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Five Back to School Crafts for your preschooler

As the time for the school to reopen is coming close, both me and my preschooler are jittery as well as super excited about the upcoming school days. We are in the process of adjusting our routines to the school timings, getting haircuts and new clothes (both me and Sam *haha*) thinking about lunch menus and yes, doing lots of back to school shopping.

The nervousness is more so because we are in a new locality and Sam is gearing up for a new school. A great way to ease our anxiety and calm down the butterflies in our tummies would be some back to school activities and making crafts which will not only give us mother-daughter bonding time but also prepare us better for the first day of the school.

I searched high and low for back to school craft ideas and found some really simple but amazing and easy crafts for getting back into the school groove.

Check out these Five back to school crafts for your preschooler which mommy and kiddo can do together.

 Art Supply Pocket

Such a cool way to store your art supplies for school or home crafts. A sheet of colored foam paper folded at three corners and glued at the center.  Add a cute felt sticker to the front and a magnet on the back and your very own art supply pocket is ready.

Back to school bookmark

Upcycle an old calendar to make these cute bookmarks. Glue the days part of the calendar onto a cardstock and simply punch a ribbon through. Your little one will love using these bookmarks in her favorite books throughout the school year plus these will also make a great teacher’s day gift.

 Sheep Bagtag

Black and white pompoms, an old keychain, googly eyes and glue is all you need to make this uber cute bagtag for your preschooler. Don’t be surprised if your little tyke is ready to rush to the school to show their bags.

Pet Rocks

If you have a nervous tot at your hand who is anxious about the first day of the new class or new school then these pet rocks will be perfect buddies to them. Create a pet rock with a rock, googly eyes, felt and markers and slip them in your child’s pocket. Tell them that anytime they are feeling worried or scared in the school they are hold their pet rocks in their hands. (Awww isn’t it?)

Pencil Toppers

Why not make these adorable Pencil toppers using pipe cleaners, googly eyes (they are everywhere aren’t they?) , feathers, pompoms and glue. Your child’s pencils will be the object of envy in her classroom and what more would a preschooler want on the first day of their school.

I am absolutely raring to go right now and make these amazing back to school crafts with my daughter. Have you made some back to school crafts with your kids? I would love to see them, do drop in a link through your comments below. 



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