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I and mystory Personalized Storybooks for Kids {Review + Giveaway}

magine a story book where the main character is your child! What kid won’t love that! What if their best friends and siblings are also a part of that storybook. WOW!!! Won’t this make the best personalized birthday gifts and awesome return gifts for kids.

Children have a vivid imagination and it doesn’t matter what story their mind conjures up whether that of a princess or a mermaid, of a ninja or a car racer, they usually like to be the star of their own story.

recognises that each child wants to feel special and a story book with their name as the star of the story makes an adorable treasure for ever. Not only are these books a great gift for children but they are also awesome for encouraging kids to read, help their vocabulary and boost their self esteem.

Besides personalised story books for kids they also make personalized photo puzzles for kids. The price of the personalized story books is Rs440/- which is pretty affordable.

We featured Iandmystory in our post about Return gifts under Rs 500/- because I think that even among the many personalized return gifts available in India, these books are a class apart. When we received two of these books personalized and customized to my daughter’s name, we were thrilled to be able to review them and feature them on the blog.

But the Iandmystory team went even a step ahead and offered to give THREE personalized, customized books for your kids. Just keep reading till the end to know how you can win this contest.

Our Experience

We received two books – The Wondering carpet and the Unforgettable day at the zoo. The moment Samaira opened the book and saw her picture she was floored. She couldn’t believe that there could be a story book with her picture in it. Talk about making a child feel special!! There was also a sweet message from the Iandmystory team in both the books.

Samaira knows how to spell her name and she gets a kick out of looking out for her name throughout the book. Besides her the book also features some of her best friends’ names too so it becomes even more interesting for her.

The wondering carpet is all about an exciting day full of adventure where Samaira and her friends fly off on a magic carpet over the seas to explore the seven wonders of the world. In the unforgettable day at the zoo Samaira with her friends visits the zoo and have a thrilling encounter with a tigress and her cubs.

The last page of the book is dedicated to the facts about the theme of the book i.e. wonders of the world and zoo animals namely. The book has colorful illustrations and an interesting flow of words. The kids connect to the simple but expressive language and have lots of fun reading the books.

Samaira really gets engrossed in the books and wants me or any one else she can get to read the books to her. She even tries to read the book to her stuffed toys and I am happy to say she is able to read many of the small words on her now.

Check out our fun video review too!

To buy or To not buy

To buy 

Personalized books are a great gift because they stay with the kids for a long time. They encourage the habit of reading in young kids and in older kids they can practice their reading skills.

The books are hard bound and with great paper quality so no problem of wear and tear.

Having a story book unique to their own name will make them feel good about their name and boost their self esteem.

There is an awesome variety of books with various themes which can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. They have books for themes like Cricket, fairy, friendship, space, treasure hunt and more.

The stories are exclusive and are relatable by kids because these are the kind of stories that they love to hear. The illustrations and pictures in the book are also very beautiful.

To not buy

I think for young kids like preschoolers and kindergartners  they can have picture books with short stories and sight words so that they can read them on their own.

If personalisation could be taken one step ahead, the pictures of kids can be included in the books’ illustrations as well.


You can log onto their website to order the books and let them know about the customization you want.


Now you can win A PERSONALIZED STORY BOOK FOR YOUR CHILD with our giveaway absolutely free! THREE LUCKY READERS will win these customized books for their kids.

How to Win

Just go to their website by clicking and let us know in the comments which book you would like to win for your child. Remember we need the NAME of the book you want to win.

Also don’t forget to like and facebook pages as well and share this link on your facebook timeline too.

The contest will be open till 25th May 2013 and is open to Indian residents only.


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