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Five Fantastic Ideas for Reusing a Baby Cot

So Sam does not use her baby cot anymore. Not because she outgrew it but because a few months ago, she started to insist that she wanted to sleep in our bed (even though her cot is just next to our bed). A certain someone (Ahem *The Hubby*) thought it was just a phase and let her sleep in our bed. (I think it was just an excuse for some father-daughter cuddling).

Anyways, the present situation is that our little munchkin takes up 3/4 of our bed and both of us have been relegated to the extreme corners and have to tolerate her kicks and jabs the entire night (hubby deserves it but why me?).

Now her old cot is lying unused and throwing it away is definitely not an option. An alternative is to give it away but second-hand cots are not always safe so I don’t want to risk that.  As my mind was clouded with thoughts about reusing the cot I turned to my old trusted guide and savior-Google. It certainly did not disappoint me and gave me some beautiful decor ideas for creative repurposing.

Here are the five fabulous ideas for creatively reusing an old baby cot.

Turn it into a toddler desk

Most cots can certainly be adjusted to the right height, and once the drop-side rail is removed, it becomes the perfect writing desk for your toddler. Just add a sturdy particle board to the base and use chalk paint. Add a few little baskets or cans for storage and, voila, you have a great learning area for your tots.


Convert it to your desk.

It is unbelievable but has been done. A cleverly placed glass shelf and a rail used as a shelf will turn a baby cot into a sophisticated desk for you. It shows how a little ingenuity and imagination go a long way.

Make a Magnet board

Don’t want to use the whole cot? No problem. You can just use a side rail and make a magnet board out of it.  Amazing use of something which would have ended up in the trash otherwise.

A day bed for your child

Perhaps you don’t want to repurpose your bed, but just want to add something to it to make it more useful. Why not add a canopy to it and convert it into a day bed or a den for your little ones. You might need to be a bit industrious to make this one, but the results will be great. I personally want to do something like this for Sam’s cot since she really likes secret hiding places.

A Porch bench

If you are feeling slightly ambitious, then you can take apart the unused cot and make this beautiful porch bench with it. Not only does it reuse the cot but now it actually looks like an heirloom piece. It is absolutely stunning where your imagination can take you. A perfect example of trash to treasure.

These were five of my favourite reuses of a baby cot. I feel so inspired and definitely want to make one of these into a reality for my home. There are tons of other ideas on my favourite place to hang out – Pinterest. Do check them out too.

So what would you do with an old baby crib/cot or other baby furniture?

Repurpose it, give it away or trash it?

Let me know your thoughts through your comments.



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