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4 Online Stores to buy Eco friendly Products in India

I love using eco friendly products especially for my daughter. Natural and organic products have benefits and goodness which far outweigh their perceived expenses. Today on the blog I have some one who I look up to for all eco friendly and natural gyaan. Pratibha from is an amazing wellness and green living blogger. Her blog is a must-follow if you like the natural and organic way of living. Over to Pratibha! 

As a mom, one of my major concerns is to give the best to my kids, and if you are a parent, I am sure you would want the same too. Three years ago, I discovered the world of organic and natural products and I have been a convert ever since. I can’t seem to move beyond organic brands at least for my kids. Expensive? Oh yes they are, but not so much that it will make me look past the health of my boys and my family.

When you make that switch to organic and natural living you are assured of not just quality eco friendly products, but be assured that you leaving the planet a cleaner and a greener place. You are reducing the carbon footprints on earth and promoting sustainable living. It takes time to believe in the goodness of the all-natural and organic products, and trust me when you do, there is no looking back.

Over the past two and a half years, I have searched for various eco friendly products and online stores in India that gave me the best products I could choose from. Most of my shopping is done online because it is quite impossible to visit malls and stores with my two boys in tow. The good part is that I know what exactly I want so it makes my shopping task easier. I have blogged about my experiences .

I have shopped with many sites, but these four are the ones I recommend for the quality and choice of products they have. For all mommies out there, I’m listing the websites that I have shopped with and I can totally trust the services that they have to offer.

4 Online stores to buy Eco Friendly Products in India

This was the first all-natural and eco-friendly store that I got to know about. I still look at this e-retail store as a benchmark because of the brands it sells. This e-retail store sells right from pulses, energy bars, soaps, shampoos, fashion, kiddie things to organic floor cleaners. If I ever come across a brand with the organic label and I do not find it listed here, chances are that I won’t buy it. Natural Mantra follows stringent checks before allowing a product to be listed in their e-retail store.

This is the second store that I shop from. One thing I like about them is the fab discounts they give and if you have not signed up for their newsletter, you should!  This was launched around the same time as Natural Mantra. They have a good collection of fashion products for kids as well as adults. They have regular discounts and offers that are a steal! They give out these cute coasters and sometimes send across a sample too with your orders. One good thing about this store is their green-o-meter. This tab tells you exactly how organic and natural the product is.

Ecotokri has select products in their store and is one of the newest entrants in the market. The brands are less in comparison to the other e-retail stores, but it is fast growing into one of the preferred e-retail stores I like to recommend. What you should check out are the low cost LED lights that work on saving electricity from their store. I am yet to see these in any of the other stores.

I have never shopped online with them because they have a store in the city I stay. I visit the stores at the mall and pick up most of the requirements from there that include the dry fruit mix trail that my kids love and the supply of pickles and pulses. This is pretty much my one stop shop to stock in the pulses and other snacks. You can buy online from them too, but the convenience of having a store close by allows me to go and see the products.

I hope you all enjoy shopping and using eco friendly products as much as I have.

Check out these sites and let us know in comments what you think about them.

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