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5 tips for the decoration of home interiors

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How canvas photo printing will enhance your home interiors

A home is a place where people want to stay for long. They feel comforted, relaxed and happy when they are in their zone their home.

There’s no doubt in the old saying as “Men make houses, women make homes” but besides this, there’s also another aspect.

The superpower of women to make a house settle and warm home.

 They know the secrets to home interiors. Interior decoration is art for making it posing the correct framing in the right position.

 Interiors are the perfect decoration of ornaments that are amusing to the homebodies.

5 tips for the decoration of home interiors

The decoration is an art and you have to be an artist to make it easy for you, you have to be a keen observer of your house to see what suits the colour, the genre and the theme of your house.

1.      Choosing colours

Colours are the best way to express something. Walls expressing exquisite colours are the reason to stare them for a while.

Primarily selecting a theme of colour either for bedroom, living lounge room. The colour, of course, would be the soothing relaxing or dark colour of your choice.

2.      Antique frames

Although antique frames might be a bit expensive. But they are embellishing the landing area, living room, drawing or Cloakroom beautifully. They enhance the whole aura of the house. The pictures used for the pieces either could be your old photos or any historical traditional pictures of the paladin.

3.      Furniture

The most renovated are the home furniture. We bring them more and more with the congested space we are left with. Furniture decoration can be adjusted in small and also in big spaces in our houses likewise as Sofa, bed, chairs or dressers.

The arrangement that matters in opting for the furniture also depends on the facing of the furniture.

4.      Lightening

The significance of lightning cannot be neglected to the core. It defines the room. The adjustment of the ambience of the room is all dependent on the selection of lights. Although lights for different rooms differ from each other because of the decorative use for a different style in the room

5. Canvas photo printing

A home can never look like a home unless there are your marks on it, your memories, your ideas, and your dreams.

After frames a new adoption to make your houses look more beautiful, canvas photo printing has been proposed. They are art reflectors of your images, your stories on the walls.

 Although canvas photo printing comes in different sizes and shapes. The one that is suitable for your room space. Hanging your display with the loved ones or for the formal interior designs. Canvas photo printing is affordable as well as you can mold into what you want to see on the walls.

Either a glass or wood frame can be chosen for giving a more elegant look to your room. In canvas, you have more choices for obtaining favourite photos. Canvas no doubt gives a refreshing look to the room with a textured form of art.

Canvas wall display ideas:

These will be the clever cheat hacks for how a canvas should display. If you are confused about what picture should be chosen for a canvas, here’s a list:

  1. Family photo
  2. Wedding photographs
  3. Firstborn child
  4. Favourite quote
  5. Welcome home
  6. Painting
  7. Cherish moments
  8. Beautiful scenery
  9. Wall collage
  10. Dream chaser art

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10 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes & Fancy dress ideas for Kids


Yes, I know Halloween is not an Indian festival but hey the world is shrinking and I know that many schools including my daughter’s are celebrating Halloween. Well, if US and UK can celebrate Diwali then I am sure we can get in on the Halloween spirit too. In India though we are not big on the Halloween customs like trick or treating, decorating our homes as haunted houses and dressing our kids like Zombies.  But all parents are on lookout for easy costumes for kids or as we like to call it in India, Fancy dress ideas for kids.

Fancy dress competitions are an occupational hazard of parenting and whether you like it or not your kids will take part in loads of them through the school years. I hate to waste money on buying or even renting the costumes and usually try to make the costumes from what is either already available at home or from stuff that is not very costly.

 So, I thought I will scour the internet and bring for you 10 easy, homemade and frugal Halloween costumes for kids. When I say easy, I literally mean it. These are costumes that don’t require you to be super crafty, buy tons of material or have a whole week to prepare. These are Halloween costumes that you can easily put together at your home with just a few supplies and only a few hours at hand. The best part about these costume ideas are that you can use them for Halloween or save them to use for the next fancy dress competition in your child’s school.

10 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes 


Skeleton Costume 

Think Halloween and the first thing that comes to your mind are Skeletons and this particular skeleton is easy to make and not creepy at all. Although the tutorial at Instructables uses Freezer Paper to stencil, I think if you have a steady hand you can easily make the bone structure with fabric paint. Just get plain black t-shirt, black leggings and white fabric paint and you have a cutesy skeleton at your hand.


