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7 Food Blogs Every Indian Mom Should Read

Does each school day means that you are standing in your kitchen, staring into the blank space and wondering what to make for your son/daughter’s tiffin today? Do you have a picky eater, a fussy eater and a non eater at your home, who can find fault with even your tastiest dishes? Are you looking for some food inspiration that makes preparing lunches and feeding kids easy peasy?

Then you can not miss this sumptuous list of food bloggers whose food tastes as good as it looks. Every mom can find recipes for kids from these blogs, which will make way to their children’s stomach and then their hearts. It helps that all the featured bloggers here are Moms too, so you can blindly trust these kids recipes with their “child approved” factor.

Sailaja is a mom to an energetic Nine year old boy and the blogger behind one of the most successful food blogs i.e. Sailus Food. Sailus Kidszone is the space where she shares her snack/lunch easy recipes for kids. I love the way she has categorized her recipes into breakfast, healthy recipes for kids, dinner recipes, evening tiffin recipes and so on. My Favorite Recipe: Vegetable Sevia Upma

Smita Srivastava wants to end mealtime wars and add fun to the dining tables. Little Food Junction is all about making food art from the regular fare. Smita converts simple recipes into faces, flowers, animals and even cartoons. It does not matter how picky your child is they will not be able to resist the attractive and fun dishes that Smita puts up. Smita tries to use as many local ingredients as possible which makes it easy to replicate. Her lunch box recipes frequently get published in parenting magazines and other international food sites. My Favorite Recipe: Zoo Sandwiches 

This is a blog I started following recently but have fallen absolutely in love with. Nidhi is a genius at photographing and displaying food but that does not take away from the wonderful food that she cooks. Most of her recipes are simple, wholesome and hearty food which kids of all ages and temperament will love. Nidhi also makes a lot of effort in using healthy ingredients which amps the goodness quotient of these recipes all the more. If you are like me then you too will be drooling over her beautiful dinner ware. My Favorite Recipe: Home Made Bounty Bars

Rashmi from YumKid grew up in India but has been all over the world. YumKid is all about healthy, nutritious yet tasty food that busy parents can prepare for their children. Rashmi herself a mom to two kids, also features a lot of cookbook reviews, tips for healthy eating during pregnancy, diet tips etc. You will love the way she has divided the food categories like baby food, recipes to help children gain weight (every Indian mom’s dream right!!), recipes created by kids and even kids recipes from around the world. My Favorite Recipe : Yoghurt Parfait created by a preschooler.

 Unless you have been living under a rock, you must be aware about Bento boxes (the Japanese method of  packing home meals which is now taking over the world). Happy Little Bento is the only completely non-Indian blog here but just look at the cute bento boxes and you will realize why. Food becomes art in these little boxes and small portions ensure that little ones are able to finish off their lunch without much fuss. Although some of the ingredients might be alien to you but a little creativity will ensure that you find replacements from your pantry and create these fun in a box recipes for your kids. My Favorite Recipe: Panda Egg Salmon Bento

Srivalli, true to her blog’s name loves spicy food but being a mom to three kids makes sure that she cooks enough of kid-friendly recipes. What is a better way to record your kitchen exploits than a blog right? What I really like about her blog is that she includes as many pictures as possible of the steps involved so if you are a beginner cook, you can cross check your progress. My Favorite Recipe: Chocolate Piped Cookies.

Archana is the proud author of the wildly popular Archana’s Kitchen whose success is like every blogger’s dream come true. Archana started baking at 9 years of age and it shows. Her recipes are a result of tried and tested methods with fresh ingredients & local produce. Her kids recipes are simple yet filled with nutrition. My Favorite Recipe: Carrot Uththappams with chees cubes.

So these are my favorite food blogs which keep giving me inspiration to cook yummy and delectable fare for my little angel. What about your favorite food blogs? Have I missed a food blog that has great recipes for kids? Then don’t forget to mention the blog through comments below.



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