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Real Moms Write- The Dilemma of Being a Working Mom

The Mom Views is lucky to have thousands of readers tuning in every day to get their daily dose of parenting. While a lot of readers are loyalists who don’t forget to comment on every post, there are some readers who love us a lot, but they are often silent and don’t comment.

This is why I am starting a new feature called REAL MOMS WRITE. This is for all the moms out there, who are not bloggers, not very active on Social media, are not writers but they truly have something to share about their views on parenting and life in general.

Our first REAL MOM in the series in Ritu Oberoi. She is Mother of a 2 year old boy, works in a News Channel heading their brand and events team. Her job and her son keeps her on toes but she loves this life. 

The Dilemma of Being a Working Mom

 When I first took you in my hands, I had tears in my eyes- the tears of pure bliss, something that can never be explained in sheer words.

 The touch of your hand gave me a new life, a life of a mother!

 The days came with more than what we expected..yippeeee, we were parents! And the whole overview of life changed with that. There was no thought beyond you. The day began and ended with just thoughts about you.

Over the days, we learnt and became independent parents, we were experiencing the best life had to teach us and for a new parent, trust me, it’s the most challenging and exciting learning.

 The mother in me had left all roles far behind in being the best mom! There was no me, it was just the mom.

 Does it take a toll?

The dilemma of a working mom began soon, after enjoying my sabbatical for a year, I was desperate to work, in spite of being a very demanding mother myself. And since then it’s been a fight between me and the Mother in me. A daily dilemma. after joining the work I realized how challenging it was. I felt as if I was living two lives. Since I feel it’s practically not possible for one person to be so active in two spaces at the same time.


 And so, I was divided into halves… trying to break my own records. one half is always with the little one and the other half is struggling to be a dedicated professional.  I daily question myself-

Did I do justice to my work today? Did I spend enough time with my baby? Is he cranky because I have been away for quite long?

Is my boss angry because I couldn’t take his call last night? The questions are enough to make you divided and leave you pondering..

I have learnt that these dilemmas are never ending… at least till the time your kids are big enough to say that mom we don’t need you to be around. But dealing with them is certainly in your hands..

 This is what I can pen down –Tips to handle the working mom guilt

  • You can either be an arduous mother or a worker… but you can be good in both.
  • In today’s nuclear setup , the only constant support you can find is your husband’s. So utilize it as much you can.
  • Be happy. that’s the only perk you can afford right now
  • There aren’t permanent priorities.. every day shall change… take situational stance
  • Take some deliberate time for yourself! It won’t come by chance.

[pullquote] There aren’t any rights and wrongs in Parenting. As long as you see a smiling baby around. [/pullquote]

But the most important thing to remember is that the biggest responsibility you have now is to groom a life. Your children will become what you make them! Subtly, they absorb everything that they see around and imbibe it in their demeanor.

Are you a working mother? Do you face this dilemma too? How do you tackle this?

Do you have something to share with your fellow moms? If so, you can  feature in our REAL MOMS WRITE feature. 

Send me an email at swapna@themomviews.com



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