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10 Cute and Easy Christmas Recipes for Kids

1. Strawberry Santas

Aren’t these Santas too cute to eat?? And can you believe that all you need are three ingredients? Buy a box of strawberries and a pack of whipped cream to make this irresistible little Santas!!

2. Snowmen Smores

The movie ‘Frozen’ has given the bland snowmen an entirely new personality, making these little smores perfect for your Frozen-fan! You can substitute the ingredients with locally available ones; with a little skill, you should be able to get them right!

3. Multicolor Cookie Trees

Cookies in different colors and sizes make this easy to assemble Christmas cookie tree, a lovely new take on the traditional version. Use food colors of your choice to cookie dough – you can have pastel, monochrome, anything! Display them on sugar to simulate snow.

4. Mini Gingerbread Houses

You’ve probably seen those grand gingerbread houses created by contestants on Masterchef, which are more works of art than food! But these miniature versions will just make your heart sing – they are so quaint and pretty! They’re actually easier than they look, though not that easy!

5. Oreo Angels

Who knew the common Oreo could transform into something divine? These Oreo angels are perfect Christmas candy at the end of a dinner party to have with a cup of hot chocolate on the side. While there’s hardly any cooking involved here, finding the right parts can be a challenge. But hey, it’s certainly worth it!

6. Sausage Stockings

Take a break from all the sweetness with something savory – yummy and adorable looking sausage stockings. You need very few ingredients, and the assembly is super quick. Great for a Christmas cocktail party!

7. Salad Wreath

Worrying about what all the dessert is doing to your waistline? Fear no more – health is here! Make this colorful and eye-pleasing wreath with simple ingredients – makes for a lovely centerpiece and even kids will be tempted to try it!

8. Reindeer Cookies

Christmas desserts usually features a lot of trees, Santas, snowflakes and presents. The reindeer sometimes get pushed to the side. Make up for this by baking these goofy looking reindeer. The fun part – you can give them any expression you like!

9. Strawberry Trees

We’ve got one more Xmas tree treat, but this time, they’re green – on the outside. The inside is a luscious red strawberry! This is one Christmas dessert that isn’t too much trouble to make, but looks astounding! Add a yummy brownie base to give the tree something to stand on.

10. Gingerbread Men

And finally, who can forget the classic gingerbread man? One of our well loved posts on The Mom Views, these adorable gingerbread men cookies are back to tempt your taste buds! Make it fun for the kids by handing them the piping bag and letting them ‘dress’ these little guys!

So you see, you don’t have to stick to plum cake and pudding this year, there’s so much more to try! Some of these take just minutes while some are more challenging, so there’s something for everyone!



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