo!

TMV Tip : Check out Pixelmaster camera in the ASUS Zenfone 5 which delivers amazing image quality. Zenfone 5 provides an easy way to choose different settings for your photo so whether you want  a low light image or a HDR image it takes just a touch. It also has a built in photo editor which can make your photos look fantastic without the need to save it on a laptop.

5. To shop

Our lives are so busy and taking care of home, kids, work and so much more, can leave us with no time for shopping. But that should not be any reason to not indulge in some retail therapy right? Not with so many online shopping options  around us!

Just download the apps of your favorite online shopping destinations and start shopping. Shopping with smartphone apps can even give you discounts, contests and special offers.

TMV Tip : Use a compare price app like which allows you to compare the prices of the same item on various online stores so that you can make the best choice!

What’s your favorite use for your smartphone? Share with us through comments! 

5 Myths About Infertility


Being pregnant and bringing a child into this world is a blessing but it can also be a very stressful time. “Well meaning” relatives, friendly neighbours and “been there, done that” friends will have loads of unsolicited advice to give to a couple trying to get pregnant.

However, most advice around infertility is often misunderstood and often just an old wives’ tale. This is why we are busting 5 common myths around infertility and putting them to rest forever.

5 Myths About Infertility In India

Myth 1 : It’s easy for most young women to get pregnant

Wrong! Infertility can affect any woman of any age. Yes, many women can conceive without any difficulty but the statistics show that the infertility rate in Indian population is close to 15% and rising. Age is certainly a factor, with a healthy 30 year old having much better chances of conceiving than a 40 year old woman. However, current lifestyle combined with health issues such as PCOD or endometriosis can cause infertility in even young women.

Myth 2 : Men don’t have Infertility issues 

Infertility is often tagged as a woman’s problem but it’s far from the truth. Male infertility is almost as common as infertility in women and in many cases both partners can have some problems.

Myth 3 : Infertility is not a physical issue but a mental one

Infertility can cause serious mental stress but mental stress alone does not cause infertility. Infertility is generally a sign that there is something wrong with the reproductive system and the best solution for it is to seek a physician’s advice. Thinking that “it’s just in our heads” or a vacation will make every alright, is probably not the best recourse.

Myth 4 : Adopting a child will make you conceive

If and when a couple decides to adopt a child, the sole reason should be to love that child as their own. Adopting a child as a means to get pregnant due to the so-called hormone rush, can prove to be a heartbreaking decision for the parents and the adopted child. There is no conclusive data on whether adoptive parents have a better chance at conceiving a child than any other couple.

Myth 5 : A couple should try conceiving for years before seeking a treatment

Most infertile couples wait for years and years to conceive naturally before seeing a doctor. This not only reduces the chances of conceiving (due to the age factor) but also causes undue stress in their relationship and lives. Whether a couple decides to seek treatment or not, they should never delay in getting all the diagnostic work done so that in case of a problem, they can seek the right treatment immediately.

5 Minute Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake


Do make this 5 Minute wonder and share with me if you liked the cake

When I first read about 5 minute Chocolate mug cakes, I didn’t think it was possible to have a tasty Chocolate cake in five minutes. The food blog world was going gaga about these Mug cakes and in fact one blogger dubbed it as the most dangerous cake in the world because it can literally be ready in just five minutes. A cake any time it strikes your fancy, that sure is dangerous for your waistline.

Yesterday night when chocolate craving set in, I decided to test this 5 minute Mug cake and if it went well then it could also be great for occasional desserts after food. (I have mentioned about my family’s sweet tooth haven’t I?)

So I made this Eggless Chocolate cake in a mug and I have to confess not even in my wildest dreams I ever thought that this easy chocolate cake would be as delicious as it turned out to be. There is absolutely no mess because the entire mixing takes place in a single mug and takes exactly five minutes from start to finish. I couldn’t resist sharing this chocolate cake recipe with all my lovely readers. Enjoy!!

5 Minute Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe

(Adapted from )

 Preparation Time : 3 Minutes

Cooking Time: 2 Minutes

Serves 1


2 tbsp Flour (Maida)

2 tbsp Sugar

1 tbsp Cocoa

1/4 tsp Baking Powder

A Pinch of Salt

1 Tbsp Fresh Cream or Oil ( I used Fresh Cream)

1 Tbsp Milk

Strawberry Jam (Optional)

Drinking Chocolate or Powdered Sugar (Optional)


  1. Use a Microwave Safe Mug. The Mug should be able to hold at least 250 ml otherwise the cake will spill over.
  2. Mix all the dry ingredients in the mug. Now add the cream and Milk to the Mug.
  3. Mix well till there are no lumps and no flour is sticking to the bottom of the mug.
  4. Now keep the Mug inside the microwave and cook the cake on HIGH for 2 minutes.
  5. After 2 minutes check if a fork  inserted in the cake comes out clean. If not, keep the cake for another 30 seconds.
  6. If you add an egg to the mixture then the cake will be a bit more light and airy.
  7. If you want to decorate the cake just sprinkle a bit of  drinking chocolate or Powdered sugar and use strawberry jam as a topping.

