40 Simple and Fun Summer Vacation Activities and Ideas for Kids

40 Simple and Fun Summer Vacation Activities and Ideas for Kids
40 Simple and Fun Summer Vacation Activities and Ideas for Kids

It is summer vacation time and as much as I love having my little darling around the whole day, it can also be maddening and her constant “Mom! I am BORED” can sure drive me up the wall. To keep my sanity intact and also to keep the tot away from the dreaded TV screen as much as possible, I decided to come up with activities for kids that will keep her creatively engaged, productively busy and let her also have a lot of fun!

As all of you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LISTS! To make a list is the easiest way for me to have a focused and firm plan for anything, even to have fun. The first week of the vacation went away in a blur thanks to visit from some relatives, World Children Expo and a lot of mall hopping. (Don’t judge, sometimes mom needs to shop!). According to my calculation we have roughly some 40 days to go till the school reopens. With time set aside for writing practice, reading and learning activities everyday, a small vacation planned for June and the dreaded TV hour everyday, I decided an activity a day which will at least need 2 hours will give her and me a lot of peace and fun. So here we have a list of 40 summer activities for kids which help you create your own summer camp for kids.



So with that in mind here is the list of 40 Simple and fun summer vacation activities and ideas for kids. Most of these are FREE or would cost very less but the FUN quotient is guaranteed for each one. I have a small description and the necessary links for each activity so that you don’t have to guess how to go about it and what’s more I have included it as a FREE PRINTABLE so that you guys can download it and use as required. These summer vacation activities for kids in India are easy, simple and loads of fun!


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40 Simple and Fun Summer Vacation Activities for Kids


1. Make and play with playdoh

We make our own playdoh and it is easier than you think. Best part- Kids can be involved from the making part to the playing part.

2. Create a scavenger hunt

Use these ready to print and set your kids off on a treasure hunt. Loads to learn and have fun.

3. Take a trip to a museum with kids

Museums are a place where you can teach kids about history, nature, animals and lots more. Kids love to see things that they have read about in life size figures. A great place to go if you are in Delhi/NCR is the which is full of activities & fun for kids.

4. Plant a seed and chart its growth

Gardening with kids is a great way to help them grow their green thumb. It may be a little bit more work than if you did it alone but it so much fun for the kids. Check out how you can and let kids see the magic of nature.
5. Make an obstacle course

Kids love physical activity and an obstacle course is a favorite. It is so easy to create one too, use everything around the house. A table becomes a tunnel, chairs become walls, cushions, carpets, bedsheets everything is cool. So create an indoor obstacle course 
6. Bake cupcakes with the kids

Or cookies or muffins or even a cake. , the measuring, mixing, beating, pouring are motor skills which fascinate them and at the end of the activity they get to eat the cake too. Everybody wins!!

7. Create a nature table

is a great way to bring a little bit of nature into house. Kids can collect seasonal things from the nature like flowers, leaves, acorns, pebbles etc and create their own nature table.

8. Make fruit flavored ice pops

Summers are a perfect time for ice pops and they are a great way to get some fruits into kids. Making is a quick recipe and you can make them with kids without much trouble.


9. Have a pool party

As you know we had a pool birthday party a while back and it was SOOOO much fun. We have got a smaller pool since then and my daughter loves to spend any where close to 3 hours in it every day. I am telling you it was the BEST IDEA I ever had.

10. Bubble blowing day

Bubbles are always a hit with the kids and it is simple to make your own bubble liquid. Spend a day making bubble liquid and then blow giant bubbles with the kids. on how to make homemade bubble liquid will help you for sure.

11. Create a mudpie kitchen

Our Mudpie kitchen was fantastic fun for kids. Check out our post on making a mudpie kitchen and go crazy!!

12. Have a dress-up party

Dressing up is so much fun for kids. We have a small box full of princessy accessories which my daughter uses everytime she wants to play dress up. Make your homemade fancy dresses using our post.

13. Do simple science experiments

We build a volcano some time back using the Yellow Bumble Box and the chemical reactions thrilled Samaira and we have been looking for some more simple science experiments to do with toddlers. Coke plus Mentos is a popular one and

14. Have a movie night/day at home

Who says that you need to go out for movies. Make your sofas comfortable, dim the lights, make some popcorn and have a kiddie movie marathon. Movies like Sound of music, Wall E, Wizard of Oz, The Lion king, Madagascar are all movies kids and adults enjoy alike.

15. Build a Fort

Admit it! We have all built forts from pillows when we were kids. Why should our kids miss out on that. Help them make a fort using cushions, blankets, pillows and more  using to living room forts.


