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5 Simple Storage Ideas for Your Kids Room

By default, in most houses the smallest room is reserved for the kids and thus ample storage in kids’ room is hard to come by. Ironically but not surprisingly this is the room which needs a LOT of storage! From clothes, toys, craft supplies to gifts, stationery and school stuff, your kids room needs to store it all.

Apart from designing a beautiful and pretty room decor, it is also important to keep the kid’s room organized and functional. If it is easy for your children to understand where their belongings are, this not only keeps their daily routine without any chaos but also gives them an inherent sense of independence.

You can go all fancy-schmancy and look up loads of ideas from Pinterest that might never end up materializing in real life or you could keep it simple and create a functional, practical yet easy on the eyes (not to mention on the pocket) look for your kids’ room. Here are the top 5 storage ideas that I would recommend for creating an organized space for your children.

Under the Bed

Yes, it is often the most neglected area while thinking about storage options. Most adult beds have inbuilt bed boxes but these are not practical for children as they cannot open or close these easily. You have seen my daughter’s room and the cot that we use as a day bed now. The space under it was constantly nagging me, so I put some cheap fabric boxes under it which are now storing all the utensils of Sam’s play kitchen, her wooden blocks and some stuff toys.

If the empty space under your kids’ bed is beckoning you then you can create trundle drawers which can be easily used by kids. You can create storage boxes using old drawers by putting wheels on them. Here are some more ideas.

Containers are your best friends

I love containers for creating storage; buckets, baskets, boxes etc can instantly create a storage space for your kids’ room and even look pretty good. You have seen how I used simple plastic baskets to organize my daughter’s closet. Even though we have a full-fledged closet/ dresser for her room now, these baskets are still pretty useful for keeping socks, under shirts, belts etc organized within the closet.

Here are some more ways you can create storage systems/ toy box using containers.


There is nothing more I love than a good recycling project. I hate wasting things and whatever I can salvage for a good use, I try to do that. While we converted the cot into a daybed we were left with the drop-side rail of the cot. I didn’t want to throw it away and after some searching landed up on a really cool idea. We have now converted the rail into a stuff-toy cum book display. We store all the small stuff toys as well as the books that Sam is reading during that week. Kids can easily take stuff and put it back so it is pretty functional too. You can use it to store blankets, swaddling clothes or bed sheets for kids room or even convert it into a magazine display for your room.

I could not resist but share some more ideas for storage that you can create from recycled things for your kids room. Use plastic crates, old baby food jars, plastic bottles and even skateboards. 

Use the walls

It is good to look up especially for storage in the kids room. Whether you create a wall shelving system or use wall mounted cubby holes, going vertical is a great idea for storage system for kids room decor. If you haven’t already, see how a hair accessory wall organizer made our lives much simpler.

Here are some more ways to create storage on walls.

 Make it portable

One of the crucial things that we forget when we create storage for things like art & craft supplies and toys is that kids often like to play in rooms other than their own. Be it the parents’ bedroom or the living room, kids like to take their stuff to other rooms and if you don’t have portable toy storage like caddies then it is difficult for them to keep these things organized. Take a look at the elan caddy we featured some time back which will make a great portable storage system.

Check out more ideas to create portable organizing system for your kids. You can create an art caddy using painted plastic cups too. 

I hope you will find all the ideas useful and easy to implement in your own kids’ room. If you like these kids room ideas then don’t forget to join us on and too where we keep sharing more such finds.

Don’t forget to share your ideas and thoughts with us through your wonderful comments. If you want to share pictures of your kids’ rooms with us please email me at swapna@themomviews.com



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