The cake is absolutely delicious and will definitely satisfy your chocolate cravings.

You can also use nuts or fresh fruits to add to the flavor some more.

If you are making more than one Mug cake then add only one mug at a time to the microwave.

Do make this 5 Minute wonder and share with me if you liked the cake

5 Healthy Macaroni Recipes


When we were young, there weren’t all these fancy pasta shapes that are available in stores today. Forget about whole wheat and multigrain pasta, even basic refined flour pasta was very limited! But one little pasta shape was available even then –macaroni. And just because there are more exotic shapes now, it doesn’t mean that the humble macaroni is to be left behind. And that’s the very reason we have collected a bunch of healthy Mac recipes for you to choose from!

1.  (Click here for recipe)

Macaroni for breakfast?? Yes!!! This is a super yummy recipe from The Mac + Cheese Cookbook, which is going to ensure that no one skips their morning meal! With traditional breakfast ingredients like bacon and eggs, this is sure to be a hit with the kiddies! You can replace the bacon with sausages if you like.

 (Click here for Recipe)

This is a really healthy and colorful recipe that uses many anti oxidant rich veggies. The colors are sure to impress the pickiest little eater and this makes a great dish for a birthday party too. The best part is that it is easily customizable with whatever veggies are in season and you can make it vegetarian if you like.

(Click here for Recipe)

Tomato soup is quite popular among most people and this is perfect for cold rainy days. Hearty and full of flavor, this contains shredded carrots and ground meat which can be replaced with soya mince. You can also use chicken broth or vegetable broth depending on what your child likes.

 (Click Here for Recipe)

A desi spin on an Italian staple, this dish features macaroni in a spicy, full bodied gravy that hits all the right notes. This lovely recipe combines the best of both worlds and is a great way to introduce macaroni to someone who doesn’t like it (if such people exist!)

 (Click here for Recipe)

Spinach haters, rejoice!! This fun looking green pasta is so deceptive, that little Ms. Picky won’t know what she’s eating! With the goodness of dairy and green leafy vegetables, this dish is filling and yummy, with little reason to complain. A complete balanced meal!

10 Blogger Commandments to Follow


1. Thou Shall Produce Stellar Content

Content is King. And Queen and Jack and everything else.

Nothing else is more important than your content. Your content is what the readers will come for again and again, not for any gimmicks, not for free stuff, not for your beautiful blog design, no nothing else but content.  So write well, write as if you are writing for 5 million of your raving fans even though your blog is currently being read by your mom and your best friend.

Be careful about grammar, write in short paragraphs, give useful information, make the readers senses sing, in short every time you open your blog write your best post. Even if it is a review of a pen, even if it is just about your dog and definitely if it is about your life, write.awesome.content.

2. Thou Shall use Social Media for good.

The cloak of anonymity that internet provides and the reach of power that social media has is heady. You have the power to write your deepest, darkest thoughts on any platform and get away with it (sort of). So you might be tempted to tell a fellow blogger that her thoughts on parenting are archaic but don’t. If you have to disagree with someone then try to say it in a way that will help them improve, not in a way that will bring them down. This is the number 1 reason I don’t do negative reviews or negative posts. It is easy to shame, ridicule, judge and point fingers, but what good does that do to anyone? Keep it positive.

If you tend to write about controversial topics and get a barrage of opinions that are disagreeing with you, don’t go all ballistic and ask your posse to hunt these people down. Be fair, be generous and most of all be kind.

3. Thou Shalt not upset by negative comments

If you put something out there, you are bound to receive a range of reactions, some will go gaga over your writing and others will compare it to a fourth graders essay. Don’t take everything personally. I have never gotten a lot of negative comments but the day I do get one I shall answer it as impassively as I can and then delete it.

Don’t indulge in a back and forth slinging match with a hater. No good has ever come out of that. Keep it positive and always remember that your blog is your property and if you don’t want to see that negative comment you have every right to delete it, whatever anyone else says.

4. Thou Shalt not compare your blog to others

Every journey starts from the beginning. If you are a brand new shiny blogger who has a million ideas about what to write and then suddenly you start seeing all these awesome blogs with cool widgets, thousands of followers and who have already written about your ideas, don’t get discouraged.

