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2014 New Year Resolutions, Goals or Word Link Up

Happy New Year!!!! I know that we have had already one post on the blog in 2014 but that was by Fabida and this is officially my first post in 2014. I have been on a blogging break in the last two weeks of 2013 and it was so rejuvenating to take time off of the virtual world and social media. I caught up with family, relaxed, reflected on the past year, worked on my new year goals and generally chilled out. The fact that there was family Christmas celebrations, New Years’ eve (which is also my birthday) and New Year day (my husband’s birthday) just made the holiday even more special.

So, New Year Resolutions is something I stopped doing a long time ago. No. 1 reason for that being they never worked out! Instead I started focusing on goals. Goals are very effective especially if they are SMART goals i.e Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and time bound. I have been using to set my goals for the past year and it has fantabulous. If you are a mompreneur you must check them out.

But this year I wanted to do something more than just the goals and that is when I found out about the “Word of the Year” trend.

Word of the year basically means that you are going to focus on ONE WORD that will set the tone for whatever you do throughout the year. I think it is a perfect idea for the new year because you can choose one word which symbolizes where you are right now, where you want to be and what you can do to achieve all that.

There are tons of “word of the year” floating around the internet – Nurture, Soar, Enjoy,peace, embrace, simplify, intentional, joy, abundance and so many others. It is heartening to read about what people want to feel and realize in the new year and I more than welcome this trend.

So are you wondering what my word of the year 2014 is? It is FEARLESS.

I have never been a risk taker in my life. I have always stuck to the known, comfortable and safe options except for one time. The one time I stuck out my neck and took a risk was to fall in love with my husband. You can read more about that here. And since that risk paid off beautifully, I think it is time to take a few more risks in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to jump off cliffs or start betting. For me risk is letting go of fears. Being a perfectionist I often hold back doing anything till I am completely satisfied with it. Despite having thousands of amazing and groundbreaking ideas in my mind all the time, it’s the fear of failure and often fear of judgement that makes me hold back. But in 2014 I want to be free of fear.


Here is how Fearless is going to manifest itself in every area of my life.


The moment you turn a parent you understand the true meaning of fear. Fear of losing them in a crowd, fear of something happening to them, fear of making the wrong decisions and so many other fears. This year I want to let go of Fear and revel in my motherhood.

Yes, I can take time out for myself and not fear making my daughter feel neglected. Yes, I can let my daughter revel in her creativity and not pressure her for studies and not fear being judged by other people. So I am gonna be one fearless mama this year.


I started my other website with an intention of helping out other . But fear found its place in my heart and I stuck to services that I thought were safe and comfortable. Thankfully I soon realized how my fear was sabotaging me and I took a major leap of faith and decided to train as a life coach. Now I am going to do what I really wanted to do all along and that is to coach mom entrepreneurs.

I started it slowly and silently but have now gained enough confidence to offer my first coaching program this month. So if you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur then look out for my program! I am still plagued by fear of failure but I am going to be fearless and push through to start new and big things this year.

Self Care

Fear has often held me back from being my honest self. As an introvert it is often difficult for me to make instant connections with people but thanks to blogging and social media I have met and connected with so many amazing people. In 2014 I am going to be Fearless and make new connections, nurture old connections and constantly put myself out there.

I am also going to prepare myself for some life changing events that I expect to happen this year. I will be fearless in expecting them and accepting them.  I will let go of my fear of what others will think of me and blossom in a way I never did before.

I have struggled with my weight for a long time and lived in fear of negative body image. This year I will be fearless and love myself for what I am while living a healthy lifestyle and trying to be fit. 


If you haven’t realized already, this is one of the most emotionally soul baring posts I have ever written.Yeah, I am going to be fearless about writing on new topics, incorporating new ideas and implementing changes in the blog for 2014.

 Yes even doing this link up post is an act of being fearless. I want to let go of not being able to delegate and want to introduce more contributors and even a virtual assistant for the blog in 2014. I don’t want TheMomViews to be just another blog about kids’ products and events and so on. I want it to be a mom’s best friend, a confidante and someone to assure them that they are not alone.

So if I was to summarize 2014 for me

I will dream – fearlessly

I will write- fearlessly

I will love- fearlessly

I will trust my inner self – fearlessly

I will revel in my glorious,abundant and amazing life- fearlessly



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