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20 Must-Read Posts for Diwali Decoration Ideas

 Diwali Cleaning Ideas

Diwali is the one time when each and every body, no matter how much they loathe cleaning, get into the “clean and clear” mode. People open closets which haven’t been touched since the last Diwali, give a scrub down to the entire house and manage to make the house look spic and span. Woe is to the domestic help who decides to take a holiday pre-diwali, because you need all the hands you can get for Diwali cleaning. Here are some posts which will make Diwali deep cleaning easier for you.

♦ Swalia from Spiritual Boosters did a and her post is all about the lessons she learnt from it.

♦ Poornima from A Spoonfull of Ideas has a

♦ This one is my very own Spice Organization post. My first priority during Diwali deep cleaning is always my kitchen and I think spice organization is a very important part of it.

♦ My dear dear friend Pratibha has written which will help you in tackle each of your room and get your house clean and organized in no time.

♦ Prerna from TheMomWrites has a superb post about which will definitely help you during this busy holiday season.

Diwali DIY Ideas

If you don’t want to go overboard on budget with your Diwali preparations then it is a good idea to read up on Diwali DIY ideas and how to recycle the many many empty jars you will get after deep cleaning your kitchen.  Check out these posts for lots of DIY ideas and on recycling your trash into treasure.

♦ Diwali is after all the festival of lights and this post on by LiveInArt will show you just how you can light up your house.

♦ Sometimes a focal point is all you need to make your Diwali decoration stand out from everyone else. Disha from Design Decor and Disha has a simple and wonderful which will create a dramatic piece for your Diwali decoration.

♦ Last year I did a round up post on 10 amazing DIY ideas for Diwali and it has been one of our most popular posts ever. Check out this post to see how you can transform used wedding cards into a DIY toran or how to use cinnamon sticks to make a candle holder.

♦ Artplatter shows us you can make a . This one is a must-read because you can do this easily with the kids.

♦ Poonam from Mommygyan also has a round up post on which will definitely give an edge to your Diwali decor.

Diwali Crafts Ideas

If it is one of the biggest holidays of the country how can you not do some crafts with the kids. Here are some easy Diwali Craft ideas from around the blogosphere which you can do with kids of all ages.

♦ A gorgeous and lots of creativity. Priti’s blog Kwikdeko has some amazing craft ideas but this one is definitely my favorite for Diwali.

♦ Shruthi from one of my favorite crafts blog ArtsyCraftsy Mom has get this, a on her blog. You are bound to get an idea or 5 from this post for sure. Don’t forget to thank me later!

♦ Rashmie from Mommy Labs always has a different tone to her posts and in her Diwali posts she shows how even kids can make for relatives and friends.

♦ Palak from Make It Handmade, a new discovery for me, has a . Check this post to see how much fun her kids had while painting these diyas.

♦  Last but not the least is another round up from us on simple Diwali crafts from around the world. Yup! Not Indian, all the blogs featured in this round up are foreign yet so connected to Diwali as a festival.

 Diwali  Sweets and Snacks Recipes 

How can a Diwali post be complete without Diwali food recipes. Here are some mouth watering recipes from a lot of amazing food blogs that will not only make your mouth water but give you some cool ideas for Diwali recipes.

♦ Jeyashri’s Kitchen has for you. My favorite has to be the coconut ladoo. Looks yum!

♦ The very popular Raks Kitchen has to make which include Shahi Tukda and corn flour halwa.

♦ Nidhi from and she says it is one of the easiest Indian sweets to make. So naturally, I will be trying my hand at that. What about you?

♦ Rekha from My Tasty Curry has the , the breakfast of choice for Diwali in most North Indian homes. It is a quintessential favorite here too and that’s why I love this recipe.

♦ Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that’s why I was attracted to this . It is a savory snack which will give you a break from all the sweets.



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