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Introducing and An Announcement

You might have noticed that things around here have been a bit quiet. Certainly not because of a lack of topics that I want to share and talk about with you all. But because I have been brewing some thing new for a while and was totally immersed in introducing it to the world and of course you guys.

Presenting my new business . Well it is not just a business but also a blog. It is the culmination of a thought process I have had for about a year and has been a work-in-progress for almost three months now.

What is

Mom Biz Cafe is a service for women entrepreneurs and bloggers. As entrepreneurs there are a million things and then some more that one has to do. From designing and producing new products, services, content to marketing them, social media, emails to accounting and taxes, a small business owner has to do it all.

In the pursuit of the routine, the first casualty often is creativity and passion that keeps an entrepreneur going. Moreover an entrepreneur can not be proficient in everything for example business blogging or social media. The sheer overwhelming pressure of doing it all can make even the most determined entrepreneur drained out.

Even for bloggers there is a load of stuff to check off their list. Many bloggers are blogging on top of their full time work and even though they love blogging, they don’t always get the time to keep up with it. There are bloggers who have been blogging for a while but are not sure how to take it to the next level, start monetizing their blog, create a niche etc.

Mom Biz Cafe is an effort to help out exactly these people. We want to take these problems or tasks off their hands and let them focus on what they do best i.e. create awesome products or content.

Why the name Mom Biz Cafe

When I was envisioning the personality of my brand name (which is a must-do in case you are an entrepreneur or blogger) I kept having this vision of a cozy yet energetic cafe where successful women entrepreneurs and bloggers come to hang out, discuss their business and also get recharged.

That’s why I decided on the name Mom (me), Biz (services I provide)+ Cafe (relaxed personality of the brand). I even use the tagline – Where Women Entrepreneurs Hang out!

What services does Mom Biz Cafe provide

Social Media Management

Content Writing

Blog Management

Why should you care?

So in case you are thinking why on earth would I want to know about all this when I am neither an entrepreneur or a blogger then stay tuned in. When I started talking to entrepreneurs to enable them to delegate work, refocus priorities and concentrate on core tasks I realized that I wasn’t taking my own advice.

With a full fledged blog, a new business, a toddler and a home to manage, I only have so many hours in a day. While I still want to provide my 100% percent to each of these spheres of my life, I also realized that I will have to count on help from some other quarters.

And who else to ask help from but my readers and long time loyalists of The Mom Views? That’s why I am now accepting Guest posts and contributions for the blog. So if you have always wanted to write  for The Mom Views, want to promote your blog via The Mom Views or just have an opinion, tip or a story to share with fellow parents, please write in to us. Check out the Submit a guest post section at the top navigation bar. Read through our guidelines and enter the TMV community.

Now in case you are an entrepreneur, a blogger or a wannabe blogger and you are thinking- hey I could use some of those services for myself then just log on to right away and get in touch with me.

I have been blessed and gifted to have amazing readers like you in my life and I hope you guys will continue to be a part of my entrepreneurial journey as always. Looking forward to your contributions and guest posts.

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