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Fun Places for Kids- Kingdom of Dreams Gurgaon

Last weekend, we headed for Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon with Samaira in tow. I had been planning to make this trip sooner but somehow it kept on being postponed. Finally after hearing umpteen number of promises of “a world class experience” from Shah Rukh Khan, the global brand ambassador of the KoDs, on a Saturday afternoon we reached the Magical Kingdom.There was a small crowd at the counter but nothing that would dissuade me from going in. At the counter we were told that kids who were shorter than 3.5 feet were not allowed for Zangoora, the famed theatrical musical. Now, you would think that they would set an age limit rather than a height limit. But it also means that my kid gets to have a free entry to the Culture Gully. The entry ticket for Culture Gully on a Saturday is INR 750/- which is pretty steep but this includes INR 600/- Purchase Value +INR 100/- Entry fee and INR 50-Refundable security fee, so it is worth it. For the complete price structure of Culture Gully click .

The grandeur of KoDs is something which can’t really be put into words. The moment you enter this magical world you are surrounded by luxury and splendor. It seems like every dream you might ever have seen about a heavenly place has just materialised in front of your eyes. At the entrance of Culture Gully we were welcomed by folk dancers with drums, putting on a great show.It just hits us that we are going to witness a Cultural gala like no other. The gully with its Artificial Sky Dome transports you to an exotic India. The 14 State pavilions should not be called Pavilions as each has been built with a different theme and are opulent and magnificent like any Indian Castle. The food albeit expensive (a plate of Goan Prawn Curry and Steamed rice for INR 450/- and a plate of Hyderabadi Biryani INR 400/-) was pretty decent. There were innumerable options for Street food as well as Restaurants.

Now, I thought it might be a boring place for Sam because frankly Culture and Toddlers don’t go hand in hand. But boy, was I wrong. She LOVED it. From the Bhangra dancers to the beautiful buildings she was as awestruck as I was.But the biggest draw for her was the sandpit (actually an artificial beach with a juggler performing!!!). This was her first time in a sandpit and she was apprehensive at first but slowly got the hang of it and then didn’t want to come out of there. She also immensely enjoyed the Rajasthani puppet show and even danced along with the puppets.  For the moms and dads there is an option of Thai Foot Massage which you can treat yourself to once your feet are tired from all the exploring of the culture gully. You can also indulge in shopping of handicrafts and artifacts from various states of India.

I don’t think any more of my words can do justice to the images, so I will just leave with you with some pictures. Delhi and the NCR Region can not boast of many fun places to visit with kids but Kingdom of Dreams is definitely a must visit. So, next time if you are in or around Gurgaon do visit the Kingdom of Dreams and the culture gully-A Spectacle so grand it can only fit in your dreams. And as always do let me know what you think of my posts.

Find the directions to the Kingdom of Dreams .

Culture Gully Entrance

Inside the Culture Gully-Check out the Sky dome

The State Pavilions

Goddess Kali at West Bengal Pavilion


“The Beach”

Samaira playing in the sand



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