Every person and therefore every blogger has their own story. I started my journey 2.5 years back and with zero tech knowledge and used to get bogged down by blogs that had already achieved so much, were getting amazing opportunities and basically rocking it while I was still figuring out wordpress. But then I had an epiphany and realized that they must have started somewhere too. All I needed to do was to keep at it.

Even if you are a seasoned blogger and see someone new rise up fast and take over the blogging world, don’t envy. You don’t know their story and what they are doing to achieve their goals. All you should do is to focus on your goals and becoming a better you as a blogger.

5. Thou Shall be YOU. You are awesome.

It is easy to fall into the “Perfect” syndrome. Trying to be the perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect homemaker. You can feel the pressure to live a life or rather project a life, people would aspire to. You can feel like you need to live up to others expectations in your writing, but you don’t!

People will smell a fake from a mile away. So if you are anti-social and don’t like to open up too much to people then be that.Don’t try to project yourself as a gregarious person. If you hate crafts and would rather have yourself poked with needles than do a DIY project, then tell people about that. You will be surprised how many people raise hands and express solidarity.

6.  Thou Shalt pay it forward. Help other bloggers.

When I was a newbie, I tried hanging out around other bloggers who were popular and well known but I often felt like mom blogging in India was a clique which was difficult to get into. However, there were some bloggers who went out of their way to help me out. That is why I always believe in helping other bloggers out. I often reach out to new bloggers and will try to connect with them to expand our mom blogging community.

In fact my love for creating a community of women bloggers led me and my partner in crime Pratibha from to admin a It is such a safe and growing space for bloggers to discuss, learn and share that we keep hanging out there the whole day.

7. Thou Shall not steal. Ever.

Yes imitation is flattery but no one wants to be flattered by getting their work stolen. So don’t take complete posts or parts of them from other bloggers and pass it off as yours, don’t take pictures of other bloggers and slap your logo on it, don’t use a post idea and not credit the inspiration and always try to create original content.

Copyright laws in India and in social media are at best vague and while there are a lot of ways you can get a thief to take down someone’s original work but I think the biggest tool should be our own moral compass. In short don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you.

8. Thou Shall go offline.

It is easy to get tangled in the world-wide web but it is difficult to get out of it. There will always be a blog comment, a Facebook status, a tweet or a LinkedIn request to respond to. But you need to claim your life as your own and switch off often.

Always remember your blog is about you, your life and not the other way around. So unplug and live! Enjoy your days, have fun and make memories.

9. Thou Shall not let your blog become bigger than YOU.

 I took a blogging break last year in December. The reason was that it was taking over all parts of my life and I started feeling like I was just an extension of my blog (yes, that can happen!!). You can start feeling that your life will stop without your blog which is of course pure balderdash. Blogging is a part of your life, a big part, but just a part nevertheless. Don’t get fooled into thinking that you can’t exist without blogging.

10. Thou Shall always remain humble.

I have a lot of self-love (different from being selfish). I think I am awesome, made of shiny gold and glittery sparkles and literally walk on clouds. But I don’t want to tell everyone who cares to listen, about how cool I am. I would rather listen to other people, help them out if I can, applaud them for everything they achieve and let THEM find out about my awesome self.

You know what’s better than tooting your own horn, have 10 people who do it for you out of love. So always be humble, be nice and stay rooted. 

This was my take on 10 Commandments of blogging. Do you have any you would like to add?

Please let me know through your comments below. If you liked what you read, don’t forget to or . 

Which type of prints should I choose for my home? How it will look on my wall?


Top questions we get asked often while purchasing Canvas Printing — Which type of prints should I choose for my home? How it will look on my wall?

It appears many of the buyers are confused about this so in this will explain you all of your queries. We will address the pros and cons of canvas prints and hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be able to decide for yourselves why to choose printposters.in to print your canvas.

You know, there are mainly 2 types of prints.  The basic one printed on roll canvas and the second is gallery wrap canvas which is mount of a pine wood frame, both are printed on archival type Canvas with using branded machine-like Epson and Canon.

Here is why…

Canvas prints are classy and gives depth to photo

Would you like a classic look on your wall? Then you will definitely love the textured finish of canvas prints which enhances your walls. The canvas prints are based on advanced inkjet printing technology and they look almost like original paintings as printing can produce 98% of the colour gamut. You could even feel the clean brush strokes when you print paintings onto a canvas as texture finish will give 3d effects for brush strokes. Originally all canvas print has a textured look. This textured look on matte finish reflects less light and as a result, you will enjoy a glare-free view similar to that of an original painting. So always go with matte finish.

Not only that, canvas prints available with printposters.in are the highest quality of art reproductions as they work with lots of artist across the globe. They use pigment-based inks to reproduce Canvas prints. The colour absorption in canvas is much better than that of paper so as the life. Canvas Prints can last lifelong with fading colours on it. By using archival ink and high-quality canvases, these types of art prints offer an accurate reproduction of original art. So always check with the supplier about this.

