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Top 10 Books for Babies {6 Months to 12 Months}

We have already discussed why we should read to baby in the best books for babies ( Birth to six months) post and today we are talking about the top 10 books for babies that will appeal the most to babies or rather infants who are between 6 months to 12 months.

What books to read to baby { 6 months to 12 months}

By the age of six month your baby’s vision has developed and he can now recognize quite a few images. This is the right time to introduce them to baby books with simple illustrations and vivid photographs.

As they inch closer to one year of age the babies start being on the move and also love to grab books and turn its pages. If your baby is too fidgety then you can keep the reading time for a maximum of three-four minutes. This is also the right time to start them on a bedtime routine which can including winding down and reading time.

  • Look for board books for babies with simple illustrations, familiar images and vivid colors.
  • While the story line might be lost on the babies it is a good idea to get books which have rhyming sounds, funny voices and a dramatic tone.
  • Paper books won’t fare well at this age, it is best to stick to cloth books and board books for babies.
  • Try reading aloud to your baby, pointing out familiar images like dog, fish etc and ask them what’s that? Give them time to respond and if they don’t gently tell them. This is a great way to increase their vocabulary.
  • This is the age when babies love to imitate sounds of animals simple sounds so the best theme for the books would be farm animals, wild animals, pets, books with common words etc.

Top 10 Books for Babies { 6 months to 12 months}

Ten little fingers and ten little toes

Authors: Mem Fox and Helen Oxenbury

An instant classic written by two stalwarts of baby books, this lilting read aloud is all about the cuteness that squishy little fingers and chubby little toes of babies are. The book also has a subtle message of international harmony and shows that how babies no matter from which country they are, they all have cute little ten fingers and toes.

Mr Brown can moo can you? {Board book}

Author: Dr Seuss

From the imaginative stable of Dr Seuss books collection comes this book where the serious looking Mr Brown will imitate almost every quirky sound there is like the popping of corks, horse feet, eggs sizzling and even a hippo chewing gum. The babies will adore you making these funny noises and will try to imitate you. The best part is that as they grow this book will also be helpful for them to practice reading.

 Toes, ears and nose

Author :Marion Dane Bauer and Karen Katz

A life-the-flap book where the baby is hidden behind a mountain of clothes with fingers behind mittens, toes inside boots, ears under the hat etc. It is a great book to get babies introduced to the names of various body parts. The colorful clothes, the playful expressions and the multicultural children make this a treat of a book.

 Guess How much I love you

Authors: Sam Mc Bratney and Anita Jeram

Another classic which has a young rabbit trying to delay his bedtime by telling how much he loves his dad- saying things like I love you as high as I hope. The dad also fondly one-ups him with his ever expansive love. The little hare seemingly wins over the dad saying he loves him right up to the moon. But the aw part is at the end when the dad lovingly tells his sleeping son that he loves him to the moon and back. No baby’s library is complete without this book.

The going to bed book

Author  :Sandra Boynton

This whimsical book with silliness abound is the perfect book for a baby reluctant to go to bed. The book is about an ark full of goofy animals who as the sun sets, start preparing to go to bed. They take a bath, find pajamas, brush their teeth, do exercises and finally go to sleep. Simple rhymes and endearing characters make this book a big hit with babies.

Goodnight Gorilla

Author : Peggy Rathmann

An almost wordless book, this tale comes alive with its wonderful illustrations and pictures. A gorilla borrows the keys from the zookeeper and as the zookeeper takes his final round of the night, the gorilla keeps following him and letting other animals out of their cages. The book ends with all the animals ending up at zookeeper’s house, the surprise on Mrs Zookeeper’s face and finally the zookeeper has to take all the animals back to their cages.

I heard a little Baa

Author :Elizabeth Macleod

A book all about animals and their distinguishing characters, the book has a lovely rhyming prose and bold illustrations. Lines like “I heard a little baa;/It woke me from my sleep./First I saw a woolly face,/ (lift flap) And then I saw a sheep. It is not the usual peekaboo book with straight clues but it is lots of fun nevertheless.

Moo Baa La la la

Author : Sandra Boynton

Basically a poem about animals and the sounds they make, for example Cow says Moo, Sheep say Baa… But here the author surprises the kids by saying Pigs sing La la la. As you shake your head to that the next page correct this silliness and goes on to talk about other animal sounds. It is the inherent silliness of these books which make them the favorite with babies of all ages.

Ladybird Touch and Feel books- This little Fairy

Babies love interacting with the pretty touch-and-feel fairies in this sturdy board book. With each fairy having a distinguishing character, you can have fun reading the rhymes together with your child and exploring the touch and feel areas on the fairies each time. Stroke glittery wings, or touch a shiny tiara, as each little fairy is different. You can also think of your own name for the little fairy at the end!

 Wheels on the bus by Raffi

 A book in the Raffi songs to read series, the popular song is captured in this children’s book effortlessly. The book’s colorful illustration inject a new life in the familiar song and the babies love to look at the familiar sights of adults, kids, pets all travelling in the bus.

So these were our ten picks for reading to your babies and enrich their starter library.

Feel free to add your picks to this list through comments below.



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