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Kids’ Room Decor- Jewellery Box

A jewelry box or a trinkets box is a beautiful gift idea for kids and that is precisely what my daughter got as a gift from her aunt a few days ago. Little girls have lots of trinkets like hair clips, bows, barrettes, earrings etc and sometimes it is difficult to keep track of them. This colorful wooden jewellery case  is a perfect solution for that.

What I absolutely love about this jewellery box is the fact that it also becomes a bookend. So you can keep your child’s favorite books in this case and use it for a girls room decor. Room accessories like these which are pretty yet functional are a must buy for any parent who is looking for room decoration ideas.

If you want to buy something similar to this you can take a look at this option from

But I think your best bet would be your local store which sells home decor items. This jewellery box has already become a favorite with my little angel and I am sure your princess will also love this.



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