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Mom’s Speak with Real Fruit Power- Tips for Picky Eaters


In this world where temptation in the form of junk food is all around us, it is difficult to eat healthy. It becomes even more difficult when you have a picky eater at home. I believe as a parent we should try to introduce our kids to all kinds of food and ensure that they have a balanced meal.

It is a fact that picky eaters are made and not born. Sometimes we parents think it’s okay to eat junk in moderation and once kids acquire the taste for it, we are unable to say no. It’s also easy to present a ready made meal like nuggets or a burger when we know our kids will eat it. The fact that junk is much readily available compared to healthier options does not make our problem easier.

The good news is that children usually grow out of fussy eating and there are a lot of ways to help your fussy eater get proper nutrition. So you heard the good news but you are now worried about how to get through this phase of fussy eating? Here are some easy tips to follow.



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