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A Thank You Note for Mother’s Day

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~ Rajneesh

This mother (yours truly) was born three years ago on a balmy summer night. Much of that night is a blur in my memory- I vaguely remember the panic, being wheeled into the hospital, the horrible pain and the ear-piercing screams but what I distinctly remember is the feeling of overwhelming happiness and an abundance of love that washed over me once I held my baby in my arms.

Life was never the same again and thank god for that!!!! I can’t even imagine having a life which was untouched by the happiness, pure innocence and zest that my daughter brings into our life.

With babies, you often hear stories about the sleepless nights, the endless feeding and the crying marathons but what you might seldom miss are the faint smiles on their lips as they sleeping, the ache in your heart when the little one grasps your finger for the first time, the pride you feel when they take their first fumbling step and the leaping joy when those golden words “Ma” come out of their hearts and mouths.

My life does revolve around my child and she has made a better human being out of me in the process. I am far more patient, humble, forgiving, resilient and persevering than I ever was. Motherhood is a full-time occupation and although it is unpaid the payoffs are priceless.

The whole-hearted laughter, the silly giggles, the magical moments, the rediscovered childhood, the music in my soul and the limitless glee I feel is all because my daughter chose me as her mother. Thank you Sam!!!

Who ran to help me when I fell,

And would some pretty story tell,

Or kiss the place to make it well?

My Mother ~ Ann Taylor

As I grow older I am becoming more and more like my mom. The traits that I used to hate with a vengeance in my mother are now manifested in me but the difference is that I now completely understand where my mom was coming from.

The single most transition that motherhood brings for a woman is that now she can see life and the world with the same mommy-glasses as her mother. I felt guilty, mortified and even ashamed for some of the things that I put my mother through and I wondered how she could still keep loving me so selflessly. The answer perhaps lies in the fact that when you become a mother not only your womb but your heart also carries your child and giving birth is akin to letting a piece of your heart walk out of your body. After me becoming a mother, our mother-daughter bond has become stronger than ever.

As a working mom she gave up so much of herself to bring her kids up and still continues to give so much to us. I have often wondered whether I will have the same reservoir of energy and enthusiasm at her age. Only time will tell, but I have a sneaking suspicion that genetics will play its part and I will be as good as my mom (*crossing my fingers*). This mother’s day I just want to thank the almighty for choosing my mom as my mother. Thank you Amma!!!

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother ~ Oprah

They say a “Mother-in-law can never be your mother.” Then how come I never felt that with my mother-in-law. According to the society she is my mother only by law but for all intents and purposes I have felt as close to her as my mother. We share jokes, secrets, gossip and even advice with each other. My husband often teases me saying that I am the Information centre for my in-laws. Every bit of info and conversation passes through me before reaching the others.

I sincerely admire the woman that my MIL is, she is opinionated yet funny, optimist to the core yet full of anxiety for her brood, loving to the core and yet the pillar of strength for all of us. I wish I could be half as organized and meticulous as her.

I will forever be amazed how easily she assimilated me as a part of her family and how much she relies on me, trusts me and loves me. Most of all, I am eternally indebted to her for raising as cultured, caring, loving and compassionate son as my husband. Thank you Mumma!!!

There is so much more in my heart that I am finding difficult to put into words but if you too are a mother and a daughter,I am sure you understand it just as well…

Have a Happy Mother’s Day and don’t forget to share your thoughts with me

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