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What Exactly Is A Canvas Print?

Canvas printing is not to be confused with canvas painting, which is primarily hand-painted but can also be printed with a canvas printer or an inkjet printer. It’s an image that was printed on canvas with an inkjet printer. After the canvas has been produced on the machine, it is stretched onto a pine wood frame. Some individuals like gallery wrap canvas prints, which are frameless, while others prefer framed canvas prints. Many people utilise the gallery-wrapping process to make an unframed canvas print. At this stage, the canvas is wrapped around the stretcher bars and pinned to the frame.

The differences between mounted prints, acrylic prints, and canvas prints are frequently misunderstood. A mounted print is a paper print that has been adhered to a supporting board. The purpose of this print is to preserve the photograph and prepare it for framing or wall hanging.

An acrylic print is made from a photograph printed on photographic paper. The image is then sandwiched between two panes of acrylic, often known as plexiglass.

Canvas prints, when compared to the other two forms of prints, have a more creative sense. This is due to their resemblance to oil and acrylic paintings. Canvas prints have a stronger sense of quality than any other alternative.

What Is the Composition of a Canvas?

Canvas is a robust and long-lasting fabric made from hemp. Cotton and linen have mostly replaced hemp in modern times. The majority of canvas prints sold for home usage are made of either cotton or polyester, or a mixture of both.

The most significant difference between the two materials is the colour accuracy.

The Colour penetrates cotton fibre but remains on the surface of synthetic polyester strands. As a result, polyester prints appear brighter, whereas cotton prints last longer.

So, which is better? It all depends on what you’re looking for. Cotton prints are regarded to be of superior quality and more equivalent to those found in museums. Polyester, on the other hand, is the less expensive alternative and generates brilliant and bright graphics.

Canvas Prints Vs Framed Prints

Modern design frequently mixes canvas prints and framed prints. There’s a good explanation behind this. Framed prints complement the overall design of a room by using the same colour scheme as the frame. With the sort of colour of the frame chosen, they can also change the tone of the photograph or artwork.

The focus is kept on the artwork or photo by using a simple black border frame. However, more stylistic frames, such as contemporary or traditional, bring out the personality of the photograph. To ensure harmony, consider the furniture and room design while selecting frames.

Canvas prints, on the other hand, offer a more varied approach to wall decoration. Because the frameless borders are adaptable to any style, you may add them with considerably less consideration. The bright flashes of colour provide new focal points that brighten up the space you’re decorating.

Here are some important factors to consider when comparing the two:

Canvas Photo PrintsFramed Photo Prints
The printed image is permanent.
Canvas has a distinct texture that gives colour depth to photos,
and there is no glare or reflection.
Low in weightPrints are available in either a glossy or matte finish.
Many photos in a frame can be swapped out.
Room décor is enhanced by frames.
Photos may contain glare or reflections.
Larger frames are bulky and difficult to transport.
The more expensive the frame, the larger the image.

Metal Vs Canvas

Because of the diverse materials used to print the images, metal prints and canvas prints provide extremely different outcomes. High-resolution photographs printed on metal panels 2 MM thick offer a sleek, clean appearance. These prints are also glass-free and have rounded corners, making them break-resistant. Metal prints have a metallic coating appearance depending on the finish chosen. A canvas print, on the other hand, has a softer substance and a more vibrant colour.

Acrylic Vs Canvas

Acrylic prints and canvas prints are not the same in terms of substance, texture, or look. Acrylic prints are made on photo paper, as opposed to canvas prints, which are made on cotton or linen fabric. This print is then placed between two pieces of acrylic or plexiglass. Both of these prints have brilliant colours, but a canvas print has the feel of a museum piece.

Art Print Vs Canvas

The most noticeable differences in art prints are based on their size, texture, thickness, and finish. An art print is printed on cardstock, whereas a canvas print is done on cotton or linen canvas. Premium cardstock is available with either a matte or a premium art paper. Either choice produces a clean, crisp image with vibrant colours. The final significant difference between a non-framed art print and a canvas print is price, with the art print being far less expensive but it’s a 2D print whereas canvas gives depth to the photo.

