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I Love Mommy- 10 Books for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just a week away and kids everywhere have probably started with their cards and crafts to celebrate the most special person in their life. While this is a day for you to put your feet up and bask in the glory, it’s also a great time to remind your kids how much you love them; as well as to remind yourself how awesome you are!! Here is a compilation of 10 books that are perfect to read with your child on Mother’s Day or any other day of the year!

I Love Mommy- 10 Books for Mother’s Day

This is probably the most popular mother-child book, retaining its popularity worldwide since 1960, when it was released. It is found on many ‘Top 100’ lists of children’s books. The story is about a little bird that hatches while its mother is away to find food. The baby bird then sets out on a search for its mother and meets several other creatures on the way before finding her. This is a lovely story that is offers a reassuring and secure feeling, especially before bedtime.

Suitable for ages 1 – 5.

My Mom is a lovely little book that will appeal to kids around the world. Mom is introduced drinking a cup of coffee, and then the book goes on to elaborate her various talents. The book also helps to remind kids about how much work a Mom actually does!! With beautiful illustrations, this book makes a great Mother’s Day gift.

Suitable for ages 3 – 8.

Moms are little children’s first heroes and this adorable book captures that feeling perfectly! The little boy in the book is in awe of how smart his mother is, right from the time he is born, by knowing exactly when he is hungry or needs his diaper changed. A great book for kids to realize how capable their Moms are and for Moms to feel good about themselves!!

Suitable for ages 3 – 8.

A cute little book for the younger age group, this book is perfect for cuddle time. With the help of beautiful pictures, a series of baby animals explain why they love their mothers. A nice book to show kids that maternal love isn’t restricted to humans and that all mothers are different and everyone loves their mother in their own way.

Suitable for ages 1 – 4.

Along with Goodnight Moon by the same author, The Runaway Bunny is a bedtime staple all around the world. One of the most heartwarming stories ever written about a mother’s love, it tells the tale of a little bunny who tries to run away from home. Wherever he goes, he finds his mother, adapting herself to the current circumstance just to be there for him. The bunny slowly realizes that his mother would go to the end of the world to protect him and keep him safe. A true classic!

Suitable for ages 0 – 4.

This book is a tribute to the one person who always stands by us and who’ll forever be concerned about us – Mother. A lovely story about a Mom who reassures her child at every stage of her life, so that even if she’s scared or confused, she can rest assured that Mama will be right there for her. The book seems ideal for young children who are going through some kind of transition, like starting school, moving to a separate room etc.

Suitable for ages 2 – 7.

Every Mom knows that an outing with a little child can be stressful to say the least! This book from the popular ‘Little Critter’ series puts a light hearted spin on such a trip that Critter takes with his Mom to the city. Even though he messes up quite a bit, his Mom helps him and Critter ends up enjoying himself. With very realistic situations that kids often get into, this book helps Mom lighten up a little and guides kids on how to handle little messes.

Suitable for ages 3 – 8.

Spot, the cute little dog, is quite popular among preschoolers and this book will be no different. Spot spends quality time with his Mommy throughout the in various activities. While Spot helps Mommy with breakfast, she attends to him when he gets hurt. It’s a good reminder for Moms that kids tend to put a lot of importance on the time we spend with them, and they really look forward to having that special bonding time.

Suitable for ages 1 – 5.

The title of this book alone will make you want to get it for your child to let her know just how much you love her. I personally feel that this book is worth picking up just for the illustrations – they are beautiful, showing the child in various natural scenes, always surrounded by a glow of her mother’s love. It’s a lovely and reassuring message, that our mother’s love follows us everywhere.

Suitable for ages 0 – 7.

Though not exactly about Mommy love, this book is a fun read for older kids. Dad and the children have great plans about how to give Mom the perfect day on Mother’s Day. The text rhymes and is real fun to read out aloud, especially for beginner readers. The book also offers ideas for kids to make Mom feel special.

Suitable for ages 4 – 8.

Reading is a great bonding opportunity for Moms and kids, and these books are sure to result in cuddles and giggles. Most of them are ideal for bedtime and offer kids a peaceful, secure environment where they know that Mom is always around, ready to help and love them.

Have you read any of these books before? Which one

is your child’s favorite?



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