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Free Father’s Day Printable Card- All about my dad

When you’ve known someone for as long as I’ve known my husband (15 years), and you’ve witnessed their development from a young carefree boy to an involved, hands-on, and loving husband and father, you take a moment to appreciate your blessings. It is indeed a joy to have a partner that is as dedicated to your children as you are. When I observed my spouse getting my kid ready for summer camp before I got out of bed this morning, I understood I had chosen the correct prince charming.

So, for Father’s Day, my daughter and I have made elaborate arrangements to make dad feel special. One of the Father’s Day presents we’ve planned for my spouse is a “all about my dad” card. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I guess it won’t be now it’s published here because my husband is a reader of the site (and an ardent one at that!) so we’ll have to keep the other gifts a little more hidden.

II noticed a lot of freebies for Father’s Day on the internet, but I saw several variations of “All About My Dad” that I really loved, so I produced my own. It is a downloadable “All About My Dad” father’s day card that you can fill out with your child and then frame as a present for your hubby. And, of course, it is completely free to download for my dear readers.

(Click on the image and a high-resolution file will open in a new window, save it and print it for use)

I think it is adorable to see the dads from their kids’ perspective and I can bet it will bring a tear or two to even the most stoic dad around. Besides some questions about the dad there is also space for the kids to draw their pictures with their daddy. So yeah more mush!!

Take a look at what Sejal wrote about her father! She wrote portions of it by herself, but I had to help her with spelling and hold her hand for the alphabet.

It’s encouraging to observe how your child looks at her father. When I asked her how tall her father is, her eyes widened and she replied, “very very tall, mamma,” followed by the query, “would I be as tall as him?” She has no notion of weight other than heavy or light, thus she made up her father’s weight as 51 lac kgs, which I’m sure her father won’t mind.

She sketched herself and her father standing in a park, with her father clutching his doctor’s bag. Trust me, her father does not have spiky hair, but this is how she draws short hair, and you can see how she draws her incredibly long hair since she imagines herself as Rapunzel. We had a great time doing this, and I’m sure my spouse would like it as well.

I’m linking this to the Father’s Day Linky that is now running on my site and three other blogs. If you wish to link up a father’s day post, click on the image above and go to the link straight away.



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