 Jellyfish Costume 

Shruthi from ArtsyCraftsyMom is a genius and this jellyfish costume just proves it. She used an umbrella, white t-shirt, white pants and lots of bubble wrap. The white streamers hanging down just give the whole ocean feeling to this costume. I think it is a great aquatic fancy dress idea.


Mummy Costume 

Mummies are not my favorite character but this adorable mummy you would want to keep at home forever. Kim from the thecelebrationshoppe blog created this awesome costume from white pajama, white shirt and lots of strips of cheap white fabric and of course glue.


Pirate Costume 

Johnny Depp made pirates cool and this pirate costume will do the same for your kid. Simran from Simzcorner created this costume for her som entirely at home using stuff which was already available to her. She tucked the pants inside the socks to create a polo pants look and used black marker to create the mole and mustache. A bandana and eye patch completed the whole pirate look.

From Red Ted Art

If mummies and skeletons are around can witches be far behind? I love tutu skirts and that is what you need for this dress. Just dress the child in a black tshirt and tutu skirt with black leggings, make a paper hat and hand her a broom for the whole witch vibe.


LadyBird Costume 

Tulika for ObsessiveMom has some awesome costumes she has made for her kids but this ladybird costume is what caught my eye the most. Tulika made this for her daughter using a red frock on which she stitched black spots. Wings and a red hairband completed the look.


Harry Potter Costume 

Thanks to the book and movie series we have scores of potter fans here in India too and this harry potter costume will definitely be a hit with them. Tracey from Chaospatrol made these for her sons using fabric which she stitched as gowns, used maroon and white mufflers and painted the white portion into mustard, spray painted some two sticks to black and used a pair of old spectacles without glasses. Voila there you have, two mini-potters.

Watermelon/Fruit Costume 

I made this for show and tell of fruits at my daughter’s school. She wanted to be a watermelon so I took two pieces of cardboard cut them in watermelon slice shape, made a neck hole and taped them together at the neckline. Then I simply painted it in red and green colors with black seeds. You can recreate any fruit like mango, apple or even strawberry using the same technique.


Bee Costume 

This one is a little elaborate costume since it involves stitching black felt over a yellow tee but I will tell you a shortcut. Use black fabric paint for making the stripes. Make two holes in a black headband and use yellow and black pipe cleaners to create the antennae. Top it all off with two colored foam balls.


Sheep Costume 

Ishrath from Wanderingmist made this sheep costume using white t-shirt, shorts, black stockings, a skull cap and lots to cotton balls. She stitched the cotton balls onto the t-shirt and all around the skull cap. She used the black stockings as hands and legs and stitched two pieces of black cloth on the skull cap as ears. Isn’t that a cute sheep!

So here they are the 10 easy, homemade Halloween costumes or fancy dress ideas for your kids, whichever suits you best. If you would like to share a costume that you have made or a dress up you created for your child then share it in the comments below or on our Facebook page

9 Essential Style Tips for Stay at Home Moms


Once you become a Mom, many changes take place, but a not so obvious one is your style. And it can’t be helped – new born babies require a lot of maintenance, and you’re lucky if you find time to wash your face!! But that stage too passes and then you have no reason to be wandering around the house in pajamas and messy hair!

 When Moms give up their jobs to become Stay At Home Moms or Work At Home Moms, most of them miss not dressing up for work. The solution is simple – Get Dressed!! If you’re still not convinced, here are some more reasons to ditch those pajamas once you wake up:

 1. Both you and your spouse work hard to maintain your home; but your efforts are probably not as obvious. However, when the two of you get ready together in the morning, it drives home the point that both of you are getting dressed for the day’s work.

 2. When you’re well dressed and groomed, you feel better about yourself, your confidence soars and your creative juices start flowing better. Also you are better prepared for most events like picking up or dropping off the kids, quick trips to the grocery store or receiving sudden guests.

 3. When you take the trouble to dress well and look good, it shows that you care for yourself. Your partner will appreciate it and your kids will learn a valuable lesson about self-esteem.

