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Top 5 Gadgets every mom should have

Nowadays a mom is not just a Mom she has to juggle umpteen roles to keep up with the changing socio-economic scenario. Moms have to take care of the kids, manage their schoolwork, do cooking and cleaning, take the kids to a number of extracurricular activities, manage finances of the house,  do grocery shopping, tackle holidays and relatives, workout, have a social life, handle a full time or part-time career etc etc. It is just exasperating to even write all this so imagine how scores of women cope with all these responsibilities every single day.

The latest electronic gadgets are now playing a significant role in these Modern Moms’ lives helping them to contend with an endless number of obligations and errands.

Here we have the Top 5 Gadgets every new age Mom must have in their kitty. These also gift ideas for the woman in your life this Diwali and festive season:

1) SMARTPHONES – Multitasking thy name is SMARTPHONE- I have earlier mentioned that I feel smartphones are the best invention ever for Moms. From scheduling children’s activities on Calendar, looking up recipes for an instant dinner, finding long lost friends on Social networking sites to managing your thoughts and ideas in EVERNOTE you can do it all on modern smartphones. Smartphones equipped with high-speed internet services have become easier than ever to use and the fact that they also have a Camera, Apps Store/Market, Music player, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter all combined in one sleek good looking package is an added bonus.

2) LAPTOP/NETBOOK – For a blogger like me my netbook is my lifeline. The current crop of laptops have smaller screen sizes, longer battery life and are easy to carry around even in your purse. The best part is that they are no longer in boring blacks or greys, you can pick almost any colour you want for your netbook and customize it further with skins. Using Skype you can keep in touch with your relatives all over the world, use Flickr to manage all your pictures online, edit home videos and don’t forget, blog. I do all my work on my Sony Vaio which has an 11.6 screen and it is PINK!!! What’s not to love.

3) TABLETS– The IPads and the Tablets are all the rage and not without reason. Moms will love tablets when they go on long journeys with kids. You can keep the kids busy with various games and applications, watch movies and listen to music all on the go. Tablets also make great e-book readers so whenever you get that precious “me” time you can curl up on your sofa and flip through an e-book on your tablet.

4) CAMERA- Although most phones come equipped with cameras they hardly have the resolution to deliver “wow” pictures. A compact digicam with at least 14 megapixels and 5x zoom is an absolute must if you want to take frame-worthy pictures of your baby’s first step or your kids’ first play performance at school. Preserve these memories digitally or using photo books and relish them once the kids are all grown up.


5) PRINTER– An all in one printer with a photo printer, scan and copy functions is another must-have for moms. So many times we click a great picture but never get around to getting it framed. With a photo printer, you can do all this at home in your own time. A printer is also useful for printing out the school schedules, recipes, tax returns, bills, printable cards, colouring pages and activity sheets for kids. For a work-at-home mom like me, it is an essential tool to keep my home office organized.

What about you? Do you feel there are some other must-have gizmos and gadgets for moms? Let me know your ideas and suggestions through your comments.



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