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Review Of Creative Bits Craft Kits For Kids

Dussehra vacations have started in some parts of the country and some kids like mine don’t have long vacations. (Sorry for sounding a bit happy about that!) But there is diwali vacation and then Christmas vacation on the horizon. One of the biggest worries of moms during most vacations is how to engage their kids without using TV or IPad as a babysitter.

I came across a great solution thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Poornima of . Her craft blog is already full of amazing ideas and I have often resorted to using her blog to find activities and craft ideas. Now Poornima has taken her creativity and packaged it to the benefit of all moms and it’s called “Creative Bits”

Creative Bits Craft Kits For Kids

Creative bits are creative kits for everyday crafts. They also create customized kits for kids. You can also order kits from them for

Each kit has one craft and all the materials needed for the craft and the instructions are in the kit. Creative bits has kits for kids from ages 3-6. Each craft activity can be roughly completed by the kids in half an hour. Here are crafts done with some of their kits.

 Our Experience

Creative bits creates simple but beautiful craft kits that can be finished in a half an hour by the kids. What I love about them is that they are complete kits. Except for scissors you don’t need a single thing to finish each craft. Since kids have a shorter attention span it is good to have quick crafts to do with them.

We got the Dinosaur and Felt fish craft kit. So recently on  a sleepy afternoon we decided to create the felt dinosaur. As the instructions told us it was a Stegosaurus and there were some interesting facts about it on the instruction sheet too. Here’s a pictorial review.

It was really easy-peasy for Sam to create this Dinosaur toy.

1. She cut out the template and stuck it on the felt sheet.

2. With my help she cut out the felt sheet template and then glued it on the second sheet of felt.

3. A little more cutting and we had the felt dinosaur.

4. Sam glued the gems and googly eyes in the kit onto the dinosaur. A icecream stick was also glued to the back and the dinosaur toy was ready!

We are looking forward to the fish craft this week when we are bored and want a new activity.


Priced in the range of Rs 170/- to Rs 340/- these are some of the most affordable craft kits I have ever seen. While there is only one activity, it is good that kids enjoy a focused activity.

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