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25 Fantastic Uses of Baking Soda

Baking Soda or Bicarbonate of soda is usually used for baking purposes. But there are so many uses for baking soda around the house that it is considered to be an all-in-one home product. You can use it for house cleaning, for kids, for kitchen, for personal care and so on.

I have personally used baking soda for cleaning around the house a lot of times. It is an inexpensive cleaning product to say the least. It is also extremely environment friendly compared to chemical cleaning solutions which leave toxic residues and are more harmful than useful.

That is why I wanted to write and share with all of you 25 amazing uses of baking soda around your house so that you can keep this awesome product always at your house.



To make fluffier omelets

Make fluffier omelets by adding half a teaspoon of baking soda for every three eggs while scrambling.

To get the smell of onions out of your hands

Use baking soda to get the funky smell of onions out of your hands by simply sprinkling some baking soda on your hands after you are done chopping onions. Then scrub with water and rinse and voila the smell is gone!

To clean stove top

Make a paste using baking soda and a bit of water. Rub it over the stove top to remove grime, oil stains etc. Wipe off with water and if you need a little shine just dab with a bit of vinegar.

To make beans more digestible

If you love eating beans like Rajma then sprinkle a little bit of baking soda while you soak them. This will  help with the digestion process and would prevent gas and bloating which often accompany beans.

To clean Fruits and Vegetables

Baking soda is the a safe way to clean dirt and chemical residues off fruit and vegetables. Just sprinkle a little on a clean damp sponge, wipe and then rinse thoroughly.


To clean toys

Fill a bucket or sink with warm water and add around 10 gms of baking soda. Let the toys sit in the mixture for half an hour. Wash and rinse off the toys.

To prevent itch from insect bites

For mosquito bites, bee stings or other insect bites you can prevent itchiness by spreading a thick paste made with water and baking soda over the bites or rashes.

 To make modelling clay

Add a bit of baking soda to one cup of cornstarch and 1.5 cup water to make your own modelling clay. You can also make homemade playdoh using our recipe.

To remove pee stains

Mix 3 Teaspoons of baking soda with 8 oz of hydrogen peroxide and 1 drop of dish washing soap to remove pee stains from mattresses.

To get rid of diaper rash

Add a few tablespoons to baby’s bath  water  to keep diaper rash at bay.


To clean walls
Thanks to my daughter our walls get a lot of dirt and scuff marks. You can easily remove scuff marks or even crayon stains off your walls by sprinkling a bit of baking soda on a wet sponge and scrub away gently.

To remove stains off clothes
Make a paste with 2 tablespoons baking soda and water (1/4 Cup) and apply it to the stained area. Wait for at least 60 minutes then immediately wash.

To clean pots and pans

If you want to get rid of burnt food stuck on pots and pans, sprinkle a little baking soda in the bottom of the pan and add hot water. Let the pans soak overnight. The food will come loose easily when you wash the pan.

To clean toilets

Add a cup of baking soda to the toilet, leave it for an hour, and then flush. It will deodorize and clean the toilet.

To clean microwave 
Sprinkle baking soda on a clean damp sponge and gently clean inside and outside the microwave.


To get rid of shampoo build up 

Using shampoo daily causes build up in hair which makes hair look greasy even after washing. Get rid of this by mixing 1 tsp baking soda with 1 tbsp shampoo. Shampoo like usual & rinse thoroughly to leave hair cleaner and free of buildup.

To make shoes smell fresh

Smelly feet making your life miserable? Sprinkle a tiny amount of baking soda inside the shoes to keep them fresh and smell free.

To soothe tired feet

Next time you have tired and aching feet, soak them in warm water and add 3 teaspoons of baking soda plus a few drops of your favorite essential oil. You get fresh and soothed feet.

To exfoliate skin

Make a paste with 3 parts baking soda to one part water. Apply gently on your face (especially in the region you get blackheads)  with your fingertips in a circular motion for 30 seconds, then rinse

To whiten teeth

In a small bowl mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with half a teaspoon of water. Form a paste and brush using a regular toothpaste for 2 minutes. Rinse mouth thoroughly. You would see changes in a few days only. For the first two weeks repeat this every second day and then only once a week.


To clean diamond rings

Add 1 teaspoons of baking soda to one cup of hot water. Let your rings sit for a few minutes, and rinse.

To deodorize and unclog drains
Pour 1/2 box of baking soda down the drain followed by a cup of vinegar then pour boiling water. Do this every week and you will never face clogged drains.

To keep cut flowers fresh

Next time your husband gets you flowers keep them fresh for a long time by adding a teaspoon of baking soda into the flower vase with the water.

To get rid of ants

Facing ant attack??? Mix one part baking soda and one part salt together and sprinkle where ever you see ant invasion.

To deodorize home appliances

You can use baking soda to not only remove nasty odors from fridge, oven, washing machines etc but even cutting boards, and trash cans.

These are some of the uses of baking soda that I have used and am aware of. How about you guys? Would you like to add something to the list or may be you have your own household cleaning tip? Let me through comments and I would share your helpful tips on our !



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