 4. Research shows that faking a smile even when you’re upset ups the feeling of happiness. Similarly, dressing well even when you’re feeling down will brighten a dull day and make it productive.

         So how does a stay at home Mom add some style to her life? The basics have to be in place first – workout, sleep well and eat right. Go to the salon once a month and get a facial and mani-pedi along with getting your eyebrows done. I don’t dare suggest spas and massages, but if you have the time, go for it!

 9 Essential Style Tips for Stay at Home Moms

1. Well fitting lingerie – Unless your foundation is right, your entire outfit will look misshapen. Get fitted and get good quality stuff – this is not an area to skimp on!!

If you’re going to be doing work that requires a lot of vigorous movement, consider it a workout and wear a sports bra.

2. Comfortable footwear – It’s a good idea to get a nice pair of comfy sandals or shoes exclusively to wear at home, especially if it’s cold or you are prone to foot problems. Get a pair of comfortable plain sandals with a slight wedge heel – in black and beige – to wear for quick errands.

3. Practical and versatile bottoms – Tights and cotton or linen pants are great for pairing with a variety of tops – kurtas, Tshirts or tunics. If going for jeans, soft and stretchy are your best bet, considering comfort and ease of laundry. In ethnic wear, salwars along with harem pants and bright leggings are super comfortable and easy to move and work in.

4. Dresses and skirts – I personally think these are great for summer, since they offer breezy and cool comfort. But they can offer some limitation in movement, especially for household chores like deep cleaning. Also, long skirts and maxis might end up getting too dirty during monsoons.

5. Accessories – Getting dressed at home is a great opportunity to try out various trends that you would be wary of wearing otherwise. It obviously wouldn’t be practical to wear a lot of bracelets and rings when you have work to do, but a pair of small to medium earrings or a simple pendant will help you feel more ‘polished’.

 6. Bags – Be sure to have a good sized bag to hold all your essentials, without being so big as to turn into a dumping ground. Try to make it classy without being too casual like a canvas tote. By avoiding fads like skull prints, you can make it last season after season. Be sure to have some folded cloth bags inside, so you can avoid plastic.

 7. Makeup – You’re going to be at home for most of the day, so do you really need any makeup?? Well, you certainly don’t need all the warpaint, but some kohl and a tinted lip balm is enough to perk you up. Don’t forget the sunscreen, even when you’re indoors!

 8. Household gloves and aprons – When doing chores of any kind, ensure you’re wearing household gloves. It might feel cumbersome at first, but trust me, when you see your hands still soft and smooth after 20 years, you’ll be glad you took the trouble!

 9. Nightwear – Bedtime routines are not just for kids, Moms need them too! Remove makeup, slather on some night cream, hand cream and foot cream as per your needs. Throw out all the sloppy, faded night wear and get some cute sets. And most importantly, please don’t wear your nightwear throughout the day – it looks lazy!! Just as the experts say that using your bed only for sleep will help you snooze better at night, using your night wear only for bed will signal your brain that it’s now bedtime.

 What would be the one style tip you are going to adapt to your stay-at-home mom life? I am definitely going to take the accessorize and hand glove tips very seriously. Tell me in comments your favorite tip.

10 Expert Photography Tips: How to Take Great Photos of your Kids


From the moment our kids are born their photographs become our prized possessions. We love to click our little angels at every opportunity we get and preserve these memories forever. Thanks to the latest technological innovations you can now take crystal clear and ethereal kids’ photos even from your cellphone. But high-resolution gadgets and latest gizmos aside, it is not an easy task to capture the beautiful moments of your kids’ lives, partly because they don’t stay still enough for that and partly because you don’t know the tips and tricks for photographing your children.

10 expert photography tips to take great photos of Kids


This is probably the most important tip that all the photographers had to give. Peekaboo says lighting is what differentiates a good photo from a great photo. Newborn babies have very sensitive eyes and you do not want to startle them with a flash. You should use all-natural sunlight, so select a room which has an abundance of lighting.

