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Father’s Day Special – Top 7 Posts for Dads

Father’s Day is on the 15th of June, and though fathers are usually left out of the whole parenting hoopla, on this one day we should definitely make sure that they know that we appreciate their quiet strength and unspoken love. Let’s make this Father’s Day special for our wonderful dads.

Today we have our top 7 posts for Dads which are all about making the day special for them. Some of these are from this blog and others from a few other amazing blogs, but it’s going to be a fun ride.

1. All about Dad – A Free Printable 

This one has been pinned a lot of times and has been downloaded countless times from the blog. It’s a simple “all about Dad printable filled by the kids. It’s so wonderful to see how kids view their fathers, and I am sure dads will love to keep this with them forever.

2. Father’s Day Car Hanging 

This is a guest post sent by a reader and an amazing blogger, Poornima. A wonderful car hanging made from simple craft materials, this will be a fond addition to any dad’s car.

3. Father’s Day DIY Gift box 

Another guest post by a reader, Dolly (don’t we have the best readers in the world!!!). This one is really special because Dolly and her daughter Tanvee made it together for the special man in their life—Tanvee’s father. Made out of a shopping bag and decorated in the perfect daddy way, this one will be an instant hit with any father.

Vandana of Mumsphere is a serious crafter who also owns an amazing party styling business. But in this post, she shows how you can create a wonderful piece of craft by using minimal crafty elements. She used her daughter Lavanya’s handprints to make a personalized notebook for her husband. Isn’t that just adorable!!!

Another amazing idea from Mumsphere where she makes a fabulous Father’s Day card in just 10 minutes. What I love the most about this card is the cute addition of a mustache, which takes the adorable quotient to a new level.

Gauri from Mindbrew has an emotional write up about her husband and father to her two daughters. Father’s day is not just about gifts but also about those hundreds of moments that make having a father so amazing. Read it and you will also miss your dad for sure.

Roshni weaves an intricate tale of memories of her father and her own childhood. It’s her story, but you can see glimpses of your own in it too. The fear of dad when we are young, he became our friend as we grew up and finally, seeing your dad as the wisest man who ever lived on earth.

I hope you enjoy all these posts and create a special day for the dad in your life.

We have another Father’s Day special post coming up soon, so wait for it! 



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