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7 Craft Blogs Every Mom Should Read

I am the first one to admit it, I don’t have a single crafty bone in my body. Seriously, even cutting a straight line with a scissor is a difficult task for me. Sewing was not a skill that my mother possessed and therefore I knew nothing of it. All was fine till I became a mom and crafting ideas became an important part of my life.

Doing arts and crafts with your child is a therapeutic way to spend time with them while helping them gain important learning and developmental skills. It is also a boon if you can create school projects, costumes, activities for your children, ways to teach them important concepts all from the comfort of your house.  If you are constantly on the lookout for fresh and new craft ideas for kids then you have to check out these 7 craft mom blogs. As always a mix of Indian and International blogs, these blogs have something for every mom and child.

 Mommy Labs

Rashmi has been featured on our 15 mom bloggers to read list and her blog is among the most popular ones in the parenting, education and creative niche. Mommy Labs features not just craft ideas but also a way of life, a creative one at that. Rashmi is a homeschooling mom for Pari who is the inspiration and the raison d’être of her blog. Her posts feature nature and children, open-ended art, spirituality and kids and lots more. Her mud-pie kitchen inspired us to make our very own much-loved mud pie kitchen and I constantly find myself looking towards her posts for creative and educational crafts.

Artsy Craftsy Mom

Shruti is a working mom who lets her right side of the brain (you know one with all the creativity) take over after her working hours. The result is the fabulous ArstyCraftsyMom blog which features lovely arts & crafts ideas that Shruti does with her daughter Lil P. Her Arsty Craftsy Challenge of the month is wildly popular and even I have participated in one because of its exuberance. Shruti recently started her own craft classes for kids and also volunteers at Anand Vidyalaya, an NGO for kids. The best part about Shruti’s blog is that she uses a lot of recycled material for her crafts and for a eco-lover like me that is just wonderful. Honestly, I am always excited about what Shruti will think up of next.

Hands on As We Grow

Jamie is a stay-at-home mom to two boys and her blog is all about the activities she does with her kids at home. The blog features easy-to-do projects, craft ideas which encourage fine motor skills and energetic activities. What I love about her blog is that it shows how children grow from one activity to another through the passage of time. Jamie also does a theme based play activity every month like 34 recyclables to upcycle. As the christmas season approaches I will be hooked to her blog to look out for some amazing holiday crafts. I love the fact that Jamie shares easy to follow pictorial tutorials for each of her crafts and activities.

Experimenting Mom

Mansi is a mom to a little girl M and a businesswoman too. Her passion is parenting and spending quality time with her inquisitive daughter. She believes that children learn best by experimenting ( I second that!!) and therefore creates activities and crafts which help kids understand the world around them better. Mansi has created a beautiful and award-winning fairy garden for her daughter which I have been inspired from and has been on my to-do list for a long time. Mansi also explains the thought process behind each of her activity and craft in detail so it becomes easy to relate.

Puttis World

Puttis world formerly known as Putti Prapancha was started by Roopa as an online scrapbook/journal for her daughter Putti. Roopa who lives in US, started doing crafts with her daughter to keep her occupied during the day but slowly she got inspired and crafting became an integral part of their lives. Putti’s world is a wonderful mix of east meets west where you can find 4th of July crafts with Diwali activities. She also has lots of posts on Kannada, their native tongue and how she tries to inculcate traditions and values to her daughter.

Cards and School Projects 

Dr Sonia is an ENT specialist , a head and neck surgeon practicing in Bangalore who does crafts with her daughter as a form of relaxation. Sonia loves to recycle and transforming everyday throwaway objects. The one thing I love about her blog are the 3D projects and dioramas she creates. She extensively uses crafting materials like punches, stencils, quilling etc and lucky for you she even has an extensive list of crafting supply stores on her blog. If you are a serious crafter then you have to check out her blog full of amazing creations.

Needle Creates 

Triza is a personal friend and a blogger from Oman, where she lives with her husband and son. I have been witness to her amazing repertoire of skills in cooking, crafts, sewing, embroidery and so on. She catalogs her crafty skills on her blog Needle creates and has started dabbling in scrapbook layouts too. Her angry bird inspired fridge magnets are really cute and she has also started an online store selling her creations, so do check it out.

 I hope you will love exploring these crafty blogs and whether you are the next Martha Stewart or can barely hold a scissor in your hand, I am sure you will find something creative and inspiring craft ideas to share with your kids. 

If I have missed any of your favorite craft mommy blogs, feel free to include their names in the comments below.



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