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How to name your baby

What’s in a name?

So said Shakespeare. But there is lots in a name especially if you are naming your newborn baby. As a parent it is the beginning of many more decisions that you will have to take for your child’s life. You always have the best interest of your child at heart so it is important to keep some essential factors while choosing the right name for your baby.


A name is not just a name nowadays, it tends to be a brand. Your child’s identity, recognition and may be even their personality might be shaped by their names. You don’t know what field your child might choose in the future so giving a unique and distinct name will help him/her stand out in the crowd. You don’t want your child go through his school and college years known as Nidhi B or Sunil A. Although do take care of not going overboard with a unique name which borders on Strange and has a pronunciation which will be mangled by teachers and friends.

The Meaning

My daughter’s name Samaira means -Charming. It has been derived from Persia. My daughter came into the world with big black eyes full of curiosity and mischief and soon charmed everyone from her grandparents to strangers. Samaira was the perfect name for her. Some names like Abhimanyu, Agastya, Yudhisthira have historical meaning, some others like Hrehaan, Mehr have spiritual meaning.

Go back to the tradition 

Our ancient scriptures, mythology and religious tomes are filled with names which are both meaningful and unique. People are going back to their roots in a big way nowadays and traditional names are among the favorites. It is also a way to connect your future generation to their origins and history. But be sure of your knowledge of history so that you don’t end up naming your kid Duryodhan or Draupadi. These are perfectly nice names but have negative historical connotations.

Peek into the future 

A name is immortal as even after we die it lives on in the world. So it is important to give a name to the baby which gives him/her individuality but also is not difficult to pronounce and sounds strange when spoken. There are some names which might be very cute for a baby or a toddler but will be entirely inappropriate once the child grows into an adult. It might be especially tricky once the time for professional interviews and workplace. Names which might turn into embarrassing nicknames or initials which will haunt one for time to come are a strict no-no.

Check the vibe 

Before you finalize a name speak it aloud several times and even write it down. Sometimes a name may look great on paper but when spoken sounds harsh and crude. Don’t be over creative and invent a unique spelling for the name which the child will have trouble correcting people all of his/her life.

TheMomViews’s top tips while naming your baby

Love the name of your baby After all it is your baby, the apple of your eyes, so choose a name that is as lovable to you.So unless you are 100% sure of your choice don’t go for any random name.

Be Assertive  You might face a lot of pressure from your peers and elders to name the baby according to their opinions. Don’t give in, as parents you have earned the right to name the baby what you want. So if you don’t want to name your baby girl after your great great grandmother just don’t.

Strike a balance If you have an unusual last name don’t give an unusual first name to your baby. It might become a bit of a tongue twister.

Research I had a list prepared alphabetically for baby boy names and baby girl names before the birth of my child. Explore all the resources from friends and family to websites, books, celebrity baby names and even television soaps.

Beware of nicknames and initials Try all combinations of words which can make a potential nickname for your baby and also put together the initials of your baby’s full name. Completely steer clear of any names which might cause embarrassment and teasing.

 What have you named your child? What was your reason behind choosing this name? I would love to know and feature more unique names in my future posts, so do let me know.



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