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Top 5 Free Android Apps for Busy Moms

My love for Smartphones has been well documented here and here. The free applications for android in today’s Smartphones are geared towards making a busy mom’s life easier and organised. These are the Top Apps for Smartphones that I would recommend that all Moms must have to run a smooth household and a hassle free life.


Evernote is like a planner on Steroids. So you can jot down notes and ideas and keep them in sync on every device you ever use. You can save entire webpages in your evernote account and share them with your online pals. Got some business cards after a meeting? Take a photo of them and save them in evernote for future reference. I use evernote to manage my ideas for new blog posts, to clip interesting web pages, create to-do lists , record voice reminders etc and the best part is that all these are completely searchable even if there are some handwritten notes in that text.

Out of Milk is an intuitive and feature rich Shopping list, To-do list and Pantry list planner for your household. One of the best apps for shopping , this app helps me keep my Shopping trips smooth and hassle free and my pantry free of duplicate items. I am able to create as exhaustive a list as I want and keep track of details of items that I buy like Price, Quantity, coupons, discounts etc.

This is a Mobile App for an online community which provides you tools and support to reach your weight loss goals and maintain your fitness. It is like a virtual food diary where you can log your food habits, calorie intake and exercise schedules. You can search any food item in the myfitnesspal food database to know about its nutrition value and calorie count. You can even find customised exercise routines according to your weight loss goals. A must-have for all yummy mummies.

Do you get stuck every day thinking about what to wear? Never again with Stylish Girl a mobile app which is a fashion store cum closet organizer cum outfit planner. You can take photos of all your closet items and put them together as outfits down to that Nail polish which compliments your favorite Saree. This is a boon if you have to travel at short notices because you can just look at the outfit planner and take every thing that is required to put that look together. the World’s no 1 food website has created this awesome app so that you can access all your recipes on the go, find recipes by ingredient and nutrition and even spin for easy inspiration. Have leftovers from last night dinner? Dinnerspinner will tell you how to use them to make 3 different dishes. For me it is a lifesaver when I have forgotten to plan dinner menu or when a sudden craving for something different strikes. There are loads of Indian recipes too but I usually use it to find kid-friendly recipes or dessert ideas.



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