Gursimran agrees to say that this would often mean taking pictures in the morning or early evening when the sun is still benevolent but not strong enough to add to the heat. Nothing contests natural light in how it bathes a child’s cherubic cheeks and adds just the right warm hue to the picture.

Siddhi says that if you can get the child to stand by a bright window or in the shade under a tree, you will have ample light- a prime setting for a good picture! Direct flash is a complete no-no, as it can create large ugly shadows behind the subject, cause red-eye and most likely get a child/baby startled.

Catch them sleeping 

According to Peekaboo, it is best to photograph newborns when they are sleeping. Newborn babies in this situation are easy to mold and pose. You can snuggle the child until he/ she gets comfortable. Not to mention all babies look super adorable when they are sleeping.

Visualize and Strategize 

Gursimran emphasizes that parents should set up the environment for clicking a photograph and then bring the child to it rather than the other way around. Set up your scene, get them dressed, take a few snapshots without the child to ensure lights and angles before actually putting them in their place. Attention spans on children are quite short so it’s best to have everything set right before they’re even brought in. Always remember that the best shots aren’t the ones with the widest smiles, they’re the ones where your child is just being themselves. 

Get Moving 

For Siddhi, it is important that one should be prepared to run and move around, Kids are movers and they aren’t going to sit still for long! So, let them be! Watch them and be prepared with your camera for the good moments. Photos will usually come out more natural and the joys and expressions will be more clearly highlighted as ‘children in their own world’.



feels that focusing on the smaller details of the baby will help you get those beautiful features which can be overlooked. A lot of parents often try to take the whole baby thinking they want every piece of the baby. But sometimes just focusing on those details will help you get a beautiful picture.

Don’t Forget You

Children are the absolute happiest with their parent especially mothers according to Gursimran and so don’t forget yourself in the pictures you so dedicatedly click for your child. What do you think will make a better picture – You sitting across from your child asking them to smile OR mamma blowing raspberries on their little tummies. Learn the art of self-timers or invest in a wireless remote and stay propped with your child as the camera captures the most endearing moments of parenthood. Pick complementary colors for your clothes, try having as little distraction in the background and just bask in being the highlight of the frame.

Keep it Simple Silly 

Siddhi is of the firm opinion that a simple foreground and background makes for great pictures. Too many props, a cluttered environment takes the focus away from the child who should be the star of the show. Avoid having something vertical behind them that will look like as if it’s getting out from their head.

Now that you have heard the expert speak, here are three bonus tips from me (I am no expert but as chief photographer for my daughter,  I sure have learned on the job.)

Get down to their level

If you want to see the kids’ perspective then you better get on their level. So go on your knees, hands or lie on your tummy to click pictures that are truly special and lovely.

Play Dress Up

Kids especially toddlers love to dress up. Let them wear something that they don’t usually like a tutu, a princess costume or a pirate dress and you will find natural, genuine and smiling expressions from them. If your child has a favorite headband or a favorite jacket let them wear that and they will be more comfortable for picture-taking.

Snap, Snap, Snap

Lastly, don’t give up taking a picture, always have a camera handy and use every opportunity to capture a smile, laughter or mischief. Because they won’t be kids forever. These pictures are the cherished memory capsules that your kids and you will love to look back at again and again. And finally here is one of my favorite shots of my daughter.

Do you have a special kodak moment to share with us? How did you take the most special photograph of your kids? Share your experiences with us through comments below. 

Ways To Brighten Up Your Bedroom


The bedroom is the place we spend most of our time, yet also tends to be the most neglected when it comes to decorating. Nowadays, money may be a significant factor! Here are some great tips for brightening up your space with no money at all!