Paper Printing vs. Canvas Printing

Photography prints have come a long way since processing film on photographic paper in a dark room. Nonetheless, many individuals still rely on the conventional way of printing on paper. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of printing on paper versus printing on canvas to have a better idea of the differences.

Advantages of printing on paper: We’re used to photo printing on paper, so we know what to expect. The smooth surface shows more details, which is useful when duplicating smaller prints.

Disadvantages of printing on paper – Sunlight may cause glare or reflections in paper printing. Because paper lacks the feel of canvas, they aren’t ideal for reproducing artwork. Finally, when dealing with large print sizes, framing a paper print may become prohibitively costly.

Advantages of canvas printing: – We are used to seeing art created on canvas. As a result, when attempting to achieve a “painted” impression, printing on canvas is the preferred method. Canvas prints, with their modern gallery-wrapped border frames, go well with a variety of design styles. Canvas is a less expensive option for large-scale printing that also outlasts paper due to its strong plain weave.

The disadvantage of printing on canvas’s texture is wonderful for painting, but it might detract from photographs. That is why photo selection is essential for canvas. It’s also a good idea to use our site that warns you about bad photo quality as it suggests size as per the resolution of the photo, which is included when you customise the prints. Canvas prints, unlike paper prints, are not removable from frames.

Canvas Print and its Layout Varieties

Canvas types and options vary greatly based on the size and style of your wall. Check out our tips below if you’re attempting to figure out what kind of canvases will work best for the layout of your room.

  • Single Canvas: Single canvases are perfect for huge statement pieces or smaller areas in your house where many canvas prints may seem crowded.
  • Multi-panel: Consider a multi-panel configuration if you have huge wall space or a lot of place for canvas prints. Using two, three, or even ten canvas prints, you can design a gorgeous arrangement that fits any room.

Canvas Shapes and Aspects

Do you want to find the best canvas shapes and sizes for your space? We’re here to help you. Take a look at the explanations and usage scenarios we’ve included below. If you require more information, please see our canvas sizing guide.


The length of a square canvas print is the same on both sides. This print form is great for creating a grid pattern on a wall and for using many canvases. This type is also used for making collage frames.


Rectangular canvas prints have two sides that are longer or shorter than the other two sides. These prints are great for filling gaps in an asymmetrical layout or for walls with an uneven amount of vertical or horizontal space. This type of frame structure is used for maximum time. Most family photos or marriage photos are printed on this type.


Small to medium canvas prints are ideal for creating multi-canvas print layouts in larger rooms, as well as for filling smaller walls in the bedroom or bathroom.

  • 8 X 10: This canvas size is typically a printed photo that is ideal for hanging family photos or travel mementos in tiny areas.
  • 10 X 10: This size is somewhat larger and squarer than the 8 X 10, making it ideal for multi canvas layouts.
  • 10 X 20: A 10 X 20 is ideal for emphasising a spectacular landscape photograph or for creating a one-of-a-kind wall area.
  • 11 X14: This medium-sized poster works well as a stand-alone in a guest bedroom or as part of a diversified pattern on a larger wall.
  • 12 X 12: Very similar to the 10 X 10, but somewhat larger, making it a better alternative for larger walls when creating a multi canvas pattern.
  • 14 X 16: This large size is ideal for family holiday photos, portraits, or wedding images.

Large & Oversized

If you have a vast volume of wall space, a particular family portrait, or a favourite high-quality photo, these extra-large canvas paintings may be the perfect option for you. Check out our size breakdown below:

  • 20 X 20: A 20 X 20 canvas print is the ideal method to display a treasured photo on a gallery wall or as a standalone piece.
  • 20 X 24: This portrait-ready size is ideal for bedrooms, guest rooms, and hallways.
  • 24 X 24: It’s large and square, and it’s ideal for putting atop a signature piece of furniture or a headboard.
  • 24 X 36: As a stand-alone photo, this tall canvas looks wonderful hung above a sofa.
  • 30 X 40: This large stand-alone canvas print is ideal for living rooms, offices, and other places where you want to impress guests.
  • 36 X 36: Are you looking for a canvas artwork that seems like it belongs in a museum? This size works well as a focal point in a large room.

