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My Daughter’s Fairy Butterfly Garden Theme Room

It has been some 25 days since we moved to the new house and I have been so excited getting the decorating done in various rooms. You know which room I have been most excited about -Yes!! My daughter’s room which some of you might know has been given a Fairy-butterfly Garden theme. I created a Moodboard for the room decor and although I haven’t really got everything I wanted to, there are lots of touches similar to the Girls room moodboard.

The room decoration is still a work-in-progress but it looks quite cute. Let me give you a pictorial tour of the room and share with you all that has been done and also all that remains to be done. I would love for you all to share your room decoration ideas too.

The Wardrobe 

I had gone for the classic two toned look but guess what? Classic doesn’t really gel with a vivacious and spirited three-year old so I jazzed up the wardrobe with a Fairy name plate from Vividha and some fairy princess wall stickers. It is a smashing hit with the little one now.

The wooden knobs that I had bought from Vividha are still holding up but needed to be tightened once.


I bought these really cute and summer curtains from . The middle one is a butterfly garden one and is flanked by rainbow bubbles on both sides.They cost me around Rs 5,000/- but look, how cute.

Here is a lesson I learnt while buying the curtains online, never rely on anyone else to measure the required curtain length. I did and it was off by almost 5 inches!!! I had already ordered curtains and wasn’t even sure whether they would be able to change the size. But luckily the customer service at The Pipal came to my rescue and did some magic with the curtains to make sure it was to the size. THANK YOU guys, you have the best customer service I have ever encountered, seriously!!

 The Walls 

The walls are quite bare (but pink!) because I was not sure whether I wanted to go with theme paint or wall stickers. I quite like the flexibility that wall stickers give you and you can change their position, style etc quite often. I would love you guys to give out suggestions and share your experience too.


Since the room is quite small and is meant to be used as a playroom (yeah, we are a co-sleeping family) I didn’t want to cram it with furniture. I wanted the kids to have enough space on the floor to play or lounge. But I also wanted to use Sam’s old cot and if you have seen my post on the five fantastic ideas to reuse a cot then you’ll understand why. I have not accomplished much with the cot yet except removing the side rails and using it as a daybed. I used bedding to hide the space under the cot but I am quite attracted to the idea of storage baskets underneath. What do you think? I am also looking at ideas on how to reuse the cot railing. 


A butterfly shaped piggy bank I got from Goa Rs 300/-

A cute flower lamp for Rs 200/-

This purple rug I got from Sarojini Nagar for just Rs 500/-

 Still need to get

A kiddie fan – I searched quite a lot but except for disney characters by Bajaj and some not so pretty ones by Havells there is nothing in the kids fans variety.

Wall lighting– Philips has a great range of pendant lights and wall lights for kids room but it is quite expensive and not really matches the theme. So I am still looking.

Some wall shelves to display curios, photo frames, baskets for toy storage, a bookshelf etc. Let me know if you have any recommendations where I can buy these things from. I also want to bring in the garden element a little bit more, may be a terrarium or  a miniature garden. Any ideas?

Like I said, the room is still a work in progress but then that is the fun part of decorating a new house, there is so much potential right!!

So this is how far along we are in decorating the kids playroom.

I would love your opinions, critique and suggestions through comments below. 



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