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7 FREE Back to School Apps for Parents

Schools have opened in many parts of India and within a week or two the rest of them will also be open. Summer vacations have flown past this time thanks to our bucket list of summer vacation activities. We are now looking forward to the school reopening and our lives getting more organized and structured.

But despite our best laid plans during vacations, our routines do go haywire and it takes a while for kids (and parents) to settle back in the school time schedules. Every new school year brings with it new ideas, opportunities, activities and even challenges. From chore management, school lunch recipes, regular homework to managing routines there is so much to catch up to for parents.

Thankfully technology is our helping hand in this case and whatever the challenge may be there will be a nifty solution to our problem. Free iPhone apps and free android apps are always at our disposal to make our lives, schedules and routines a bit easier and also help us to become better parents.

So here is the list of 7 Back to School Apps that will make your back to school routine less hectic and more peaceful.

7 Free Back to School Apps for Parents


It is a fun chore management tool that will help you enforce good behavior in kids and ensure that they take part in household chores too. You basically create chores as per your house rules and assign them to kids Each child completes their assigned chores to earn stars which can be redeemed for rewards that you create! The best part is the humorous monster characters that kids can collect as rewards.

Available on : Apple App Store  

Back to school means extra curricular activities, pickup and drop offs, teacher appointments and lots more. Keep your life organized with the Cozi App. You can create Family calendars, set reminders, create grocery lists, a to-do list, a family journal and lots more. If your head spins when you think of your family’s schedules then you definitely need Cozi. The best part is that it is absolutely FREE!

Available on : Apple App Store and Google Play

With a new school year comes new expenses, new goals for saving and spending, creating and managing budgets.’s free money management app makes it possible to see all your accounts in one place, stay updated on your money, send bill reminders, set budget goals and more. It is the #1 finance apps for parents who want to do more with their money than just spend it.

Available on : Apple App Store and Google Play 

Don’t own a kindle but want to access the vast number of ebooks for kids? Download the kindle app today and get reading e-storybooks for your kids, picture books, even phonics. The fact that there are a LOT of free ebooks to download also makes kindle app the-go-to option. To start off with click here to know about .

Available on : App Store, PC and Google Play

Probably the most stressful part of back to school routines in planning meals especially kid friendly lunches. With Food on the table you can make a weekly menu, import recipes from popular websites, organize your grocery store purchases etc.

Available on : Apple App Store and Google Play

Want to manage homework schedules, hand assignments on time, track syllabus, tests and projects? Then My Homework is your best bet. It also syncs up with a desktop counterpart keeping you organized seamlessly on all your devices.

Available on : Apple App Store and Google Play 

Whether you like it or not, you get a little relaxed about television watching time of kids during summer vacations. But once school is back in session it is important to limit the screen time. With Screen time Lite app you can track the television time of your child, give rewards to stick with the allotted screen time, give bonus screen time on completing chores and give rewards if kids give up screen time in lieu of healthy activities.



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