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A Free Ebook for Mompreneurs in India

Mompreneur? What is that? If you are wondering about this newfangled term then let me bring you to the fascinating world of mompreneurs where moms are becoming entrepreneurs whether in big or small way but definitely on their own terms.

In whatever little measure, but I have been fortunate to be  a part of this amazing community that is Mompreneurs. This is such a fabulous time to be a mom or rather a woman entrepreneur in India. People are becoming more and more open about online shopping, new concepts and products, eco-friendly and sustainable products, social media etc.

If you are thinking about becoming a Woman entrepreneur or a mom entrepreneur then I would invite you to follow my website which is all about women entrepreneurs. This site was born out of the need to understand and help solve the challenges women entrepreneurs face and as a soon to be certified life coach I want to work with women entrepreneurs and help them create amazing business and life .

A Free eBook for Mom Entrepreneurs in India

What’s more I have recently written an e-book to help those moms who are still in the initial phases of their business or yet not sure about taking the leap. In all my time connecting with fellow mompreneurs and women entrepreneurs, I have found that it is often not ideas about products or marketing or nitty-gritty of business which makes or breaks an entrepreneur, but it is the entrepreneur’s ATTITUDE!

That’s why my free e-book, which is deliciously called  SHINE.SPARKLE.SUCCEED – A Mompreneur’s Guide to a Divalicious Life, is all about bringing in mindset shift in 9 critical areas of your life. The book also has some exercises that if done correctly can bring about an instant shift in your mindset, provide clarity and help you move ahead in your business.

And did I mention it’s absolutely FREE!!!

Know all about the e-book and how to download it by clicking .

After downloading and reading the book, don’t forget to come back here and leave a comment about what you liked in the book best.

Go on, it’s your time to shine gorgeous!! 

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