  1. Rearrange! A new fresh arrangement always makes a room feel new. Don’t be afraid to try new angles for your furniture…place your bed on a diagonal, or even right in the middle of the room!
  1. Search your drawers for scarves, tablecloths, or even pillowcases that compliment your color scheme. You can use things you already own to soften a dresser top or the edge of your nightstand, or perhaps lay a pretty shawl over the foot of the bed. If you already have throw pillows on your bed (if you don’t, it’s time to steal them from another room!) you can also wrap these fabrics around the pillows for a new look, and just safety pin it in back.
  2. Add a plant to your room. Look around your house to see if one of your existing plants would be happier in your bedroom, then move it there! If you can’t find a plant ready for relocation, make one! Many plants can be grown from cuttings, either your existing houseplants, one a friend may let you cut, or even some outdoor plants. Ivy and many shade groundcovers are very good houseplants. You can even relive your childhood a bit and grow a cut potato, pineapple, or carrot tops in a pinch! For containers, look into your kitchen cupboards. Old teapots and cups, glass bowls, even baking dishes can make unique containers.
  3. Add memorabilia to your room. I keep a photo of each one of my children when they were small next to my bedside, and it always makes me smile. How about hanging your wedding veil from the headboard, or framing your wedding invitation or old love letters?

5. Add scent. If you don’t have any potpourri or incense in the house, cut up some orange peels and allow to dry, then mix with whatever sweet spices you have in your cupboard. (It only takes a pinch, try cinnamon, ginger, or allspice.) Place your potpourri in an open bowl in your room to freshen and inspire! Later in the summer, make sure to include flowers in your room, if you don’t have roses or other scented flowers in your yard, roadside daisies can smell great too!

Just a few small changes, no money involved, and a better, more positive place for you to start and end each day!

Sharing Home Decorating Ideas


Great home decorating ideas are meant to be shared. When discovering a new home decorating technique, why not share it with a friend or family member? There is always someone in a circle of friends who are making changes to their home décor. There are so many wonderful fabrics, colors, and accessories on the market today. It is difficult to resist the opportunity to decorate your home. A stroll through a building supply store or department store automatically produces home decorating ideas. People who like change are likely to take these home decorating ideas and turn them into reality.

When visiting a friend’s home for coffee, it is a common practice to check out their space. If it’s a home you visit often, no doubt you’ll notice changes right away. Those changes will probably turn into a conversation about home decorating. If something in the décor really catches your eye, no doubt you will question the friend regarding where they bought it or what gave them the idea? If you are interested in making similar changes at your home, no doubt the friend will share their home decorating ideas with you.

You’re hosting a dinner party for a group of people from work. Making sure to pull out all the stops you spend hours decorating the house. The changes you make or things you add may not seem out of the ordinary to you but, a guest may think it is magnificent. Dinner conversation will probably turn into sharing home decorating ideas. The men in the group may not be too thrilled but the women – they’ll be in the element.

Sharing home decorating ideas might simply mean suggesting a neutral color for a room instead of bold color. Offering advice to a friend regarding window treatments might be considered sharing home decorating ideas. There are many ideas and suggestions a person can pass on about home decorating. If you have good home decorating ideas, why not share them with a friend who seems to need help in that area. Your ideas may be just what the friend’s space requires. Who knows, sharing your home decorating ideas may even make your friendship stronger.

There are many opportunities to share home decorating ideas. Group gatherings are a great chance to talk about home decorating. When shopping at a department store or a paint shop, perhaps an employee who is knowledgeable about home decorating will voluntarily share their ideas with you. Family magazines are a good source for home decorating ideas. Usually, these magazines provide a photo with all relative information regarding the home decorating. There are books published which are filled with home decorating ideas. These books can usually be found at a local bookstore or you may want to check with online bookstores as well. The Internet is a great resource when seeking home decorating ideas. There are some sites which are developed by professional home decorators to advertise their skills and promote business. There are also sites, accessible by anyone, which shares home decorating ideas. Finding great ideas for decorating your home is not a problem. However, if you discover techniques and tips which you think would benefit someone else, you really ought to share them.

How to use picture frames in Interior Design?


We all have seen paintings being used in our home interiors. They play a major role when it comes to decorating an interior space.

There are basically two types of frames, first are the photographs captured using a camera and others are hand-drawn sketches or paintings. There are two major aspects to a canvas picture frame, the frame itself and the subject of the picture.

When it comes to the subject of the picture a vast majority and almost infinite subjects are available to choose from. Photos or hand-drawn pictures of birds, animals, natural beauty, people, portraits, birds, scenery, architecture, cityscapes, mountains, oceans and sea, geometric shapes, non-geometric shapes, abstract shapes, strokes, flowers, interiors, vehicles, and a whole lot
more…can be “framed” to form a beautiful picture frame.

