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Is breastfeeding always BEST?

The age old debate of breast fed vs bottle fed. There are proponents for both the scenarios. There is Medical research that concurs that the benefits of breast feeding can never be replicated with bottle milk. There are still other studies that show no difference what so ever among the breastfed and bottle fed kids on the health and growth parameters.

I breastfed my daughter till she was 15 months old and then she weaned her self off within a week or two. Although the experience of feeding your child is a beautiful one, I never felt that I was losing a great part of motherhood by not feeding my child till she was 2 or so. In fact once she weaned I found that she was eating better and having longer spells of sleep during night.

But the start of my breastfeeding journey or rather my motherhood itself was not so smooth. It was marred by latching problems, mastitis, doubts on self-worth as a mother, feeling judged by other mothers (peers and otherwise) and an overall feeling of inadequacy as far “being a mom” was concerned.

I grappled with these insecurities and complexes for almost three dark weeks but managed to come relatively unscathed on the other side, thanks to my wonderful family. But I can imagine, for some of us the journey might not be so easy and have faced some or the other breastfeeding problems. So, I wanted to write something about how I feel when breastfeeding is made out to be larger than life itself.

So head over to Parentous where I am sharing why I feel

Would love your comments and if you could share your experiences that would be even more important. Not just for me but for every new mom who faces this dilemma. 



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