16. Make a fairy garden

This was a beautiful memory for me and my daughter. See how we turned an egg carton into a fairy garden. 

17. Have a picnic. Even.if. at. home.

If it is too hot to go out to a park to have a picnic then just get some picnic goodies , spread a sheet and have a picnic right in your house.
18. Melt some crayons

Melting crayons is a fun activity for kids  whether you make new shaped crayons from them or make some crayon art 

19. Go to the beach or make a beach

Beach is always fun for kids but if you don’t have the luxury of a beach near your place then you can make a like we did.

20. Create a scrapbook

National Geographic India has a great post on how you can I am surely going to help Samaira make one.

21. Make father’s day cards

Father’s day is next month and we will spend a day making cards for dad and grandpas. While we think about our ideas for Father’s day here are some ideas we used on Mother’s day. 

22. Play and create something with a cardboard box

Cardboard boxes are a versatile material for play and on using them for art and craft ideas with kids.

23. Play Charades

I am a big fan of charades and although kids can’t enact movie names but they can definitely enact actions, animals, emotions etc. Take some index cards and write various words like jiggle, dance, leap, roll eyes, sad, anger etc and help kids to play charades with them.

24. Visit a Cultural place

Any place where kids can learn more about the culture of their country  is always great. If you live in Delhi/NCR then you can visit Delhi haat or Kingdom of Dreams’ culture gully. Check out my post on Kingdom of dreams to know more about the place.


25. Make a fishing game

You can either make a fishing game out of plastic fishes in a pool and a fishing net or just use this link to out of some socks, magnets and a rod.

26. Have a kiddie movie date

Sometimes it is good to get out of the house and especially watching a kiddie movie with the kids. If you are in India then there are so many choices right now Epic, Croods, Chhota bheem and soon Doraemon movies are on at the theaters  Make a date with other moms and have a movie date.

27. Play with shaving cream

Shaving cream is a great medium for kids to play with. My daughter loves making cupcakes out of shaving cream and generally feeling its texture. It is an activity which keeps kids engaged for a long time. Check out how the Artful  parent used .

28. Make a dollhouse

Whether using a shoebox like us or a cardboard box, making a dollhouse is pure FUN!! Here is how we made ours.

29. Have a washing day

My daughter loves washing clothes literally LOVES it! And while I still haven’t got around to letting her wash them for real (now that’s a thought) I frequently let her wash some old rags with some dishwashing liquid. She plays with the water and pretend washes clothes for hours at end and even loves the drying part of it.

 30. Go on a small road trip and make a busy bag for it

We are planning a small road trip to some relative’s place next month and road trips are always fun for Samaira. She loves to stop at various eateries on the highway and play there. We always make a busy bag before we embark on a road trip so we will make one for this trip too.

31. Paint some sneakers

Fabric paints and some cheap white sneakers equals custom handpainted sneakers for kids. of this adorable activity.

32. Visit a factory /plant/office

Get together with some friends with kids and visit a factory or a plant owned by a friend or family. Kids love to see what goes into making something. If a factory visit isn’t possible you can take the kids to an office to see what it is like to work in an office.


33. Make a time capsule

Make a time capsule with kids to make some unforgettable memories. Here is a super idea to

 34. Make homemade pizza

There are a lot of recipes floating on the internet for homemade pizza. From rolling the dough for base, to grating cheese, cutting veggies and assembling the pizza, kids  can help out a lot with the pizza. And you wont’ have to think of what to make for dinner that day.
35. Volunteer somewhere as a family

Teach your kids to give back to the world and society. Volunteer as a family at a pet shelter, an old age home or any other NGO. Make them understand the importance of kindness, sharing and helping out the needy.

36. Have a dance party

For this you might need to have atleast a few kids around. So call in your  child’s friends, put on their favorite music and let them groove. You can also build in a game of musical chairs or freeze dance in the party.

37. Visit a kids fair

Summer vacations is the time when lot of fairs for kids happen. Exhibitions, fairs and carnivals are happening all around, just keep an eye out to the events section of the newspaper and you are sure to find a cool fair to take your kids to.

38. Make some bath tub crayons

When I saw this idea I knew we just had to do this. It is messy fun but easily cleared up and no wonder a hit with kids. Check out the instructions for these and get going!

39. Have a pretend car wash (with bicycles)

Kids love anything to do with water and are fascinated by car wash. So recreate a car wash for them but instead of cars let them wash their own bicycles. Kids are engaged and the cycle is clean! WIN-WIN

40. Have a camp night in your house or yard

If you can’t get to the mountains to camp with the kids then create your own or even your living room.