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Top Ten iPad Apps for kids {Some Free}

As summer vacations inch closer most parents are scurrying to enroll their children in summer camps, thinking of activities to keep the kids busy and generally trying to devise ways to keep their sanity. *Sighs*

Kids take to an iPad like the proverbial duck to the water. Even as adults are trying to understand the intricacies of an iPad, toddlers seem to master them easily. Well, iPad and its wonderful apps for kids can be a great buddy for the parents at summer vacation time. Here are the top ten iPad apps for your kids especially preschoolers. Some are educational, some musical and some just pure fun.


Price: $ 0.99 

Among the top educational apps for kids with great learning activities for six different topics: letters, ABC phonics, numbers, shapes, colors and counting. What sets this app apart from the others is the built-in performance tracking system. Again, there is a reward system with kids earning stickers which they can display in 6 different reward scenes.

Price- Free

No.1 educational app in most countries and has the largest collection of educational activities in a single app. There are 24 unique games and activities designed to interact, entertain and teach. Games and activities include- Balloon numbers, ABC, animal quiz, touch dial phone, sing and learn, shape master, kids guitar, days of the week and lots more.

Price : $1.99

One of the best apps for kids is the Ace writer-Alphabet series.Although tracing letters on an iPad cannot match the experience of a paper and pencil but it still gives a genuine idea of how to write a letter by tracing the lines in the correct order. Both uppercase and lowercase alphabets are present and the child can hear the sound as well as a word starting with that Alphabet.

Price: Free

If you are looking for free apps for kids which help in writing skills then 123 writing is great. A game which reinforces associative learning, it features both writing and reading modes. It support number recognition, pronunciation, writing numbers, learn spelling etc.

Price: $0.99

This simple app provides a large free drawing space with 10 easy to pick colors, fun stamps of animals and objects to drop into the drawing and over 20 fun backgrounds to draw on.

Price: Free

Who doesn’t like to Doodle? With doodle buddy you can paint, draw, scribble, sketch and more. Kids can paint with multiple fingers (they love that , trust me!), drop in stamps with funny sounds and there are a lot of cool drawing tools like glitter, chalk, stencils etc. The best part- If you mess up just shake the iPad to erase the doodles.

Price: $0.99

It is the No.1 music game in US. Dr Seuss Band is a musical instrument game which turns your iPad into a dynamic musical instrument with which you can play Seussian melodies or create your own masterpiece. Includes 10 original songs, 5 unique instruments, 10 crazy effects, 26 unlockable levels and lots more.

Price: Free

Kids song machine has long been a favorite music application and frequently makes the top 10 on all apps list. The Kids Song Machine 2- Around the World is an interactive musical tour through the most beautiful places in the world. It has lots of fun songs to dance, sing or sing along with, there are interactive elements built-in for touchscreens and beautiful child-friendly graphics.

Price: $3.99

The classic Dr Seuss tale comes alive on the iPad with this beautiful app which not only promotes reading in kids but also entertains them with its wonderful illustrations. There are three modes- Read to me, Read it myself and Auto Play. Words zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched, individual words are highlighted and read aloud when tapped. The app features beautiful, original art of Dr Seuss with a custom background audio for each scene.

Price: Free

This interactive story app lets your kid tag along on an adventure of a lifetime with Woody and his friends. It is a complete package with games, movie clips, coloring pages, sing along tunes and surprises. The story can be read aloud, record your own narration or explore at your own pace. There are delightful surprises within each page of the story. In fact this app has so many features that I was surprised on it being free.

I hope you and your kids love these apps. If you have some apps that you think I should know about, please mention them in the comments below.



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