Banner Printing

Banner Print
Banner Print

Banners prints as outdoor hoarding, which is used to represent the businesses or used for any special occasions like Birthday or any event. Vinyl’s banners are nowadays are digitally printed on large format inkjet printers which are capable of printing the large sheets of vinyl banners using fabric or Vinyl material. The materials that are used for the printing may vary according to the customer’s requirements and the cost remains the almost same for all types of material. These vinyl banners can be digitally printed in any size based on the customer requirements.

Gloss vinyl Banner Printing :

Gloss vinyl provides high clarity and the shiny laminated look and can be compared directly with photo quality printing. The glossy vinyl banners are engineered in a way that they are not affected by UV rays and do not get faded by the exposure to sunshine for long days. It life varies between 3 to 5 years if it directly comes under the Sun but inside the office, life maybe 7 to 12 years without any colour fading. This type of glossy vinyl banners are mostly one side printed. Glossy banners will give a glare effect to the audience. So, ultimately the glossy finish must be needed to represent any products of our company. It will create good positive hope in the minds of the audience about the particular product.

Matte vinyl banner Printing:

As like as the glossy vinyl banner, the matte vinyl banner will be less shiny and it will eliminate the glare effect to provide the audience with the proper visual about the product or the organisation. The matte vinyl material is also long durable and sustainable to tough weather conditions like glossy vinyl print. The normal material used varies from 90 to 120 GSM matte vinyl banner. Both types come with the Adhesive back.

Satin Banner print:

Most of the countries don’t promote the use of Plastic or vinyl pp material so in this case, they can use Fabric banner.  This can be folded in the suitcase.


Lamination for banners is made from the high quality laminating film. Lamination increases the durability of the printing material. Laminated banners provide protection against the fingerprints, smudges, tears, stains and spills. It adds strength and stiffness to the banners. Vinyl banner inks are water resistance so it is not compulsory to do lamination for Vinyl Banner