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Digital Parenting With eKavach App

From today, we are starting a 4 post series on Digital Parenting & Internet Safety for kids. Subscribe to our updates to receive the series in your email.

Today’s kids are digital kids, they are digital pros and most of them learn to operate a smartphone or a tablet before they can learn the alphabet. Our kids don’t know about life without internet and life without gadgets is something they will never know. However as parents it is our job to parent our digital kids in a way that they learn technology and use it for good but also learn about .

Gone are the days when you could simply confiscate their gadgets and hope that they were safe. Kids today are issued Ipads and laptops from schools for their homework so how can you take those away?

According to various studies on Internet safety among kids, here’s some disturbing data

  • 1 in 4 kids are exposed to online risks
  • 70% Of Kids receive messages from strangers
  • 40% of these kids reply to these strangers
  • Less than 20% will tell an adult about any inappropriate content or strangers on internet

So even though you might think that your kids are well-informed about internet safety and would always come to you for help regarding something inappropriate, it may not be true. Imagine, if your 9 year old wanted to cross the busy roads with speeding cars on his/her own, won’t you still keep an eye over them, ready to jump in, the moment they are at danger.

Then why should it be any different with the Internet highways which are definitely much more dangerous with paedophiles, bullies, impostors and so many other bad elements lurking at every corner.

Digital Parenting with Your eKavach

Parents don’t want to spy on their kids for sure and want to let them know that they trust them enough with their digital life. But how do you conduct and keep your kids safe on the internet?

Introducing eKavach

is India’s number 1 Digital Parenting App. eKavach monitors and offers unique insights about the online activities of kids, to help parents make better and more informed decisions for their kids’ online safety.

eKavach helps you become a better parent, by helping your understand the environment that surrounds your kids in today’s world. Watch their video below to understand how eKavach helps digital parents to protect their kids online.

eKavach will make it easier for you to educate, engage and protect your preschoolers, tweens and teens when they use any digital device whether for social networking, online games or internet search. Check out these amazing features that eKavach provides

eKavach Features

Intelligent Web Filtering 

eKAVACH’s real-time filtering technology enables you to block specific web categories, sites, inappropriate content, set appropriate time limits, limit access by days or times of day. You also receive real-time notifications of any violations on your phone.

Application Management

Know what applications your child is using and what these application are used for. eKAVACH will tell you which apps they use, new ones they installed, how much time they spend on it, so that you can ensure your child focuses on what they must.

Access Control
eKAVACH presents you simple to use and easy to configure controls to customize each child’s internet experience.

Real-time alerts
It is re-assuring to know that eKAVACH is monitoring your child’s online activities real-time all the time. It looks for questionable activities and sends an instant notification to your phone.

Smartphone Notifications & Dashboard
No need to wait for an email or log-on to a web site to know about your child’s online activity. eKAVACH will send real time notifications to your phone the moment any boundaries set by you have been breached by your child.

Multi user and flexible family definition
eKAVACH lets you monitor all your children by flexible family definition. In a family one can map multiple children to a parent or one child to multiple parents. With the ability to customize each child’s internet experience you can monitor and control as many devices as you need.

Safe Search
eKAVACH continuously strives to ensures that when your children are searching for anything online, the results they get are appropriate and do not contain any adult, profane or objectionable materials. eKAVACH Safe-Search works across both website search results and for Image results.

Parent App and Child App

eKavach gives you a bi-fold protection with different apps for Parents and Children

Parent App Parent App is a parent’s window into their child’s online journey. It enables parents to engage, manage and monitor your child’s online journey in a proactive and interactive manner.

Child App eKAVACH Child App gives your children the required amount of freedom to be able to surf the internet without risking exposure to profanity, pornography, abusive content and in-appropriate information.

Download eKavach NOW!

I think no parent wants to spy on their kids and that’s why eKavach is so good. Because your kids know that every internet activity is being monitored they will always be careful and protected.

Right now eKavach is COMPLETELY FREE!!! You can install the Parent App on Your phone and the child app on the devices your kids use.

How do you protect your kids on the internet? Share your tips, suggestions and ideas in the comments.



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