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Free Printable Alphabet Flashcards for Kids

I absolutely adore flashcards for kids and have had a variety of them for Samaira ever since she was six months old. Yeah, I know that she was way too young for them then but she really loved looking at the pictures and she enjoys playing alphabet games with them even now!

As part of her summer vacation program, one of the projects involved making flash cards. We included this in our list of summer vacation activities.  Although the instructions were to get just the alphabet and a related picture on the flash card, I couldn’t help but take a step ahead to make flashcards with pictures, alphabets (uppercase and lowercase) and the word.

Since we have been working on phonics for a while now it was a lot of fun for us to make the flashcards. I was making the flashcards on the computer so I had Sam sit with me and think of words for various letters, choose pictures and even press a lot of the letter keys. It was great fun for her as well as me. A great way to start your kids learns the basics of computers too!! 

The result is this super cute collection of flashcards that have adorable pictures and words which are different from the normally available flashcards for kids.

flashcards for kids

Want to learn how to make flashcards? It is super simple!! Open up MS Word on your computer, create tables with squares and insert pictures, letters and words.

And there is no top-secret source of these alphabet pictures, they are all available in the MS Office clip art collection. You can be creative with the words and even make more difficult flashcards for spelling practice etc.

I printed these out on photo paper, cut them and got them laminated. Aren’t they just adorable? They are sturdier than the normal flashcards too cos they are laminated.


We love using them for phonics practice, for simple spellings and for loads of fun.

So we spend the time before school going through the cards and learning new words, phonics, spellings, playing alphabet games etc. Look at how my fairy is amazed at F for Fairy card. I live for moments like these.


Because my readers are my favorite people in the world, I am giving this printable file of the flashcards absolutely free. Just click the download link below which will take you to the PDF file which has 7 pages in all. Print them on photo paper or card paper and you can either get them laminated or even cover them with cellophane paper.

iPiccy_Painting (2)

I hope you guys enjoy using these flashcards for your kids as much as I have. In case you have ideas or suggestions for some printables in the future don’t forget to comment below.



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