And guess what, if you keep an original painting and canvas print side by side, you won’t quickly recognise difference between canvas prints. Perfect reproduction of any Canvas art print.

You can make larger prints on canvas up to 5 X 8 feet with framing

You can make large canvas prints check the above example

To print maximum size print ? If you are thinking to prints large size on canvas the image should be of at least 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) resolution. Otherwise, your print will look pixelated. The maximum hi resolution image you provide the higher will be the print quality

The colour absorption on canvas is higher, even you can print larger sizes of canvas prints at lower resolution but it is not recommended as printers print with the maximum resolution.

So, if you are thinking about hanging a large fine art canvas prints, then canvas prints are the ones you should buy for its advantage!

Canvas prints are produces better colours with higher colour printer. Almost 98% colour gamut …

Do you know artist prefer canvas prints over other kinds of prints due to its colour vibrancy? 

That’s because canvases produce colours more accurately than other types of prints. Even the printer, which prints on canvas has higher colour gamut.

Printing on to canvas require specialised printers and only professionals and branded printers produces highest quality print.  As a result, you get a carefully produced, higher quality, rich in colours print which last for generations.

On top of that, this canvas print does not require any specialised coating as its inks are water resistance that protects the print from dust and moisture. Even you can wash canvas under running water.  This resulting in vivid and bright art reproductions with better colours without any reflection on matte canvas.

Canvas prints which are easily matches with wall of the colour…

Canvas prints are an easy and affordable way to change the look of your walls without any hazel. You can decorate your home with canvas art prints mainly in two ways. Either by framing it as you normally do but it is not recommended or by stretching it on to a pine wooden frame. 

The gallery wrapped canvas frames weigh less than conventional frames as they don’t need glass or any kind of protection keep them safe also the weight of frame which is manifacture from pine wood is also very less. Because of this, these canvas art pieces are easy to hang on the wall and are also easier to clean. Even you can hang canvas frame on wall using two-way tape.

These almost frame-less presentation as all the border are wrapped on pine wood frame creates a window into the scene and easily matches with almost all types of interior design. Since there are no mats or borders to these art pieces, the entire size fills with artwork giving a unique visual appearance on your walls

You can also decorate your wall with multi panel canvases made by splitting a single panoramic artwork or any photo to a multiple part. The size and number of these panels depends on the size of your wall and can be customised as per your design also. They can be a great focal point art pieces on the walls above a living room sofa or in dining area.

It’s super easy to clean canvas prints

No matter how well you have maintained you home, dust will settle and spiders would make a mess on these prints. Then, you need to clean your fine art collection using water. Use of water go ahead and clean using running water .. no problem

The canvas prints come with water resistance ink printing. This water-resistant ink protects the art from harmful UV rays and to a certain extent from dust and other atmospheric particles. This inks also keeps your art free from fingerprint smudges.

When you clean a canvas art print, you can simply use a light damp cloth or running water or an artist brush to remove the dirt from the surface. Once cleaned, you can even dry the canvas in sunlight.

Canvas prints are lot more durable than other type of prints due to use of archival inks with media

When you buy something for your home, you want it to last long, so always go for archival ink printing on canvas? The canvas prints are a perfect match for this purpose as its last lifetime.

There are two types of canvas used for printing. One based on 100% cotton (similar to original canvas paintings) and a new type based on plastic compounds that are similarly durable.

Both of these are better at fighting the elements of nature and therefore last longer than normal prints.

That’s not the only advantage of using canvas prints. They don’t fade like normal paper print. Have you noticed regular paper turning yellow when they are long exposed to nature but canvas don’t fade or turn yellow in colour. Well, that takes longer with regular canvas prints and don’t happen at all with plastic based canvas prints.

Canvas prints are lot more durable than paper based prints. And interestingly, just about printposters.in has come to same conclusion – that canvas prints have a life of 100+ years.

After reading this, you may be of the notion that canvas prints are a better choice with printposters.in.  That can be true always. It depends on your choice can be affected by many factors — type of artwork you want to print, your budget, your tastes and preferences, wall size and location where you want to keep this artwork and finally the interior design of your home.

Texture on canvas prints which enhance quality

Some of these reasons should be obvious. For others, let me explain. Let’s say, you want to print photographs on canvas — this is usually recommended. Because of the textured matte finish, photographs printed on canvas can be best look for wedding photos. So, if you are the one who like the glossy smooth finishes, then go with glossy canvas print. On the other hand, if you want your art reproduction to look almost like the original, you should go with a matte canvas print.