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Here is to new beginnings!!

After what seems like forever we have finally shifted to our new house. I am loving opening all the packed boxes, rediscovering old possessions, buying new things for the house and I am mostly spending my time making this new house into our home. 

Talking of home, the blog has also gone under a makeover!!! I have always wanted to upgrade to a better look and theme for the blog and finally I have made it happen. I am now using Genesis as my theme which is like the holy grail for most wordpress bloggers. I also have the adorable child theme which is I am totally in love with.

However, I am still new to it and the design of the blog will undergo lots more changes in the coming days. I will spend some time tweaking and improving the design and usability of the new blog. Posting might be a tad bit erratic for a few days as I am still settling my household but hopefully I will catch my pace soon. Keep the blog space warm for me you guys!!

I would love your suggestions and comments on the new design. Please feel free to pen down your thoughts below.

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