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7 Tips for Shopping Online for Baby and Kids Products

I have waxed eloquently about my love for online shopping especially for kids and baby products. It is such a convenience to be able to research and plan which products to buy and be able to compare rates across various online shopping destinations. Even though online shopping in India is still in its evolutionary phase, it wont be long before online shopping takes over from brick and mortar shops.

There are lots of ways you can get the most out of online shopping for kids products and save a bundle, all you need is a little preparation to shop for the brands you love and get the best prices

Here are 7 tips for shopping online for baby and kids products 

 Be alert about discounts 

There are a number of online shopping sites which offer a great range of products for babies and kids ranging from kids wear, Food, toys, feeding equipment to furniture and educational products. You can check out our list of Top 10 Online Shopping Sites for baby and kids products in India which will not only give you the list of these sites but also a comprehensive comparison on various parameters.

It is quite simple to get maximum discounts from these sites, sign up for their alerts through email and whenever a particular item is on discount then you can purchase it. For example I frequently get emails from regarding 30%-40% off on clothing, toys etc. You can also do a quick google search for the coupon codes of your favorite online shopping destination.


Apart from TheMomViews which brings you the latest and best in products,, shopping and reviews there are a number of other sites from where you can get consumer reviews for various products and even online shopping sites. If you don’t get any review online you can also go by word of mouth recommendations from your family and friends.

Beware about return policies 

If you are buying clothing and shoes online then the only downside is that you cannot get them to try and see if the size fits. So it pays to learn about return policies of these sites. If they don’t have specified return or cancellation policies on their sites then you can call them up and ask about the same.

The best return policy will allow for maximum time and least processing formalities. Some sites like have a “no questions asked” return policy for 7 days from purchase. Be sure to keep the product tags , receipts etc intact and keep in mind that certain items like food items, hygiene items are not open for exchange.

Be sure about sizing 

Most clothing and shoes have sizing charts along with the product description, definitely check these charts and order the product accordingly. It is no use if you save 15% on a pair of shoes and then it doesn’t fit and has to be given away. It is a good idea to err on the side of caution and buy bigger sizes if you are not sure because they can be used after some time once your child grows into them.

Save on Shipping 

 Make sure that you don’t end up spending too much on shipping charges which will negate any saving you make by shopping online. Buy from the sites which offer low or no shipping charges. Many retailers offer zero shipping charges for purchases above a certain amount.

 Use Flash Sale Sites 

 There are lot of flash sale sites which offer kids’ products on discounts which are more than usual. These flash sales happen for a limited time period so be sure to sign up for these sites and make the best of their deals. Some of the flash sale sites which offer kids’ products are , and

Be Safe online 

If you want to really save your money and maximise your saving potential from online shopping then be sure to stay safe while shopping online. There is a big threat online credit card fraud and identity thefts which you must safeguard yourself from. Make sure the sites you buy from are certified for safety, are encrypted and has a good online transcation reputation. You can get some more tips from this article by

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