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50 Return Gifts for Kids Birthday Party in India-All Under Rs 500

The one part of planning a birthday party that really has me racking my brains is the return gift ideas for kids after the party. You don’t want to buy too cheap but not very expensive either. You want the return gifts to be something the kids will enjoy using and at the same time they should be easy on your pocket.

You know what happens at most birthday parties, the kids get the same return gifts that they got at the previous four parties they attended. If you don’t want your kids’ birthday return gifts to be like everyone else without burning a hole in your pocket then this post is just for you. Here are 50 awesome birthday return gift ideas for almost every birthday theme and you can also use this as a birthday gift guide. The best thing about this guide is that all the return gifts cost under Rs 500/-

50 Return Gifts for Kids Birthday Party {All under Rs 500}

Return Gifts for Room Decor 

1.  Learn your ABCs poster from  Rs 500/- A great way to teach kids some alphabets while decorating the room.

2. Kids Owl Wall Art from Rs 500/- Owls are the IT thing in decor right now, so go for it.

3. Toothbrush Holder from Rs 199/- These will amp up the cuteness factor of any kids bathroom.

4. Doll Face Hair Clip organizer by Little Women Rs 400/-  

5.  Princess Wall Decals from Rs 389/-  I don’t think you can get good decals at this LOW price anywhere else!

6. Wooden kids’ Photo Frame from Rs 158/- 

7. Kite shape colourful cushion from Craftsvilla Rs 345/- Colorful addition to any kids’ room.

8. Giraffe growth chart from Zansaar Rs 269/-

Art and Craft Return Gift Ideas 

1. Mini Bumble Box with Custom activity box from Rs 350/- onwards  – Seriously you name the theme and they will create activity boxes accordingly.

2. Funskool Play Doh Softy Ice Cream Swirl Rs 249/- Read our review and you will know why we love it.

3. Crayola large washable crayons from Rs 229/-  Moms will thank you for these when their walls will not have permanent crayon damage.

4. Redbug Wood and Terracotta Bookmark from Hoopos Rs 85/- 

5. Personalized Storybooks (with the kids’ name as a character) from Rs 440/-  An awesome concept. What kid won’t like a story where he/she is the main character.

6. Beach Shape Magnets from Rs 399/- 

7. Alex 2 Tutu dolls POPS craft from Rs 299/- 

8. Ollignton St. Scissor from Hoopos Rs 149/-   Adorable shaped scissors. Must buy for Kids.

Stationery Return Gift Ideas 

1. Princess Maya Pen Pot from Vividha Rs 199/-  Colorful and perfect for a princess birthday theme party.

2. Toy Story Stationery Set from Disney Rs 299/- 

3. Giraffe Bottle Buddy from Rs 199/-  Having a zoo theme birthday party, kids will love these as return gifts.

4. Crayon Roll from Shopo Rs 399/- I think this is a very novel idea and again a useful return gift.

5. Personalized Rucksacks from  Rs 399/- 

6. Magnetic Memo Board from Vividha Rs 149/- 

7. Ollington St. Train Shape Pencil box from Hoopos Rs 199/- A perfect return gift for a train-themed birthday party.

8. Storage buckets from Elan Rs 460/-  I love these buckets and the kids will love them too. And so functional!

Accessories for Kids Return Gifts 

1.  Personalized Photo Albums for Kids for Rs 249/- They can store memories from the party and more.

2. Fish Coin bank from Shopo for Rs 320/- We have a similar one in a butterfly shape and it is adorable.

3. Sweetie Pie Junior Apron for Kids from Pipal for Rs 499/-  For a Masterchef theme party.

4. Shoe Bags from Advitiya  Rs 285/–  Wouldn’t this be lovely for a beach theme party!

5. Rucksacks with initials from Advitiya Rs 200/- 

6. Beaded Jewellery Set from Craftsvilla Rs 250/- 

7. Stephen Joseph Kids Wallet from FirstCry Rs 284/- I told you, Owls are really IN!

8. Angry Birds Coin Bank from Firstcry Rs 199/-  

Bath Time Return Gift Ideas 

1. Personalized Hand Towels from Little Charms Rs 199/- 

2. Set of three hand towels in cute packaging from Rs 399/- They have some very cutely packaged hand towel sets. Must check out!

3. Set of four handmade soaps for Kids from Craftsvilla Rs 249/-

4. Chutki Toiletry Pouch from Vividha Rs 249/-

Mealtime Return Gifts for Kids 

1. Pink Penguin Mini Water Dispenser from Snapdeal Rs 499/- I am definitely buying this soon. This is too cute!

2. Redbus Table Placemats from Shopo Rs 200/- 

3. Chutki Mug from Hoopos Rs 285/-

4. Angry Birds Lunch Box from Firstcry Rs 379/-  My daughter has this and it is the best lunch box we have ever used.

5. Mom Italy Riva Foldable Water bottle from Firstcry Rs 85/– So colorful and in budget too!

6. Stephen Joseph Divided Plate from Hoopos Rs 499/-

Toys as Return gifts for Kids Birthday party 


1. Haathi Chaap Pithoo Game from Shopo Rs 270/- Revive the love for our old Indian games in Kids with this game and it is eco-friendly too.

2. Antakshri Card Game by Madrat Games Rs 125/- The age old game has been given a makeover with this card game.

3. Barbie Dress from Rs 100/- Every little girl wants them, lots of barbie dresses for them to change.

4. Wooden Balance game from Vividha Rs 299/-

5. Disney Princess Snakes and Ladders from Funskool Rs 199/-

6. Dinosaur Buddies from Rs 400/-

7. Doraemon Triple Fun Puzzle from Partybounty Rs 195/-

8. Tie-Up Shoe Laces from Hoopos Rs 375/- 

So these were our 50 picks for return gift ideas for a kids birthday parties. I hope you all are able to find some options for your kids’ next birthday party and if you feel there are some ideas that should have been included then feel free to add them in the comments. 



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