Popular Designs For Canvas Prints

Each canvas design may be customised to your specific hobbies, tastes, or the style and layout of your room. Look through the most popular canvas print designs to discover your ideal match. After you submit an image to the site, the website will propose a size based on the number of pixels and aspect ratio of the image.

  • Modern canvas posters frequently use bright colours, unusual forms, and other contemporary designs.
  • Family Portrait: Whether it’s a festive family portrait or a photo from a family reunion, these are popular subjects for canvas prints.
  • Abstract themes are ideal for living rooms in homes with modern or minimalistic interiors.
  • Inspirational/Quotes: Many families enjoy adding a meaningful phrase to a decorative canvas, which can be used to brighten any part of the house.
  • Pets: Families with particularly photogenic pets may want to hang a canvas or two of their four-legged best friend. It’s a different storey when it comes to getting their pet to sit still for a picture.
  • Landscapes: Landscape images look beautiful on canvas, whether they are from a family vacation or just a nearby location. Simply ensure that your photo is of sufficient quality before printing.
  • Maps: Another popular option for canvas prints is map designs and prints.

Common Questions About Canvas Prints

If you still have questions regarding canvas prints, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about canvas prints, particularly for you.

What Is the Price of a Canvas Print?

The price of a canvas print is mostly determined by its size. Canvas prints in smaller sizes start at Rs 178, while larger prints can cost up to Rs 15000. Discounts, promotions, and additions, such as adding a frame, can all have an impact on this pricing. Please keep in mind that we are providing shipping across India for free.

Can Canvas Prints Be Framed?

Canvas prints can be framed called gallery wrap canvas or can order as a rolled print, depending on your décor and room taste. However, the frames must be thick enough to hold the entire canvas print. You may also get framed canvas prints so you don’t have to search for the perfect frame afterwards.

Is It Difficult To Hang A Canvas?

It’s not difficult to hang a canvas if you follow the directions. Canvas prints can be hung in a variety of ways, including the following:


Eye Hooks for Sawtooth Brackets

Adhesive Strips


Will Canvas Fade With Age? use fade-resistant inks are designed to last, but there are a few things you can do to help keep your canvas prints looking great for as long as possible. To begin, ensure that the firm from which you purchase your canvas print creates UV resistant product. Second, keep all canvas prints away from direct sunlight. If you truly want your print to last, put it within a protective glass frame.

How Big Should My Canvas Prints Be?

Canvas prints are an efficient process to transform your walls when it’s time for a wall decor makeover. They add texture as well as a fashionable visual appearance. Whether you choose one or two large canvas prints, they will complement the colours and furnishings in any environment.

Check out our canvas sizing guide to get a better grasp of conventional print sizes. If the wall you’re decorating is finished and you want to update it, you’ll need to have a size in mind. However, if you’re starting from scratch, you’ll want to sketch out your concept for your wall. Our design a wall option provides even more direction to help you plan.

Where And How To Order Canvas Prints with

Ready to start printing? Simply follow the steps below to order your forever canvas prints.

  1. To get started, go through our Canvas Prints section. Rolled Canvas Prints and Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints I.e., framed canvas prints are available. When you’ve uploaded the photo, click on a size to choose it, then select the size from the recommended size.
  2. Once you choose the size and type then check the 3 D preview of the canvas print. You can check the photo from multiple angles.
  3. your selected type as per the margin available on the side. There are 3 options First if your photo has a margin for wrapping purposes then select the gallery wrap option. If you don’t have a margin on the side, then select the mirror wrapped option. If you want the same colour of the side border, then select the colour wrapped option.
  4. Before this is you want to edit the photo for colour adjustment or cropping you can do that on-site
  5. If you want a custom size other than the recommended size, you can choose the Custom size tab, where you may need to crop the image as per your size selection and aspect ratio.
  6. When you’re happy with your canvas print design, click “Preview.” Then, either click “Back to Editing” to make more changes or “Add to Cart” to proceed to the checkout.


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