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5 Myths About Infertility

Being pregnant and bringing a child into this world is a blessing but it can also be a very stressful time. “Well meaning” relatives, friendly neighbours and “been there, done that” friends will have loads of unsolicited advice to give to a couple trying to get pregnant.

However, most advice around infertility is often misunderstood and often just an old wives’ tale. This is why we are busting 5 common myths around infertility and putting them to rest forever.

5 Myths About Infertility In India

Myth 1 : It’s easy for most young women to get pregnant

Wrong! Infertility can affect any woman of any age. Yes, many women can conceive without any difficulty but the statistics show that the infertility rate in Indian population is close to 15% and rising. Age is certainly a factor, with a healthy 30 year old having much better chances of conceiving than a 40 year old woman. However, current lifestyle combined with health issues such as PCOD or endometriosis can cause infertility in even young women.

Myth 2 : Men don’t have Infertility issues 

Infertility is often tagged as a woman’s problem but it’s far from the truth. Male infertility is almost as common as infertility in women and in many cases both partners can have some problems.

Myth 3 : Infertility is not a physical issue but a mental one

Infertility can cause serious mental stress but mental stress alone does not cause infertility. Infertility is generally a sign that there is something wrong with the reproductive system and the best solution for it is to seek a physician’s advice. Thinking that “it’s just in our heads” or a vacation will make every alright, is probably not the best recourse.

Myth 4 : Adopting a child will make you conceive

If and when a couple decides to adopt a child, the sole reason should be to love that child as their own. Adopting a child as a means to get pregnant due to the so-called hormone rush, can prove to be a heartbreaking decision for the parents and the adopted child. There is no conclusive data on whether adoptive parents have a better chance at conceiving a child than any other couple.

Myth 5 : A couple should try conceiving for years before seeking a treatment

Most infertile couples wait for years and years to conceive naturally before seeing a doctor. This not only reduces the chances of conceiving (due to the age factor) but also causes undue stress in their relationship and lives. Whether a couple decides to seek treatment or not, they should never delay in getting all the diagnostic work done so that in case of a problem, they can seek the right treatment immediately.

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