When it comes to choosing the exact subject of the picture frame, one must recognize the surroundings of the interior space, the location where the picture frame is going to appear, the quality and dimensions of the wall surface where the picture frame will appear. It is always not true that the picture will be put on the wall. Sometimes small frames standing on the table can greatly
add the liveliness of a room.

It is important to consider that we are going to use the painting as a “filler” on the wall. The space on the wall, which is empty, gets filled up with an interesting array of colors present in the picture. Colors attract the attention of the visitor and create moods in his/her mind.

Let’s see an example of how a picture frame creates moods in our mind. Here I use 4 photographs of kittens and frame them to for picture frames to use on an empty wall in my bedroom. I locate these frames such that I see them prominently when I enter the bedroom. The real-life photos of kittens instantly create soothing and compassionate feelings in me which are in tune with how I feel in my bedroom sleeping on my bed.

On the other hand, if I use a photo of the “Ford Mustang”, my feelings would be more of an alert nature because of the various memories attached to it previously. On the other hand, if I use the Ford Mustang photo in my study room, that would greatly help to warm up the atmosphere.

That’s why subjects that create a soothing mindset such as natural beauty, photos/portraits of children, etc.. can be used where the human activity is of low nature such as bedrooms, bathrooms, etc..

There is one more element that can affect the choice of a picture frame in an interior space. The “design theme” of space must be given importance while selecting the picture. If the interior design theme is of oriental nature, then picture with more use of colors will look good. This is because in an oriental design style more emphasis is given on “decorative elements” such as drapes, cornices, tiny plaster treatments, window and door frames, decorations in brass, etc..

To enhance the continuity of this theme on the empty wall surface painting with a more detailed subject should be used. Picture of natural scenery is best suited for this because “nature” is full of a variety of colors and their shades, that can greatly enhance the beauty of the space.

A little creative thinking can add some more interest to the picture. For example what if I totally remove the frame which holds the picture intact and “press” the picture between two glass plates. Only metallic clamps at the four corners can be used to hold the glass plates together. Artificial light used in the room will then cast a shadow of the picture on the wall behind and can add “depth” to the picture surface.

Picture frames with the ability to replace the picture is a good starting point. This gives to control to test what’s good and impressive in your room. This article was just a starting point to ignite the imagination in your mind. I hope it has helped you and you have enjoyed the text.

7 Tips to Help Your Shy Child

Don’t Label your child as shy

Labeling a child as shy or anxious or nervous or anything else is very counterproductive. A label by you, the most important figure in their lives, makes it more permanent and real than if said by thousand strangers. If someone said hello to your child and he doesn’t respond, don’t jump in and say “oh, he is always shy” or “he is nervous around new people”. In fact if possible don’t say anything at all, you don’t need to make excuses for your child. This shows them that you are treating him as an individual and gives him the confidence to tackle a social situation on his own.

Never force them into social situations

Some parents push their shy kids into social situations like competitions, birthday parties, talent shows etc. thinking that this will lower their inhibitions. It might work rarely but more often than not it will make the child clam up even more. Pushing kids into experiences or situations they are not prepared for is a blow to their self-esteem. So if your parents are visiting and you can’t wait for your little girl to show off her dancing skills, don’t spring it on her without any preparation. Give respect to your child by asking her permission like “grandma loves to see you dance, would you perform on your latest song for her”. This not only increases her comfort level but also helps her trust you.

Model confident behavior

I have said this time and again. Parents are their kids best teachers. So if you clam up in parties then you can’t expect your child to be the life of the party either. You don’t need to change your personality but be open to talking to strangers, mingling with everyone in a gathering and having a confident social interaction will help your child learn how it is done.

Don’t overpower them

But some parents go overboard with this. Especially if the parent(s) are extrovert and outgoing. They have no idea what goes on in the mind of their shy child, why he can’t be like them and how to fix this. I have often seen gregarious and outgoing moms talk in lieu of their kids, be their spokesperson and not let them be themselves at any time. Such kids will go into a shell in the presence of their domineering parents. It’s important that you don’t let your personality overshadow that of your child but let it coexist with yours.

