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Go Green with kids on this Earth Day

As many of you might be aware April 22 is celebrated as World Earth Day all over the world to increase awareness and appreciation of earth’s natural environment. This is the 43rd year of earth day celebrations and the earth day movement has gained unprecedented momentum and support across more than 175 countries.

While kids today have become more conscious of environment and ecology than we ever were, it is the responsibility of us parents to help them understand, assimilate and experience the implications of earth day. Here are a few ways and resources for you to go green with your kids on this earth day-

Green Crafts

Crafts are the easiest way to get a message through to children. Kids learn by doing and doing a green craft with kids will teach them more about environment and earth than any lecture or lesson. Here are some great resources for earth day crafts:

A bird feeder out of a recycled milk carton – I am definitely making one for my house. It is such an easy craft and tells kids so much about not only recycling but also about being kind to the little birds.

Earthy craft

. This is a simple yet such a beautiful craft. I am sure at first glance you won’t even be able to make out that these are painted pista shells. An awesome way to teach kids about our earth, its oceans and continents.

Herb Pots

It is never to too early for kids to start exploring nature and its elements. Gardening is a great way to introduce kids to nature. Even if you don’t have the luxury of a garden you can make and grow herbs all year long. (Pssst these also make great Mother’s Day gift)

Earth Day Activities

Make a Terrarium 

Terrariums are container gardens which you can grow indoors with mostly a bottle, soil and seeds. Your kid can and watch the wonders of nature up close.

Take a Nature Walk 

A nature walk is the best way to enjoy nature in its pristine form and connect with it. You don’t even have to go to a remote jungle or exotic locale, just the neighbourhood  park or a local garden is enough but the intent should be to observe the nature and relate to it. Collect leaves, shells, flowers etc and make a nature journal. and I implore all of you take a look at it.

Visit a zoological park, botanical garden or Aquarium

Another great Earth day activity is to visit the zoo or aquarium. Some local parks might have organised activities especially for earth day and you can join these with your children.  To find out such parks near your area just log on to mycity4kids.com

Eco-conscious Films:

Films and television can play a strong role in delivering a positive message for ecological conservation and environment friendliness. Recent films like WALL-E, Avatar had a strong environmental message in their stories. Here are some more films which you can enjoy with your kids and learn about our mother earth a little more

Lorax: This much acclaimed movie has not hit Indian theaters yet but is a must watch for its beautiful message. Adapted from Dr Seuss’s book of the same name, the story revolves around a 12 year old boy Ted who lives in  a walled and synthetic city. Ted wants to win the love of his crush Audrey and for that he needs to find a real tree. Over the course of the film Ted’s desire to impress Audrey converts into a mission to make his town understand the importance of nature.

Happy Feet: Mumble born into an emperor penguin family is unable to sing the heartsong (a must to find true love) but is able to tap dance. Mumble’s gift of dance is blamed for the shortage of food, which is in reality caused by nearby trawlers depleting local fish stocks. After being virtually banished by his colony he goes in search of the humans in an attempt to reason and communicate with them.

A bug’s life : The tale of an oddball inventor ant named Flik who hires what he thinks are “warrior bugs” — actually circus performers — to fight off a small band of grasshoppers who have made the ant colony their servants.For the film Pixar created tiny bug-cams and let them into gardens to see the world through the eyes of a bug and the artists were amazed by the translucency of the world.

Earth Day Books 

The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle

A classic and well loved  book which teaches kids about caterpillars and butterflies in an exciting way with imaginative illustrations and creative story.

Charlie and Lola, We are Extremely Very Good Recyclers by Lauren Child and Bridget Hurst

Charlie teaches his younger sister Lola about recycling and she shares her experience with her school.  Along with the help of her classmates, they recycle enough to earn a school tree.

 The Curious garden by Peter Brown

Liam is exploring his dull and drab city when he chances upon a struggling garden He decides to help it and step by step the garden changes his city into a lush landscape.

So these were some of the resources and ways in which you can celebrate Earth Day 2012 with your kids. Want more? Just hop on to an where you can see many more blogs with fantastic inspirations and imaginative ideas.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grab some earth love.

I am leaving you all with a trailer for the film Lorax. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment.

Happy Earth Day!!!



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