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Which type of prints should I choose for my home? How it will look on my wall?

Top questions we get asked often while purchasing Canvas Printing — Which type of prints should I choose for my home? How it will look on my wall?

It appears many of the buyers are confused about this so in this will explain you all of your queries. We will address the pros and cons of canvas prints and hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be able to decide for yourselves why to choose to print your canvas.

You know, there are mainly 2 types of prints.  The basic one printed on roll canvas and the second is gallery wrap canvas which is mount of a pine wood frame, both are printed on archival type Canvas with using branded machine-like Epson and Canon.

Here is why…

Canvas prints are classy and gives depth to photo

Would you like a classic look on your wall? Then you will definitely love the textured finish of canvas prints which enhances your walls. The canvas prints are based on advanced inkjet printing technology and they look almost like original paintings as printing can produce 98% of the colour gamut. You could even feel the clean brush strokes when you print paintings onto a canvas as texture finish will give 3d effects for brush strokes. Originally all canvas print has a textured look. This textured look on matte finish reflects less light and as a result, you will enjoy a glare-free view similar to that of an original painting. So always go with matte finish.

Not only that, canvas prints available with are the highest quality of art reproductions as they work with lots of artist across the globe. They use pigment-based inks to reproduce Canvas prints. The colour absorption in canvas is much better than that of paper so as the life. Canvas Prints can last lifelong with fading colours on it. By using archival ink and high-quality canvases, these types of art prints offer an accurate reproduction of original art. So always check with the supplier about this.

And guess what, if you keep an original painting and canvas print side by side, you won’t quickly recognise difference between canvas prints. Perfect reproduction of any Canvas art print.

You can make larger prints on canvas up to 5 X 8 feet with framing

You can make large canvas prints check the above example

To print maximum size print ? If you are thinking to prints large size on canvas the image should be of at least 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) resolution. Otherwise, your print will look pixelated. The maximum hi resolution image you provide the higher will be the print quality

The colour absorption on canvas is higher, even you can print larger sizes of canvas prints at lower resolution but it is not recommended as printers print with the maximum resolution.

So, if you are thinking about hanging a large fine art canvas prints, then canvas prints are the ones you should buy for its advantage!

Canvas prints are produces better colours with higher colour printer. Almost 98% colour gamut …

Do you know artist prefer canvas prints over other kinds of prints due to its colour vibrancy? 

That’s because canvases produce colours more accurately than other types of prints. Even the printer, which prints on canvas has higher colour gamut.

Printing on to canvas require specialised printers and only professionals and branded printers produces highest quality print.  As a result, you get a carefully produced, higher quality, rich in colours print which last for generations.

On top of that, this canvas print does not require any specialised coating as its inks are water resistance that protects the print from dust and moisture. Even you can wash canvas under running water.  This resulting in vivid and bright art reproductions with better colours without any reflection on matte canvas.

Canvas prints which are easily matches with wall of the colour…

Canvas prints are an easy and affordable way to change the look of your walls without any hazel. You can decorate your home with canvas art prints mainly in two ways. Either by framing it as you normally do but it is not recommended or by stretching it on to a pine wooden frame. 

The gallery wrapped canvas frames weigh less than conventional frames as they don’t need glass or any kind of protection keep them safe also the weight of frame which is manifacture from pine wood is also very less. Because of this, these canvas art pieces are easy to hang on the wall and are also easier to clean. Even you can hang canvas frame on wall using two-way tape.

These almost frame-less presentation as all the border are wrapped on pine wood frame creates a window into the scene and easily matches with almost all types of interior design. Since there are no mats or borders to these art pieces, the entire size fills with artwork giving a unique visual appearance on your walls

You can also decorate your wall with multi panel canvases made by splitting a single panoramic artwork or any photo to a multiple part. The size and number of these panels depends on the size of your wall and can be customised as per your design also. They can be a great focal point art pieces on the walls above a living room sofa or in dining area.

It’s super easy to clean canvas prints

No matter how well you have maintained you home, dust will settle and spiders would make a mess on these prints. Then, you need to clean your fine art collection using water. Use of water go ahead and clean using running water .. no problem

The canvas prints come with water resistance ink printing. This water-resistant ink protects the art from harmful UV rays and to a certain extent from dust and other atmospheric particles. This inks also keeps your art free from fingerprint smudges.

When you clean a canvas art print, you can simply use a light damp cloth or running water or an artist brush to remove the dirt from the surface. Once cleaned, you can even dry the canvas in sunlight.

Canvas prints are lot more durable than other type of prints due to use of archival inks with media

When you buy something for your home, you want it to last long, so always go for archival ink printing on canvas? The canvas prints are a perfect match for this purpose as its last lifetime.

There are two types of canvas used for printing. One based on 100% cotton (similar to original canvas paintings) and a new type based on plastic compounds that are similarly durable.

Both of these are better at fighting the elements of nature and therefore last longer than normal prints.

That’s not the only advantage of using canvas prints. They don’t fade like normal paper print. Have you noticed regular paper turning yellow when they are long exposed to nature but canvas don’t fade or turn yellow in colour. Well, that takes longer with regular canvas prints and don’t happen at all with plastic based canvas prints.

Canvas prints are lot more durable than paper based prints. And interestingly, just about has come to same conclusion – that canvas prints have a life of 100+ years.

After reading this, you may be of the notion that canvas prints are a better choice with  That can be true always. It depends on your choice can be affected by many factors — type of artwork you want to print, your budget, your tastes and preferences, wall size and location where you want to keep this artwork and finally the interior design of your home.

Texture on canvas prints which enhance quality

Some of these reasons should be obvious. For others, let me explain. Let’s say, you want to print photographs on canvas — this is usually recommended. Because of the textured matte finish, photographs printed on canvas can be best look for wedding photos. So, if you are the one who like the glossy smooth finishes, then go with glossy canvas print. On the other hand, if you want your art reproduction to look almost like the original, you should go with a matte canvas print.



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