Focus on Quality of social interaction rather than quantity

Some parents are focused on the number of friends their kids has which is quite pointless. The objective of social interactions is to have meaningful connections and heartfelt relations. One good, dependable and understanding friend is better than 15 friends your child doesn’t relate to.

Create a strategy for social situations

A good strategy is to accept the nervousness or anxiety that comes with a social situation and focus on what needs to be done. So if you are taking your child to a crowded birthday party then explain to your child what will happen at the party, how many kids will be there, what games might be played, what can the child do if he feels nervous or anxious to meet new friends. You can identify 3-4 kids your child can hang out with, what questions can he ask, how he can participate in various games etc.

Treasure your shy baby

You need to realize that you are blessed with a sensitive, caring, understanding, focused but cautious and reserved child. Your child is a happy person and the way you carefully help them navigate the world will mold their personality. Listening is a science and you need to master it to help your shy child blossom.

Here are a few great books that will be useful to help your shy child.

7 Tips for Shopping Online for Baby and Kids Products


I have waxed eloquently about my love for online shopping especially for kids and baby products. It is such a convenience to be able to research and plan which products to buy and be able to compare rates across various online shopping destinations. Even though online shopping in India is still in its evolutionary phase, it wont be long before online shopping takes over from brick and mortar shops.

There are lots of ways you can get the most out of online shopping for kids products and save a bundle, all you need is a little preparation to shop for the brands you love and get the best prices

Here are 7 tips for shopping online for baby and kids products 

 Be alert about discounts 

There are a number of online shopping sites which offer a great range of products for babies and kids ranging from kids wear, Food, toys, feeding equipment to furniture and educational products. You can check out our list of Top 10 Online Shopping Sites for baby and kids products in India which will not only give you the list of these sites but also a comprehensive comparison on various parameters.

It is quite simple to get maximum discounts from these sites, sign up for their alerts through email and whenever a particular item is on discount then you can purchase it. For example I frequently get emails from regarding 30%-40% off on clothing, toys etc. You can also do a quick google search for the coupon codes of your favorite online shopping destination.


Apart from TheMomViews which brings you the latest and best in products,, shopping and reviews there are a number of other sites from where you can get consumer reviews for various products and even online shopping sites. If you don’t get any review online you can also go by word of mouth recommendations from your family and friends.

Beware about return policies 

If you are buying clothing and shoes online then the only downside is that you cannot get them to try and see if the size fits. So it pays to learn about return policies of these sites. If they don’t have specified return or cancellation policies on their sites then you can call them up and ask about the same.

The best return policy will allow for maximum time and least processing formalities. Some sites like have a “no questions asked” return policy for 7 days from purchase. Be sure to keep the product tags , receipts etc intact and keep in mind that certain items like food items, hygiene items are not open for exchange.

Be sure about sizing 

Most clothing and shoes have sizing charts along with the product description, definitely check these charts and order the product accordingly. It is no use if you save 15% on a pair of shoes and then it doesn’t fit and has to be given away. It is a good idea to err on the side of caution and buy bigger sizes if you are not sure because they can be used after some time once your child grows into them.

Save on Shipping 

 Make sure that you don’t end up spending too much on shipping charges which will negate any saving you make by shopping online. Buy from the sites which offer low or no shipping charges. Many retailers offer zero shipping charges for purchases above a certain amount.

 Use Flash Sale Sites 

 There are lot of flash sale sites which offer kids’ products on discounts which are more than usual. These flash sales happen for a limited time period so be sure to sign up for these sites and make the best of their deals. Some of the flash sale sites which offer kids’ products are , Fashionandyou.com and

Be Safe online 

If you want to really save your money and maximise your saving potential from online shopping then be sure to stay safe while shopping online. There is a big threat online credit card fraud and identity thefts which you must safeguard yourself from. Make sure the sites you buy from are certified for safety, are encrypted and has a good online transcation reputation. You can get some more tips from this article by

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7 Fun (and almost Free) Things to Do with your Kids


Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun” – Nina Dobrev

 Kids are born party animals who know how to have a good time! All they need is a peek-a-boo or a funny song to burst into laughter. They don’t need any expensive gadget preloaded with sugar-laden games. Remember how your toddler always insisted on playing with the box, completely ignoring the expensive toy which needed 25 batteries to work?

