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5 reasons every mom needs a smartphone

From the clunky brick-sized phones that were only good to make calls to the sleek and slim smartphones that can do almost anything that you want them to, mobile phones have come a long way.

Smartphones have changed our lives! Whether it is staying connected to our friends through Facebook or sharing precious moments of our lives with Instagram or keeping our little ones distracted in the doctor’s waiting lounge with angry birds.

But I think if smartphones have made the biggest difference to someone’s lives then it is to the lives of moms. Moms are among the most savvy users of smartphones for their home, kids, work and more. Smartphones have amazing apps which can organize your life, plan your meals, entertain your kids and so much more.

I have gone through a whole gamut of phones, from a jailbroken iphone to a series of Samsung Galaxy phones and now thanks to Asus, I am using the Zenfone 5. Check it out right now!) It’s actually one of the best and most affordable smartphones for Moms!

I can tell you from my experience, a smartphone is a mom’s best friend! Not convinced? Well here are,

5 reasons every mom needs a smartphone

1. To stay connected to other moms

“It takes a village to bring up a baby” but nowadays when couples are living so far away from their families it can get difficult to get support from family or friends for baby advice. That’s where mommy groups on social media come handy.

There are so many helpful and supportive mom groups on Facebook where you can post queries about baby food or baby products or even the best holiday resort to stay with babies and so much more.

TMV Tip :  with almost 25000 moms is one of the best mom groups out there. Great events, contests, discussions and even some arguments make this group a very interesting place to hang out in.

2. To keep your life and home organised

A mom’s to-do list is never ending and it can get difficult to remember and prioritise everything one has to get done in a day. To-do and reminder apps on smartphones can make this easy for moms.

These apps can help you create checklists for daily, weekly tasks, shopping lists, schedule appointments, assignments and pretty much anything else going on in your life.

TMV Tip : Asus Zenfone 5 has a useful app called “do it later” which lets you create task lists for your day according to various categories whether it is personal or business. You can also add reminders to each task and once it is due, an alarm will sound to remind you. Whenever a task is completed just tap on the tick-mark icon and it’s checked-off your list.

3. To try out new recipes

It’s no secret that moms love to see their kids eat and they would go to any lengths to make sure that everything they put in front of their kids is gobbled up instantly. But there are times when the trusted paneer-matar or the cheese-n-mac just won’t cut it.

That’s why smartphones are such a boon. You can browse through millions of recipes using sites like epicurious or or download recipe apps to have your own handy digital cookbook. Need visual guidance? Youtube has a plethora of cooking channels to make sure that you recreate the dishes perfectly!

TMV Tip : Check out or their app for a virtual bible of recipes! Indian or International, Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you will have all kinds of variety, new cuisines, easy to cook recipes and not to forget, grateful kids!

4. To create beautiful memories

I think motherhood changes every woman into a photographer. We know the best tricks to capture our kids’ smiles, their best poses, even how to choose the right background. Most moms are tech savvy to create collages, edit photos and add captions to their angels’ various moods captured in photos.

Most smartphones have cameras with amazing resolutions and can compete with digital cameras. Download photo editing apps like pixlr express or photo editor by Aviary and you can edit, add textures, crop and rotate, remove backgrounds and so much more to create the perfect photo!

TMV Tip : Check out Pixelmaster camera in the ASUS Zenfone 5 which delivers amazing image quality. Zenfone 5 provides an easy way to choose different settings for your photo so whether you want  a low light image or a HDR image it takes just a touch. It also has a built in photo editor which can make your photos look fantastic without the need to save it on a laptop.

5. To shop

Our lives are so busy and taking care of home, kids, work and so much more, can leave us with no time for shopping. But that should not be any reason to not indulge in some retail therapy right? Not with so many online shopping options  around us!

Just download the apps of your favorite online shopping destinations and start shopping. Shopping with smartphone apps can even give you discounts, contests and special offers.

TMV Tip : Use a compare price app like which allows you to compare the prices of the same item on various online stores so that you can make the best choice!

What’s your favorite use for your smartphone? Share with us through comments! 



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