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5 Healthy Macaroni Recipes

When we were young, there weren’t all these fancy pasta shapes that are available in stores today. Forget about whole wheat and multigrain pasta, even basic refined flour pasta was very limited! But one little pasta shape was available even then –macaroni. And just because there are more exotic shapes now, it doesn’t mean that the humble macaroni is to be left behind. And that’s the very reason we have collected a bunch of healthy Mac recipes for you to choose from!

1.  (Click here for recipe)

Macaroni for breakfast?? Yes!!! This is a super yummy recipe from The Mac + Cheese Cookbook, which is going to ensure that no one skips their morning meal! With traditional breakfast ingredients like bacon and eggs, this is sure to be a hit with the kiddies! You can replace the bacon with sausages if you like.

 (Click here for Recipe)

This is a really healthy and colorful recipe that uses many anti oxidant rich veggies. The colors are sure to impress the pickiest little eater and this makes a great dish for a birthday party too. The best part is that it is easily customizable with whatever veggies are in season and you can make it vegetarian if you like.

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Tomato soup is quite popular among most people and this is perfect for cold rainy days. Hearty and full of flavor, this contains shredded carrots and ground meat which can be replaced with soya mince. You can also use chicken broth or vegetable broth depending on what your child likes.

 (Click Here for Recipe)

A desi spin on an Italian staple, this dish features macaroni in a spicy, full bodied gravy that hits all the right notes. This lovely recipe combines the best of both worlds and is a great way to introduce macaroni to someone who doesn’t like it (if such people exist!)

 (Click here for Recipe)

Spinach haters, rejoice!! This fun looking green pasta is so deceptive, that little Ms. Picky won’t know what she’s eating! With the goodness of dairy and green leafy vegetables, this dish is filling and yummy, with little reason to complain. A complete balanced meal!



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