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Moodboard for Girls’ Room Decor -Butterfly-Fairy Garden Theme

A Moodboard as you may know is a poster design which consists of Images, text, samples of  ones’ choice and is perfect for room decor ideas. I was trying to create one for my daughter Samaira’s room. After talking to my daughter I decided that a Butterfly-Fairy Garden Theme would be loved by her.

I think the Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle was her first introduction to butterfly and ever since my daughter has always loved butterflies. Fairy or “Pari” as it is called in Hindi was the nickname that everyone called her when we had not named her yet and I am very fond of that name.

I want to create a Mystical Butterfly-Fairy Garden Room for her which will not only be a Playroom but also a sanctuary for her when she wants some downtime. This is the Moodboard I created but you can also think of it as a wish list because I may not be able to get all the things for the room at one go. The color scheme of the room will be mostly pink with green accents. I plan to have a garden feel for the room with fairy and butterfly room decorations.

Please find below the details of the Moodboard

1. Butterfly Garden Themed Glow in the Dark Paint from

2. A Fairy Themed Clock

3. A Classic Two Toned Wardrobe

4. Bookcase from Early Learning Centre

5. Fairy Wall Shelf from – Rs 1299/-

6. Butterfly and Flower Bookends from – Rs 1,250/-

7. Pink Wooden Table and Chair Set from Early Learning Centre

8. Fairy Themed Bedding from

9. Flower Accent Rug from Kinderhomes- Rs 2,350/-

10. Personalized Body Cushion from – Rs 1,499/-

11. Toy Storage Box from Vividha -Rs 799/-

12. Garden Theme Sheer Curtain and Valance from The Pipal- Rs 6,200/- and Rs 2,299/-

13. Butterfly Curtain Tie from The Pipal- Rs 599/-

14. -Rs 5,800/-

There are some other things like Door Knobs, Wall Hooks, Framed Quotes etc that I would like to incorporate into the room but may be in another post.

What do you think of this mood board and the decor ideas? What other ideas do you think I should include in a little girl’s bedroom? I would love your comments.



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