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6 Ways Health Is Fun With Sunfeast Farmlite

What comes into your mind the moment you hear “get healthy“!!

I am sure, bland, tasteless diets,hours of excruciating exercises in the gym,watching calories and reading the nutrition facts on everything you eat, till your eyes get crossed.

What if there were ways to get healthy without all the boring, taxing, annoying and soul sucking things that are usually dictated to us when we want to “get fit”?

Well here are 6 completely fun, happy and awesome ways to stay fit, lose weight and get healthy.

6 Ways Health Is Fun 

Dance it out

Dancing is one of the best ways to get fit while having fun. There’s a dance form to appeal to everyone, no matter what your taste. While bollywood dancing is always great, try your hands (err rather your feet) at other dance forms like Salsa, Ballroom, hip hop, square dancing and many more.

Did you know that the dance form of Capoeira from brazil is a blend of dance and martial arts? It was developed by brazilian slaves who weren’t allowed exercise or weapons.

Get outdoors

Who says you have to stay cloistered in a gym to get fit?  Get to the outdoors and try various adventure sports like hiking, rappelling, sking or surf boarding even. Don’t want to be so adventurous? Get a bike and start pedalling. It is not only a great way to be fit but also eco-friendly.

Did you know that  participating in any activity with physical exertion floods your brain with dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals also known as “happy hormones” are responsible for  improving your mood, elevating your sense of well-being and motivating you to go for it again.

 Play with your kids

If you are a parent, you have an advantage. You have fitness buddies at home, in the form of your little bundles of energy. Whether it is running after them or playing cricket with them, it is all great exercise. You can even play hopscotch, basketball, volleyball or the games from your childhood like kho-kho, pitthu or the simple tag to keep your adrenalin pumping.

Did you know that studies have shown that kids who are physically active for at least an hour daily get better grades? It’s time to put down that phone and play with your kids. 

 Take up a sport

Remember the fun you used to have when you were in the athletic or volleyball or tennis team? Yes, taking up a sport is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to get fit. Not only do you lose weight and get fit, you also develop discipline, train your mind for strategy and develop sportsman spirit which is a great life skill to have. So go find out what sports are being offered near your place and get sporty!

Did you know that even if you played sports on your wii, you could lose upto 12 kgs a year? 

 Think out of the box

You don’t have to stick to conventional sports or gymming, aerobics etc to stay healthy. There are tons of fun, happy and “different” ways to stay active. Try pole dancing, which although unconventional, really tones up your body while improving your flexibility. Or may be go for trampolining, the exhilaration you feel when you go so high and there are no sides, is unbeatable. Or try ice skating, which again is so much fun while toning up your thighs and stomach.

Did you know that Parkour, one of the most trendy sports nowadays is basically just running- freely and fluidly? 

Eating well not eating boring

Eating well is a big part of staying healthy. Since many of us fail to watch our diets and especially our snacking, we need to think of healthy and tasty options for snacks. That’s why . These are first of its kind healthy biscuits in India and these tasty cookies are made from a combination of wheat, oats, almonds/ raisins. My husband brought these to our home a month ago and snacking has never been the same. These healthy biscuits with oats are delicious, crunchy and to top it all healthy. I also love the fact that each box of Sunfeast farmlite has individual packings of 2 cookies so that you don’t feel the temptation to have them all after opening the box.

Since Sunfeast understands that health is fun, they have launched an awesome and rib-tickling farmlite bytes film festival with short and cute movies about staying healthy while having fun. Here is my favorite film from Sunfeast Farmlite Bytes film festival.

Wasn’t that fun? Know more about  here and enjoy living a healthy life with fun!



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