That’s the thing about kids; they know how to have fun with whatever they have. Then they get exposed to cartoon characters and brands and lose that sense of natural fun that they were born with. But all is not lost; you can rescue them from this world of consumerism and show them that the old fashioned way still works today, and maybe even better! Keeping up with the spirit of minimalist parenting this vacation, here are 7 fun and either free or low-cost things you can do with your kids. In the process, you get to follow Nina Dobrev’s advice and have some fun yourself!

7 Fun (and almost Free) Things to Do with your Kids

1. Make Goo

Kids love messy, gooey stuff; the more disgusting, the more they seem to like it! Make your own goo at home with cornflour, water and food coloring. Put enough cornflour so that what you have is neither dough nor batter, but goo! Have fun squishing it through your fingers and watch it turn from liquid to solid!

2. Play a Board Game

Your phone can have all the games in the world, but nothing can beat the charm of rolling a dice and moving counters across a board! Take your pick from simple ones like Snakes & Ladders or Ludo to the more complex Monopoly or Scrabble. And with board games, it’s always merrier with more!

3. Have a Movie Night

Have lots of kiddie favorites lying around unwatched? Why not make a movie night out of it!! Turn off the lights, get a bowl of popcorn and some cushions and make yourself comfortable. Of course, you’ll have to ensure adequate water and bathroom breaks, since the young viewers might be too engrossed in the movie to notice!

Image Credit : Flickr User TheLittleLeaf

4. Have an Indoor Picnic

It’s probably too hot for a picnic outside, but no one says you can’ t have one indoors! Do it properly; lay out a sheet, pack some disposable crockery and have traditional picnic foods like sandwiches, cupcakes, and lemonade. To make it more realistic, bring in all the artificial plants and stuffed animals to make it look like a park (or jungle, as the case may be)!

5. Make a Collage

Decide on a topic and scourge old magazines for pictures. Or better still, print some funny pictures of the family and make a scrapbook of the past year or a particular theme, like school activities. Keep lots of glue and scissors handy, things are going to get busy!

6. Build a Fort

Yes, this fort will not require any bricks but will be just as sturdy!! Use pillows, blankets, cushions and whatever you think will work for a fort. Make it a little more complicated by making an obstacle course leading to the fort. People now have to jump over hurdles, crawl under tables and swing in chairs to reach the well-protected fort!

Image credit : Flickr user ilovelosers55

7. Make Shadow Puppets

This is probably better for older kids who aren’t afraid of the dark and can appreciate the concept behind hand shadow puppets. Turn off the lights and create a shadow with a torch, projecting your shadow on the wall, or you could use a curtain to ‘perform’ behind. Kids can try out their own shapes too, for example, the bird.

8. Take Funny Face Selfies

It’s the selfie generation, and even kids know how to pose for them! So try out funny face selfies of everyone, including grandma and grandpa! You can pretend to be a character from a cartoon or TV show, and even have double selfies of both of you together!

9. Make Boats

You can’t have a list of fun that doesn’t feature something with water in it! Fill a tub and place your handmade boats in it. You can, of course, make paper ones, but try something different like walnut shell boats or tiny pistachio shell ones. Then put in an inflatable monster from whom the boats have to escape. Splishy splashy fun guaranteed!

Image credit : Flickr User MoonJazz

10. Blow Bubbles

There is no child on earth that won’t be delighted by the sight of a bubble floating through the air, ever so delicate and threatening to break on the slightest touch. It’s also fun to see who can blow the biggest bubble! Make your own bubble solution with a cup of water, 4 tbsp dishwashing liquid and 2 tbsp glycerin. Use a wire hanger or pipe cleaner to make a wand.

Of course, you could always read or color, but once in a while life calls for something a little different from the usual. As you can see, most of these require little to nothing in terms of expense. All you need is a little time and a creative spirit – the fun will follow!! And you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with those battery-guzzling toys!

Have you ever tried any of these with your kids? Which one did you enjoy the most?